When did you last take time off?
I mean really take time off?

If you're anything like most online business service providers I talk to,
taking time off is a distant memory, often pre-business.

We all know it's (supposedly) possible to travel and work...
but what if that's not what you want?

What if you want to leave your laptop at home and know that your clients are going to be totally fine even if they can't contact you for weeks?

I've got some good news...
taking proper time off is totally possible!

How do I know it's possible?

In November 2016 my wife and I both (both working as VAs at the time) successfully took off a whole month for our wedding and honeymoon. All our clients were waiting for us upon our return and there were very few bumps in the whole process.

It took some careful planning and coordinating, but the whole process was fairly smooth and, most importantly, repeatable.

But whenever I tell other service providers about this their eyes glaze over with this longing look... "how?!"


How to Take Off a Month as a Service Provider

This mini-course will walk you through everything you need to consider/do to finally take some time off, and have a business to return to when you get back!

An understanding of the important decisions you need to make
Example emails you'll want to send at each stage
Example notes you'll want to provide

I passionately believe that all online business service providers owe it to themselves, their families, their friends and their clients to regularly take time off - to recharge their batteries, to spend time with loved ones, to pursue other hobbies, and to live life to the full.

Let me show you how with this straightforward mini-course.

Price: $47



What do you mean by 'service providers'? Who is this applicable to?

When I say 'service providers', I generally mean anyone who provides support to other business owners. For this course specifically, I'm generally talking about service providers who work with clients in an ongoing or ad-hoc way. The course is focused around service providers who perform specific routine and ad-hoc tasks for their clients, and how to approach the various options for making sure those tasks are covered whilst they're away.

Whilst some of the content may be useful, this course isn't really designed for service providers who work in a project-based way, or coaches/consultants.

How is the course delivered?

The course is completely text based, and housed inside Teachable.

It's a self-study course but you'll also receive an invite to join my private client/customer Facebook group and I'll be happy to answer any specific questions you have in there.

How much lead time do I need before taking time off?

It depends, and I encourage you to work with what you've got. In general, the longer the lead time, the better, but there may be occasions where you've got limited time to prepare. This course will fully support you to cover everything in your preparations and make the experience as smooth as possible - both for you, and your clients.

Is this just for service providers who have a VA/team/agency?

Definitely not! I've always worked as a totally solo service provider. In the mini-course I talk about how you may want to consider hiring a VA to check your emails and keep things ticking over whilst you're away, but it's all pretty low-key and optional.

Do you have a refund policy?

I do. If you take a proper look through the course and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.

Do you have any other related trainings for service providers?

I sure do!

If you click here you can see a full list of freebies, trainings and courses I offer for service providers.

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