‘Everything’ Page

In my true ‘experimental, breaking all the rules’ style, this page contains a list of absolutely every freebie, service and paid training that I currently offer in my business. It’s arranged into 3 categories, and then by price (which is clearly listed) within each category:

  1. Online Business (strategy, coaching + tech)
  2. ConvertKit (setup, strategy + training)
  3. For Tech Service Providers and VAs

Why? Well… it’s an experiment… but I’m trying it for the following reasons:

  • Because I like to try out new things
  • Because being open and honest are core values for me
  • Because I was having a hard time sensibly organising everything on my site
  • Because I would love to see other people doing this(!)

If you’re interested in hearing how it goes, make sure you’re signed up to my sporadic newsletter.

Online Business

Strategy, Coaching + Tech

Supercharge Your Email Open Rates! Mini-Course (free)

Why? Because email marketing only works if people actually read your emails!!

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Simple 'No Freebie' List Building (free)

You don’t need to wait for the perfect freebie idea. Start growing your list right now with things you’re already doing! 19 min Lesson. 

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Welcome Sequences Blueprint (free)

Know you need to have a welcome sequence but no idea where to start? You need my Welcome Sequences Blueprint!

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Successful (+ Sustainable!) Memberships Without A Team (free)

In this bumper 2 hour training I share my membership journey, as well as all my tips and tricks for keeping 350 members happy all by myself! 

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Teachable for Memberships (free)

If you’ve not yet figured out the tech for your membership, in this free course I’m going to be showing just how quick and easy Teachable can be!

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That (Black) Friday Feeling ($9)

A jam-packed 1 hour training to map out your epic Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer!

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The Tripwire Training ($29)

The quick and easy lowdown on when and how to incorporate tripwire products into your list building efforts and funnel.

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Online Business Playground ($30)

30 days to a whole lot more fun, freedom + flow in your business.

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The Fast Guide to Launching ($97)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies to go from idea to paying customers/clients with least stress and max results, FAST!

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The Easy Guide to Courses and Group Things ($97)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies to easily create your course or group thing so that you can serve more people, deliver incredible results, better leverage your time and make more money!

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The Painless Guide to Hiring and Working with a VA ($97)

Everything you need to know about the mysterious, and often tricky world of hiring and working with virtual assistants, including getting the coveted ‘fave client’ position!

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The Simple Guide to Positioning ($97)

Learn all my super simple strategies to guide you through the process from only you knowing you’re the best at what you do, to everyone knowing that you’re the best and begging to work with you!

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Make a Flash For It! ($197)

Discover my super quick, super easy, and super repeatable process for making big money with little effort using flash sales.

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The Quickstart Guide to Profitable Live Trainings ($197)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies for offering paid live trainings in your business, even if you have a small audience or haven’t had (m)any 1:1 clients.

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The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp ($247)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies for how I earn $1.5k+ a month through affiliate marketing without really trying – minimum effort, maximum $$!

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Email Rockstars ($497)

A no-nonsense group program for online business owners who are done with finding email marketing hard, and who are ready to create a feel-good email marketing strategy that’s both easy and profitable.

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Power Hour ($500)

You + me + one hour = magic for your business.

There’s #realtalk. There’s #toughlove. There’s permission giving. There’s rule breaking. There’s genius, creative ideas having. There’s stepping up and owning what you were born to do. There’s vision expanding. There’s message clarifying. There’s… everything from my longer programs, but faster.

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The Retreat

Our first retreat was in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside. Monday 25th – Thursday 28th February 2019. 

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Setup, Strategy + Training

My ConvertKit Signup Bonuses

When you sign up using my affiliate link you get: free 30 day trial + 30 min call with me + free lifetime membership to ConvertKit Club

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ConvertKit Skills & Knowledge Quiz (free)

Take this short quiz and find out what stage your ConvertKit Skills & Knowledge are at. You’ll then be emailed actionable steps that you should be focusing on for your stage.

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Wait, ConvertKit Does That?! (free)

Mini course: 35 tips, tricks and things you (probably) didn’t know about ConvertKit

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Is ConvertKit a Good Fit for Your Business? Quiz (free)

Take the 5 question quiz and find out!

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A Beginner's Guide to ConvertKit mini-course (free)

You’ll learn how to get set up and start using ConvertKit straight away!

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Cleaning Your List - 3 Email Templates (free)

Grab my 3 Email Templates to use as you clean your ConvertKit list

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ConvertKit Tags Cheat Sheet (free)

Questions to help you decide what tags you might want + 29 tag category ideas!

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Who's Currently in a Sequence? Guide (free)

A handy guide that explains all your options for knowing who is currently in a sequence so you don’t bombard subscribers with emails – yay!

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ConvertKit Club ($20 a month)

ConvertKit Club is an affordable way to get the timely and expert training and support you need to really utilise the unbelievable power of ConvertKit. Get in depth trainings, a comprehensive video tutorial library, access to me in a private Facebook group, 15% off 1:1 work and more!

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ConvertKit Template Toolkit ($29)

Learn how to create a beautifully branded and customised template in ConvertKit. Included is the code for everything you need, as well as detailed videos and written instructions on how to change it.

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Adding Countdowns to Evergreen Funnels in ConvertKit ($29)

This training teaches you how to add countdown timers (and real urgency) to your evergreen funnels in ConvertKit both with Deadline Funnel and cheaper alternatives.

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Spring Clean Your ConvertKit Account course ($97)

A comprehensive course to take your ConvertKit account from hot mess to tidy + streamlined!

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Verified Sending Domain Setup ($150)

ConvertKit only recommends setting up a Verified Sending Domain if you send at least 50,000 emails a month, and have an average open rate of at least 20%.

Using your domain for sending emails ‘through’ ConvertKit massively helps with deliverability, and is super important if you’ve got a lot of customers in Europe (and/or using btinternet). To set it up for you I will be liaising with ConvertKit and hosting on your behalf. It can take a little bit of back and forth, and a couple of days, but I’ll get it sorted for you 🙂

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ConvertKit Rockstars ($497)

ConvertKit Rockstars DIY is a structured self study course that carefully guides you through the process of planning out and implementing your rockstar email marketing strategy. It’s super comprehensive and by the end of it you’ll be a ConvertKit Rockstar – which is using ConvertKit effectively to nurture your subscribers from strangers, through to customers/clients, and then raving fans.

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ConvertKit 1:1 strategy/training call ($500)

My 1:1 ConvertKit training/strategy calls combines my extensive ConvertKit experience (seriously, there’s probably no-one who doesn’t work at ConvertKit who’s clocked up more hours inside ConvertKit than me – we’re talking 100s of accounts), my endless desire to simplify, and my unwavering belief that everyone can get to grips with ConvertKit when a couple of things ‘click’ into place.

An hour with me is going to completely change email marketing in your business.

You’ll be able to get on with the real business stuff knowing ConvertKit’s got your email marketing automation back.

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ConvertKit Consulting ($1500)

This is ConvertKit consulting on steroids. If you’re looking for a comprehensive account/funnel setup audit, or how to optimally set up something new – this is for you.

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ConvertKit Migrations & Setups ($1500+)

I offer ConvertKit migrations and setups for businesses with an annual revenue of over $100k. Rates start at $1500. Please contact me for further information.

ConvertKit Half Day (Strategy & Implementation) ($2000)

Working with me in a half day block allows me to get started (and finished!) a lot quicker for you, and most importantly, I can more effectively blend strategy with fast implementation.

My half day rate is currently $2000, or 2 x half days is $3000.

Examples of things that typically take a half day: Comprehensive email marketing strategy outline, very simple ConvertKit setups or migrations, account audits, a fairly straightforward funnel setup, team training or tidying/untangling one specific area of your account.

Examples of things that typically take two or more half days: Full account tidying/cleaning up (this involves a large element of strategy), more complex migrations, more complex funnel setups and comprehensive email marketing strategy with implementation.

Please contact me if you’d like to book a half day session. 

For Tech Service Providers and VAs

5 Mistakes You’re Making On Your Tech VA Website (free)

People visiting your website but never becoming clients? Let’s change that with my free guide.

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How niching down my VA biz on a specific tech software made me over $60k in 16 months (free)

Get immediate access to the recording of this actionable training.

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Launch Your First Tech Service This Weekend! ($29)

Will you take the challenge to… Launch Your First Tech Service This Weekend?
(or in under 3 hours if the weekend seems forever away)

This Guide will walk you through everything you need to do to launch your first tech service.

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How to Take Off a Month as a Service Provider ($29)

The complete guide for service providers who need a break… but also, ya’know… need a business to come back to!

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Rock Your Tech Specialism ($397)

Rock Your Tech Specialism will guide you through the process from only you knowing you’re the best at your system,
to everyone knowing that you’re the best and begging to work with you.

Oh, and that also means helping more people, making more money, and generally feeling some truly epic work satisfaction!

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Want that (Black) Friday Feeling? 💸 (New Training: $9!)
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