How niching down my VA biz on a specific tech software made me over $60k in 16 months

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Are you a total superstar at an online tech tool/system,
and want to use that superpower to scale your business
- help more people, make more money and work less?

In March 2016 I was just a regular tech VA, charging $35 an hour.

Now, just 16 months later I've made over $60k as a direct result of niching on a specific tech system (ConvertKit). I've had several 5 figure months. I'm on track for a 6 figure year.

And best of all? I'm still doing the 'elbow deep in tech' work I love.

Join me for this free training webinar where I shared the exact steps I took to position myself as the go-to expert for my tech tool and have a constant stream of clients begging to work with me. (For reals, people often ask my PayPal deets so they can send me money to thank me!).

Learn to utilise the power of a tech system niche to scale your VA business.