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Update: It turns out anchor links do not universally work 🙁 There's a helpful article about where they do and don't work here. I test things, find they work, and want to share, forgetting that it might not work in all circumstances. So you can definitely still use the info below, I just wouldn't totally rely on it for organising your email. Shorter emails are often better 🙂

Do you tend to send long emails in ConvertKit and wish there was a way to better organise them for your subscribers?

(If you do, I totally recommend you check out my Template Toolkit and my method for setting them up like so with the different sections! —-> )

Did you know you can add anchor links to ConvertKit emails?

What's an Anchor Link? It's when you click on a link in an email (or a page) and you ‘jump' to the relevant section (rather than having to scroll down).

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