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Earlier this month I re-launched my course, The Quickstart Guide to Profitable Live Trainings.

I made an offer to all the participants of the live round that I’d promote anyone who launched a paid live training as a result of what I teach in the course.

The catch? They had to get it ready in 2 weeks.

It gives me great pride to present the mighty 16 people who rose to the challenge! 💪

I invite you to take a look through what they’re offering and sign up for anything that interests you.

So, without further ado, my Profitable Live Training Alumni….

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer clients who took action as a result of my training.)

📺 How to Read Tarot – Major Arcana Online Training

from YQ of Tarot Singapore Online

Friday, 27th March 2020

In this online workshop series, you’ll learn to read tarot by getting started with reading the 22-most important tarot card in the deck–The Major Arcana.

You’ll also learn the exact process that a tarot reader goes through when reading the cards so you can replicate the steps.

What you will learn in this training:

  • Light and shadow meanings behind Rider-Waite-Smith-based Major Arcana (22 cards)
  • Exact steps to reading tarot
  • Three tarot spreads that people request often for tarot readings

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📺 Overcome Self Doubt for Small Business Owners Who Want to Make a Bigger Impact in the World

from Melissa Traupmann of Breakthrough to Extraordinary Inc.

Monday, 30th March 2020

Are you a small business owner holding back from putting yourself out there? Release doubt, questions of if you are enough, and imposter syndrome. Instead feel confident – get your message and your offers out into the world!

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📺 Building Your Medicine Bundle

from Alan Fuller

Monday, 6th April 2020

Even if you don’t yet have a Shamanic spiritual practice, you can still build a Medicine Bundle, and learn skills for working with Spirits that you can use over, and over again for the rest of your life.Even if you don’t yet have a Shamanic spiritual practice, you can still build a Medicine Bundle, and learn skills for working with Spirits that you can use over, and over again for the rest of your life. You don’t just learn how to build a bundle, you’ll also learn the protocol to care for it properly, and get a bonus Ceremony that I use to bless my own Medicine Bundles. Perfect for beginners on an Earth-centric spiritual path. Join me for the fun live on Zoom!

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📺 Eating Is Self-Care: Healthy Eating Skills for Trying Times

from Adrienne Wood of Soil and Sunshine Wellness

Saturday, 4th April 2020

When you are overwhelmed, it’s tempting to give up on healthy eating. The whole world is frightening and uncertain and it seems like comfort food is the only way to cope.

But now is actually the best time to develop the skills to make the right choices for healthy eating. It doesn’t mean following a diet; it means taking care of yourself.

Know what makes you feel better–in your body, mind, and soul–and what makes things worse. Learn concrete, daily practices that support your ability to eat healthy and nurture yourself for now and for the future.

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📺 Called to Thrive: Monetize Your God-Given Gifts to Change the World & Blow Your Own Mind

from Cori Willis

Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Called to Thrive, a value-packed workshop, presents a simple framework for the three things Christians are called to do in business.  First: discern and use our God-given gifts to build & serve our communities and make a righteous living.  What a critical mandate today: build community, make a living.

Second: believe what God says about us.  Any chasm between what we think about ourselves and what He thinks about us is all mindset.  Third: do business His way.

When we get this formula right, it feels like home, is lucrative, restorative, and sows into the communities we care about.

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📺 On-Line Foundations of Tai Chi

from Johanna Hattendorf of The Spiral Path

Starts Saturday, 28th March 2020

Tai Chi is proven to Increase Calm, Improve Balance, Decrease Stress, pain, and inflammation.
Learn the basic Foundations of Tai Chi in this fun, and relaxed LIVE, ON-LINE series.

  • 6 Classes
  • Taught via zoom with time for Q & A
  • Video recording of each lesson, sent to your e-mail (even if you can’t attend live, you’ll get the replay)
  • Private Facebook Group for support

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📺 The Beginners Guide to The Money Pots System

from Gail Bainbridge

Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Wow money right, probably the second most talked about thing right now! I don’t have a magic wand to give you more, and is it even what you’d wish for? What I can do is show you how to reconnect with your values, spend to maximize your values and REALLY simplify how you manage your money. Join me on 31st March at 4pm (BST) for this live training – you’ll also get lifetime access to the recording and materials. Fast action bonus – sign up before 5pm today to get a 15 min follow up one to one with me.

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📺 Learn to make a Spring woven wreath!

from Hannah Bullivant

Recording of live training

Learn how to weave your own base and adorn it with Spring flowers and foliage! Follow my simple step by step instructions that are entirely beginner friendly and can then be used all year round. The class teaches a zero waste, plastic free, eco friendly sort of floristry that encourages use of material that might otherwise be overlooked in our gardens or doorsteps. It’s possible to make this entirely for free!

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📺 The Language Dabbler’s Guide to Welsh

from Kerstin Cable of Fluent Language

Recording of live training

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever needed a positive distraction, now’s the time. So why not try an awesome language? Welsh is a beautiful language, so much fun to speak and so rich in history and culture. And it’s not all that hard to learn either!

With the Language Dabbler’s Guide to Welsh, there is no pressure to perform well or commit to anything. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling enriched and fascinated. The training covers all the language basics you need, plus culture, study tips, and the unbelievable story of how this language shook its fist and fought back against extinction.

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(Use the code CARIAD for a discount!)

📺 Energy Rebalancing for Stressful Times

from Dina Kennedy

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Stress is so tough on our lives and energy.

It squeezes our heads and bodies, disrupts sleep, causes us to function reactively rather than in calm, proactive ways.

Stress creates havoc in all levels of our being.

And it makes it hard to catch our breath.

This course will help.

In this course you’ll learn Energy Rebalancing Tools for releasing stress and regaining balance NOW.

They’re easy to learn, easy to use, and you’ll come back to them for the rest of your life.

Join me, and start feeling better!

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📺 Overwhelmed to Empowered

from Ruth Poundwhite

Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Overwhelmed to Empowered is for business owners who want to make a gentle plan for what happens next.

It’s for you if you are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, confused and want to create more space and more calm to keep things going, to stay financially secure, and to find the opportunities in an uncertain time, in a way that works best for you.

After the workshop you’ll come away with a plan and (hopefully) some mental space. This isn’t me giving you a blueprint to follow. It’s me guiding you to gently create your own.

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📺 Plantastic! The #InstaHappyRich Guide to Creating Your Best Year Yet!

from Charity Nicole of The #InstaHappyRich Life

Monday, 13th April 2020

Join this exclusive, interactive LIVE training with slides and guides where I will reveal ALL my secrets for planning out your best year yet in life + biz while working WITH your limitations instead of pretending they aren’t there (and forcing yourself unsuccessfully to operate someone else’s way.)

Includes Your BEST LIFE EVER Mindset and Planning Strategy designed to finally move you toward your goals, Popup FB group, ​”Your Dream Life Designed” Workbook, “30-Day Jumpstart Action Plan,” “5 Minutes to Success” Mindset Guide and follow-up Q+A call.

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📺 Tapping To Get Out Of Overwhelm Fast (even if you’re super-stressed right now)

from Linda Anderson of Tap Into Your Success

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, spinning your wheels and exhausting yourself for little or no return, imagine how it would feel to wake up each morning excited about the day – even though there’s a bazillion things that need to be done in your business.

Imagine having a powerful tool at your fingertips to stop you tipping into overwhelm and keep your cool, no matter what’s going on around you.

This is what we’ll be covering in my live training so you can stop stressing, get more done in less time, with less hassle – and all without burning out.

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📺 Manifesting During Challenging Times

from Evelina Hovich

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Discover my 7-step proven process to manifesting your desires even when the odds are against you.
Imagine thriving when the economy is down.
Feeling empowered and calm in the midst of chaos.
Or even excited about the future when the current reality is not what you’ve asked for.
Knowing and practising this process allows you to maintain your strength during challenging times, impact your loved ones in the best way and be an inspiration for others.
You’ll learn how to move from panicking and feeling discouraged to finally getting excited and enthusiastic about the future – in just 7-steps.

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📺 The Fun and Easy Guide to Apple Photos

from Paul Einarsen of Bluewater Imaging LLC

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

This fun live event is for everyone who wants to love their Apple Photos but is a little uncertain about how to find and organize their iPhone pictures or would like to learn some tricks for managing it all. Taught by a former Apple Genius, Fun and Easy offers tricks and tips to make Apple Photos a fun and useful photography experience for anyone.

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📺 The Beginner’s Guide to Hotel Website Copy and Boosting Direct Bookings

from Juliana Hahn

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

This is an in-depth live training on actionable steps hoteliers can take to make their website copy more compelling and ways they can tweak their site to encourage direct bookings once demand starts to recover after travel restrictions ease.

Attendees will learn how to avoid common mistakes many hotels make on their website and get more direct bookings from their site to reduce monthly OTA commission payments.

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