Does Black Friday Take You by Surprise Every Single Year?

 Map out your epic Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer today (for just $9!)

You see other business owners make a ton of easy money on Black Friday but worry you won’t be able to pull off a sale like that, especially since everyone else is selling something too.

You may be wondering:

🤔 If it's even worth jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon? Isn’t this super overdone and oversaturated?!

🤔 What you would even sell for your Black Friday Offer?

🤔 If this devalues your offers during the rest of the year and your previous customers will be turned off because you’re suddenly discounting?

But if everyone else is selling, why not you? 

Black Friday is the one time a year when it’s widely acceptable to sell, so get involved!

That (Black) Friday Feeling has everything you need to map out your BF/CM offer in an afternoon.

1 hour training in bite-sized lessons with closed captions and detailed notes

Examples of my Black Friday offers, emails and blog posts so you can see that it’s possible to keep it simple and still have success (success = extra money!)

My ‘Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Ninja Strategy’ which is a bonus lesson taken from The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

2 x fill in the blank email templates to share your Black Friday offer

Lifetime access to my private student Facebook group, Team EBG’s Party Pad

And this is what you’ll discover:

Ready to give it a try and see what happens?

If you don’t feel like you’ve learned anything new, let me know within 7 days and I’ll refund in full.

"You make me want to DO things and TRY things without getting my head stuck up my own asshole with details. I've already sold over $11 million online, but struggle with finding people to learn more from because they get wayyyy too into details and perfectionism and must-dos. I really love your ideas of "just do what feels right to you, there's so much possibility!"

Leonie Dawson

Internationally best-selling author

"Even if you don't have all the kinks worked out for your offer, Elizabeth will help you see that just getting something out there, to be delivered in the near future can equal cold hard cash in your pocket. 

I'm already thinking about next year's BF and all the content I will have to bundle together for an offer."

Eden Rudin

HouseSit Hawaii

"Just finished the training. It was awesome! And honestly I thought $9 was too low! My favorite part was learning your Black Friday affiliate strategy. I’ve never heard that before and my mind is blown!"

- Anonymous

“I liked how you kept your Black Friday emails short, sweet, and simple. 

It was freeing for me not to feel like I had to do something big and flashy.

- Ashley

Hi. I’m Lizzy. 👋

And if you’re new to my world, you don’t know how much I love low-effort, high reward ($$$$$) business decisions!

That (Black) Friday Feeling is one of my quick-win trainings to stop you from overcomplicating it and just put an offer out so that you’ll make some extra money this Black Friday.

I really, really want you to throw a Black Friday offer out there as I passionately believe that everyone should get involved and sell when it’s widely acceptable to sell! One of my motto’s is “Try it. See what happens!” and that’s exactly what this training is all about.

Is this suitable just for Black Friday?

Mostly, yes. 

If you want to learn about broader flash sales, you should buy Make a Flash For It! 

For more of my affiliate marketing strategies, you should buy The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

What if I don’t like it?

If you don’t feel like you’ve learned anything new or useful, let me know within 7 days and I’ll refund you in full.

My Q is not here!

Send me a message using the message box on the bottom right of this page, and let’s chat!

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