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How do I bulk remove a tag from subscribers? 

This is a question I see asked in one form or another all the time in The ConvertKit Family facebook group.

Unfortunately there's no official way to do this in ConvertKit, but I'm going to give you 3 workaround options based on 3 different scenarios:

1. You want to remove the tag from everyone currently with the tag

This is the easiest. You just need to delete the tag, then re-create the tag, and make sure it's linked up to any automation rules you have. You'll be able to see which ones because they'll say in red ‘Invalid Reference' (which means the thing that used to be there has since been deleted – which is true, you just deleted the tag).

To delete a tag: click on the tag → edit (next to the tab name top left) → Delete.
This is going to delete the tag, not the subscribers who have the tag.

Note: If you have any other systems that integrate with tags (e.g. Woocommerce, SamCart, etc), you need to make sure you also connect those places up with the new Course X tag.

The next option requires you to be able to isolate the people who you want to remove the tag from. Usually you'll do this by creating a segment e.g. ‘Everyone who has Tag A, but not subscribers who came in through Form B.' or ‘Everyone who has all of Tag A and Sequence C'.

If you can isolate the people who you want to keep the tag into a segment, you can also isolate the subscribers you want to remove the tag from: ‘Everyone with the tag, but not subscribers who are in the segment of people you want to keep the tag.'

The question to be asking is ‘what is different about the people who I want to keep the tag, and those I want to remove it from?'. Is it the form(s) they subscribed to? The sequence(s) they're subscribed to? Other tag(s) they have?

2. You want to remove the tag from more than a specific group of the subscribers currently with the tag

a) Create a new tag called ‘Remove Course X' or something like that.

b) Create a new rule:

c) Isolate the subscribers you want to remove the Course X tag from (probably in a segment).

Select them all → Bulk Actions → Tag (with ‘Remove Course X')

d) Delete ‘Remove Course X' tag and delete the automation rule you made.

You're done!

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