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Successful (+ Sustainable!) Memberships Without A Team

In this super actionable training I shared:

  • The highs, lows, twists, and turns of running ConvertKit Club for almost 3 years (including the time I reduced the price by 71% and cancelled $1000s of recurring monthly payments!)
  • My tips & tricks for managing a membership with over 350 members totally by myself in a super low energy way
  • Things I've found most surprising about memberships (and why it's probably easier than you think to start one!)
  • What caused my membership to quadruple in 4 months!

More Info

I'm obsessed with other people sharing 'behind-the-scenes' of their businesses, particularly when they sort of provide commentary on why they did what they did, and how that then turned out. This training is me doing that specifically about ConvertKit Club.

I think memberships can be a fantastic addition to many online businesses, but they're not something to wander into blindly. By the end of this training you should have a good sense of if this is a business model you want to pursue further or not.

This training is totally pitch free.

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