If you're on this page because you're being nosy about my Day of Voxer offer and/or you're interested in my Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer course… I've not yet updated this page with the copy written by my fabulous copywriter (Fabi Nilsson). But I still made $5,000+ with what you see below, so… 🤷‍♀️ ⚠ 

Day of Voxer

This is highly experimental, but the experiment is working.

Basically, you get access to me for a whole day on Voxer (a walkie-talkie app on your phone) and I snap you out of your business woes and get you moving.


The Deets:

⭐ Days run 9am to 7pm UK time. You'll get at least a few hours, no matter where you live.

⭐ We can chat about anything in your business! Upcoming launch, offers, pricing, boundaries, dodgy clients, email marketing, etc etc.

⭐ You try to keep messages succinct(ish). Both voice and text messages are fine. I'll likely reply with a mixture. I'll try to be as responsive as possible, and we may be able to do a little back-and-forth, but do know it's not like we're on a call all day together ?



Want in? Here’s what to do next:

Awesome! Click the button below and you'll be able to book your day and pay. If you need to reschedule nearer the time, that's not a problem – you'll be able to do that ? If you can't find any availability – message me through my chat box and we can figure something out.

Can't wait to go deep and shake shit up in your business!

Any questions? Sure thing. Leave me a message in my chat box!

Going into our day I was feeling overworked with DFY services and stuck at my income level. I'd been wanting to start offering more leveraged offers, but I didn't know how to get started, especially because I have no audience. I've been running my business on referrals.

Over the course of the day we came up with two offers. We also worked through a lot of my mindset hangups around moving away from DFY – that was pretty crucial. I feel excited about diving into more leveraged offers, and confident in this direction. I also feel prepared to what's to come, but positive that I can make sales while I grow my audience and set myself up for bigger things.

I was shocked by how much we got to cover in a day using Voxer. I'm also always impressed with the questions you ask, as they got me to reflect on things I weren't considering or asking for support with (but needed help with).

Fabiana Nilsson

This is an amazing offer! The day of personal access to Lizzy was incredibly helpful. I went from being fuzzy, unfocused and with my brain spinning, to laser focused, with a clear plan of action. Being able to ask questions, and get answers right away was an important piece of this. The clarity of Lizzy's answers and responses cut right to the point and enabled me to make changes right away.

Johanna Hattendorf

I loved the Day of Voxer format. It was so beneficial to have you and your brain to drill down to the heart of things and offer a different perspective, as well as practical ways to approach a challenge. As a result of our time together I am clear on what services I am selling and have created an offer to sell these services. I'm also being more playful in my approach. I feel good about my business and know that it's important to throw out the rule book. I also love that I can go back and re-listen to your answers. They serve as mini pep talks when I need ‘a dose of Lizzy'! ?

Your two biggest strengths (in my eyes) is your ability to get straight to the heart of things coupled with your pragmatic brain. Your approach really is so unique.

Lisa Pascoe

I loved the back and forth throughout the day. You asked me some really useful questions to help me approach everything from a different angle. I had time to do some work and figuring out in between messages and definitely feel like I made progress – which is what I wanted!

The reason I booked the Day of Voxer was because I love that you approach things from a different angle, and that's exactly what I wanted to do with my new offering. Once we started the chat, I wasn't disappointed, and it was definitely more than worth what you charged.

Ruth Poundwhite

After our day I feel so clear about what to do next! And I feel like I have business model that I can use and enjoy moving forward.

You helped me to work out what my business is going to be ‘about' – like my direction. I felt like I had permission to run my business how I wanted and that I could actually have my dream business, doing what I love and what I'm good at! I honestly feel like you saw inside my brain and pulled out what I'm really good at, and then told me how I could do it in my business! and gave me ideas about how I could do it!

I really enjoyed the Day of Voxer format because I felt like I had time to think about things…and also the conversation could evolve over a time period – unlike a 60 minute coaching session.

Shirley Pollock