Grow a business that fills your heart and your wallet.

For the multi-passionate online business owner who’s done trying to fit their business into a box.

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You’re a creative, multi-passionate online business owner. The kind that is always buzzing with new ideas, eager to experiment with new offers, and geeking out over new topics. 

So much to share!
So many people to help!
So much fun to be had!

And yet… every day it’s like the whole internet is yelling at you to ignore that calling. 

Your multitude of ideas gets passed over as "lack of consistency" or "shiny object syndrome".

You gotta niche down, they say. Then somehow pack your whole self into a single "signature offer" and sell it for the rest of your life. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. 😫

You’ve tried to do it their way. You really did.

And sure… things are kind of working. You’re selling your thing, helping people, and handling this online business situation. 

But at the same time…

Well, there’s a different way.

I know because that’s how I run my own multi-passionate, multi-6-figure, multi-fun online business 😎

Hi, I’m Lizzy Goddard 👋 - online business strategist / course creator / ConvertKit Certified Expert / email marketing nerd / tech geek / affiliate marketing lover / mindset magician / I-could-keep-going-but-you-get-the-gist.

My offers page legit has 19 different paid offers across 3 different areas I’m super duper passionate about. Many people would be horrified, feeling like I’m going against the grain of all mainstream business wisdom. But the truth is: that’s been working pretty well for me.

Here’s how The Profitable Playground works:

The work we’ll do in The Profitable Playground falls into 3 main categories: Create and Sell, The Next Step, and Decision Making.

Now - this isn’t a super linear, cookie-cutter type of thing where you go through one thing, then the next, then the next. Nope. 

These are our key ingredients of your Profitable Playground experience, but we’ll create your journey together based on what you need, what you have, and where you’re going. 

It’s time you meet my revolutionary strategies for creating offers and making sales - the fun, fast, and easy way.

Your curriculum includes:

📺 Profitable Live Trainings

My start-to-finish process to create, promote, sell, and repurpose paid live trainings, a.k.a. the super quick, super profitable type of digital product nobody is talking about.

🚀 The Fast Guide to Launching

Ditch the launch stress, and go from idea to paying clients in a week with my fast launching process.

⚡ Make a Flash For It!

My super quick, super easy, and super repeatable process for making big money with little effort using flash sales.

Evergreen Funnels for your Profitable Playground*

A complete walkthrough of setting up simple and complex automated sales processes for your offers. 

The key to running a sustainable, profitable multi-passionate business is knowing how everything fits together. Let’s refine your offers so you can charge more for them, and figure out how to get it all working in a totally overwhelm-free way.

Your curriculum includes:

Stay the Course*

Turn your paid live training recording, or other digital product, into an action orientated self-study course that gets your students epic results. (Oh, and yes, you'll be able to charge more as you supercharged the value!). 

Group Up Your Course*

How to run high-impact group programs and live rounds based on your self-study course content. If people thought your course was value-packed, they ain't seen nothing yet!

📞 Day of Voxer Office Hours for Group Programs 

Want an easy way to offer a high-touch program worth the big bucks, without burying yourself in 1:1 calls? This is the thing for you. 

Learning how to make decisions on your terms is the most important skill you can develop if you want to run a business that’s fulfilling and fun to run.

Your curriculum includes:

Biz Models Working Together*

Let me show you how to build out a harmonious ecosystem of paid live trainings, courses, live rounds with all the other income streams you may have going on (e.g. affiliate marketing, 1:1 coaching, a membership, done-for-you services, etc). 

Emails for Launching 

Most people drive themselves insane trying to write emails for their launches - which is why they end up hating them! Learn to make smart, perfect-for-you decisions about your launch content.

✨ Online Business Playground

Give me 30 days and I’ll give you fun, freedom, and flow in your business.

+ other courses including Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer, Email Rockstars and The Anti-Planning Workshop.

Click here for details of all courses + trainings included in The Profitable Playground.

*Exclusive to The Profitable Playground

When you join The Profitable Playground you’ll get:

These courses are broken down into step-by-step actions and designed to make implementation easy-peasy. They include templates, swipe files, tech tutorials, videos and everything you need to take action and create your own Profitable Playground.

These weekly coaching calls with Lizzy and her team are a powerful combo of coaching, strategy and mindset. You'll leave these calls feeling fired up and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way! 💪 This is your opportunity to get personalised support for your unique business and soak up the goodness from other people's Qs. 

Oh heyyy new biz besties! 👋 As The Profitable Playground is by application only, you bet that our private Facebook group is going to be your new fave hangout. Wonderings, wins and wobbles go in here for feedback, celebrations and support. 

Every week you'll track your progress and weekly priorities, as well as any other thoughts, ideas or troubles that come up. These act as a regular check-in to keep you on track and making progress. 

"I think one of my favorite things about Playground... is the accountability via the weekly progress form.

I hate being asked to join up with accountability buddies because they make me so uncomfortable. I have this big fear of letting down someone else... Like no thanks, I let myself down more than enough. 😅

But I genuinely enjoy filing out the form and reminding myself what I did and how I'm feeling... seeing how far I've come. Because my feelings and where I'm at is more important to me than what "Brenda" thinks... and I don't want to be accountable to her."


Every week you can submit copy (sales pages, emails, etc) for review by our Playground Copy Coach. You'll received detailed video feedback with suggestions for what can be clearer/strengthened so you can be confident your messaging is always hitting the mark. 

"Now we also have the help from Alex, a Copy Coach. I love watching her review videos of my sales pages and emails. English is not my first language and being a designer, writing is hard for me... So having this extra help is gold! Plus, I love that it came as a surprise service inside the Playground. Lizzy always adds new surprises and is open to adapt to the group needs."


You can book a monthly Voxer call with our Playground Copy Coach to get more immediate feedback and for an opportunity to verbally process. Discussions can include positioning/messaging, unique selling points, benefits, pain points, etc. 


We recently added the fabulous Kerstin Cable as an 'assistant coach'. Kerstin has been in the Playground since it started and has truly mastered everything we teach. She helps out in the Facebook group and also offers 1:1 monthly Voxer calls to talk through something you're working on, work out what to do next or get support with a project in your profitable playground. One of Kerstin's many super powers is extensive experience of a B2C business. 

"Also wanted to say that Kerstin is so helpful, and a lovely addition to the program."

We ran our first retreat in 2019 and it was pure magic. ✨ We can't wait to host more in-person live events and retreats and Profitable Playground clients will get first dibs on the spaces. 

I'm gathering some of the online business world elite and sweet-talking them into sharing their expertise inside The Profitable Playground. 

Eyeing up one of my courses not included in The Profitable Playground? Luckily for you, you'll be able to get a niiice 50% discount as a Playground member. 🎉 (Tbh though neeeearly everything I sell is included in The Profitable Playground). 

That’s the dreamy mix of training, strategy, group coaching, community and support you need to grow a business that fills your heart and your wallet 👊

Tarot Singapore Online

"I signed up for The Profitable Playground because I like the way Lizzy runs her online business in a simple (but profitable!) way.

Even though I've implemented many of her training previously, the Playground has additional resources on how to put all the different parts together in a fun way.

The weekly coaching calls are great for busting through mindset blocks. She even has calls in two timezones to cover different parts of the world.

The community is amazing as people are so supportive and share knowledge from their own experiences."

"If I had to pick one thing that's made a difference to my business in 2020, Elizabeth Goddard's "The Profitable Playground" has been it.

There's a certain magic that comes from being part of anything she does... and as a Playgrounder, all of that magic is amplified thanks to the community she's put together, and the structure of her exclusive trainings.

But really, it's more than that. It's the true accountability, monthly private coaching calls, regular video chats, and the feeling like she (and everyone who has joined) truly wants to see you succeed."

Kimi Kinsey
Online Business Strategist

Melody Johnson
The Course Consultant

"Lizzy is freaking brilliant! 

She takes the stress out of launching something new and makes it fun. She’s a tech wizard that knows all the ins and out of building a profitable online course business. 

Joining The Profitable Playground has made my business fun to run again. It’s completely shifted what I thought launching a new course was all about. 

If you want to feel excited about making money with courses and doing it with a supportive group - this is hands down one of the best decisions you can make."

"I've loved all of Lizzy's courses so far but Profitable Playground is just amazing!

I am really good with coming up with ideas and more ideas and more ideas but acting on them, in a timely matter, focusing on the necessary things was a challenge for me. With the Playground I have taken on that challenge in a new way and I'm launching more courses, products and new services than ever before and they all make my heart sing!

Lizzy really helps you get out of your own way when it comes to building and growing your business. But it isn't just Lizzy, the whole community is just fabulous! We all support each other, help each other, learn from each other. I love this community and don't know how I could ever go without it again!"

Natalie Vijlbrief
Business & Marketing Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs

Claudia Orengo
Graphic Designer & Watercolor Artist

"I remember telling my boyfriend the day before you announced the program: "there's something good coming up and I'm scared about the investment, but I know it's the next step I need to take". Then the training happened and I couldn't stop picturing myself in this program

Now, since the 1st week, I keep confirming how grateful I am to have joined because it's exactly what I needed: with the amount of accountability that works for me (not too often but constant enough); with the boost of each weekly call that leaves me full of motivation and new ideas and solving all my worries; and, last but not least, the amazing group of people... you are all so 😍"

The Profitable Playground is perfect for you if…

You're not new to running an online business, and understand the basics pretty well. You're not a stranger to online courses, email marketing, and all that - but you are eager for an easier, more exciting way to handle it all. 

You’ve got at least 500 people in your audience - either subscribers or a social following that's engaged and into your stuff. The Profitable Playground isn't an audience building program, but focused on creating fans who buy from you again and again.

You’re annoyed by a lot of the mainstream business advice around niching. You’re tired of dismissing your most exciting ideas as “shiny object syndrome” and want a business that’s more diverse and exciting than just selling a signature program on repeat.

You feel overwhelmed by the work it takes to create and sell anything online. Between creating stuff people might not even buy and super complicated launches, you’re tired before you even start. You want a simpler, easier, more fun way to bring your ideas into the world!

You’re into the idea of selling online courses or running group programs. This is the backbone of The Profitable Playground, so it won’t be a good fit for you if you wanna stick with 1:1 services or launch things that don’t involve an educational component to it.

You want an easy way to create more income streams in your business. You want a business that’s resilient, sustainable, and not easily thrown off by a bad launch. 

You want to have more fun. Fun is our main staple in The Profitable Playground. And fun happens when you’re running your business on your terms, leveraging your strengths, creativity, and magic.


*After your initial 3 months in the Playground, you will be given the option to renew at the same price for a further 3 months. After you've been in The Profitable Playground for 6 months total (continuous or not), you'll then receive forever access to all non-Playground exclusive trainings & courses included in The Profitable Playground Curriculum at the time you leave, as well as the 50% Playground alumni discount. 

Pop in your email below and I'll send you a special link to apply,
as well as my free training: How to Build Your Profitable Playground 👇👇👇

What if next month, you made $5k from that idea burning inside you right now?

When you join the Playground, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do just that. 

And we’ll be doing it together, with training, coaching, community, and support every step of the way.

And $5k is just the beginning. 

Once you have your new thing integrated into your business model, you get to continue profiting from it over and over and over again. 

There you have it: a new revenue stream for your multi-passionate business! ✨

It can be that easy. It can be that fast. And most importantly: it can be that fun.

It’s time to ditch the business rules, the complicated launches, the limiting niches. Let me show you how to make money The Profitable Playground way - and let’s have a blast while at it ⚡

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Ready for a business that fills your heart and your wallet?

You have two choices:

Keep trying to mush your creative, multi-passionate self into restrictive business models that leave you feeling unfulfilled.


Join us in The Profitable Playground and start building the colourful, impactful, profitable and fun business you've always dreamed of!

I'll keep an eye out for your application!

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"My cart closed last night and look at this!! I honestly can’t believe it. It's beyond my wildest hopes. I have never earned so much money in such a small amount of time before. I have 70 awesome people in the course AND it was a 10K USD launch. OMG! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Private Client

"What really stands out to me is how much you care about people and results. You jump right in, offer practical advice that people can act on immediatelyand also provide a judgement-free space to say, think, and feel things."

- Abbi PeretsSuccessful Freelance Mom

"Lizzy shows up fully and is ready to give you no-nonsense guidance and advice. I'm really glad that our paths have crossed. She is honest, direct, and savvy.

If you're willing to put the work in, then sign up - you won't regret it."

- Kc Rossi, Business Coach

"I felt that you were trying to really understand what I am struggling with and are genuinely invested in helping people, not just giving the info but actually guiding through the process 🙂"

Iglika, Lipstick & Pixels

"You have a very laid back and stress-free approach. You have a fresh take on keeping things moving, not sticking to other people's rules, and taking steps to make it easier and more fun. When I feel weighted down, or it just feels like too much for me, I know I can turn to you and you'll just whisk all of that aside and make things clean and easy. You inspire me to action."

Sarah Guilliot, Sarah Design

Nicola Salmon
Fat Positive & Feminist Fertility Coach

"This program has transformed my business from a cookie cutter of every other online business to something that is going to change the world.

Before I felt ‘meh’ about my business, as though I was plodding along without much enthusiasm or direction. I now have the courage to stand up, do things my way and own exactly who I want to be and what I want my business to look like.

You have incredible access to Lizzy's brain. Her advice and support has turned my business around. Without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done in my business.

I was so surprised how much I achieved in such a short space of time and how I was so motivated every step of the way. No-one was left behind. The amount of support was insane. This has changed my business forever and I know when I look back in a year’s time, I'll be able to pinpoint this program as where it all started."  

"This program has provided the radical accountability and coaching to help me scale and reach goals that I've been striving for over the past 6 months. I'm now able to better support my clients in the way I want to without sacrificing time or revenue. It feels WONDERFUL.

Lizzy has given me a new way to tackle business goals quickly and effectively without getting lost in the details.

If you struggle with reaching your business goals or figuring out how to achieve them, Lizzy will help you develop a process that works for you while holding you incredibly accountable. She will help you prioritize, take action, and even identify which "to dos" don't even need to be done. Her insight, direction and accountability was so valuable.

Working with someone who understands both the online space AND 1:1 services is so rare. I felt like Lizzy truly understood and cared about the impact of my business - I wasn't just another pay cheque for her. Also, Lizzy’s hilarious and a lot of fun to work with!"

Kathryn Meisner
Career & Salary Negotiation Coach

Amber-Rose Thomas
Business Mentor

"This program changed my perspective on how long it could take to achieve something. Lizzy has a way of making the complex simpleand I actually had to keep setting new goals because I was completing the ones I had set myself!

If there's something specific you feel that you need to learn, by all means, buy the course - invest in the shiny thing – it’s all good. But if you secretly suspect that you already know enough, are enough, and just need some insights from someone who knows the online marketing world inside out - join this instead."

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