The Painless Guide to Hiring and Working With a VA

The quick course to help you figure out what to outsource,
prep your stress-free hiring process, and confidently work
with your first virtual assistant.

You’ve done an incredible job of building your business solo.

And up until now, you’ve been able to handle it all - from marketing your work to setting up your systems to creating incredible offers and serving your clients & customers.

But as your business continues to grow, so does your to-do list…

…. along with the number of late nights, early mornings, and supposed-to-be-the-weekend days you’re working.

“Hire VA” was added to your Asana board months ago, but somehow, you haven’t gotten to it quite yet. 🤔

You’ve done some Google searches, joined a few “find your dream VA!” Facebook groups, and even brainstormed a giant list of tasks you could hand off to a capable and trustworthy team member.

Still, you’re overwhelmed at the idea of…

Figuring out what you actually need help with
Creating a job posting that attracts the perfect VA for your business
Finding a VA who fits right into your business, does incredible work, and you can trust with alllll of your passwords
Actually delegating pieces of the passion project that both serves others and makes you money - your business! - to another human
Understand exactly what a Virtual Assistant does and manage your new team member with ease.

And *maybe* you’ve thought, “well, I can still do it all myself. I don’t need to hire if I can still manage it all, right?”

Hey, listen up.

You deserve to be supported as you grow your business. 🧡

Let’s figure out how to get you the support you need so you can continue building your dream (preferably without running yourself into the ground, burning out, or spending another anxious second wondering how you’re going to get it all done).

The Painless Guide to Hiring and Working With a VA

The quick course to help you figure out what to outsource,
prep your stress-free hiring process, and confidently work
with your first virtual assistant.

In under two hours, you’ll learn how to…

Decide what type of VA you need out of the myriad options
Find great-fit VAs who are going to improve your life & business tenfold (no, all the good ones are *not* taken - promise!)
Set up a kickass hiring process so you can confidently sort through candidates
Choose the VA working arrangement that will best suit your business
Set your budget, both in dollars and hours of work you can currently afford
Deal with all the nitty gritty legal bits, like contracts and NDAs
Prep your business so you can actually take the time to properly welcome in your new team member
Go from a business that exists solely in your head to one you have to regularly share with another separate human
Outsource tasks and projects for best results
Show your VA that you value and respect the contribution they’re making to your business
Navigate any tricky or uncomfortable situations that may arise
Become your VA’s favourite client (oh yes, every VA has a favourite - and trust me, you want to be that client!)

The result? A confident, prepared business owner with a step-by-step plan for getting the help they need (and deserve!) as they continue to build their dream.

By the way, I’m Lizzy! 👋

I worked as a tech VA from April 2015 until…well… I kinda morphed into something else. But for this training, that doesn’t matter! I’ve taken all of my knowledge from both sides of the VA working relationship and put it into this training for you.

As a VA, I worked with dozens of clients doing all sorts of different tasks. And trust me, I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This training is to help you avoid the ugly. 😬

As a business owner who has hired and worked with oodles of VAs (and other contractors), I’m excited to share how you can put your expectations, budget, and outsourceable tasks together so you can find the perfect-fit VA to support you as your grow. 🌿

Super important note: this is not a good fit for you if…

You're one of those people (🙄) that think VAs are inferior or you don’t want to pay a living wage to another human being.

I’m a huge advocate for treating VAs as the highly-skilled, savvy business owners that they are, and few things make me angrier than business owners badmouthing VAs or treating them poorly.

Here’s what’s included inside The Painless Guide to Hiring and Working With a VA:

21 bite-sized lessons (between 2 and 12 minutes each!) that you can easily watch in an afternoon
The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
Helpful list of resources so you can work with your new team member easily & efficiently
Two examples of application forms I’ve used to hire VAs and contractors to support me
Invite to Team EBG’s Party Pad (what some have called the best Facebook group for online business owners out there - and a potential place to find your VA!)

Frequently Asked Questions 👇

How long will it take me to find the perfect VA for my business?

Finding a team member who is capable, enjoys doing the tasks you need to offload, and is trustworthy can take time! You’ll be able to get through the course in just under two hours, and I’d estimate another hour or two to create your hiring process and job posting.

After that, it’s just a matter of opening your application form, posting it in the right places, and connecting with candidates! I’m confident that you can get through this course & be interviewing potential VAs within a week.

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I’m not going to punish you for being awesome! If you feel like you don’t learn anything new, send me an email within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.

I’m really excited about getting the support I need (and deserve!)... but what if it all goes terribly wrong?

Hiring for the first time is scary, I know! But that’s why you should take this course. I’m going to equip you with the information you need to hopefully avoid hiring someone who isn’t a good fit.

Just in case it does go poorly, there’s a lesson inside the course on how to handle tricky situations with empathy (while still respecting your boundaries & your business, of course).

I have another question that you haven’t answered here.

Send me a message in the chat box on this page, and I or someone from my team will get back to you shortly!

"The training covered so much! Even questions I didn’t even think of. I loved that Elizabeth is a VA herself. It felt like I got to pick her brain about what it’s like on the other side."

"This training opened my eyes to the proper way to set things up BEFORE I even start looking for a VA. Your information was VERY thorough, and you provided examples for each point. Excellent! Answered all the questions I never knew I would ask."

"I've been a tech VA for 10 years and thought this training was amazing. I wish every person who is hiring, already has a VA, and everyone who is a VA would watch this!"

Get clear on the help you need, plan out your hiring process, and confidently add your first trusted team member to your business.


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