The Tripwire Training

Make surprise money while you grow your list with a tripwire offer 
- this training will show you how.

Imagine making 5 sales in 72 hours without even trying, just from regular traffic to your website.

Or making $2,737 over 9 months totally passively (and I mean, totally), from an offer you set up 2 years ago.

Or waking up every day to a couple of sales notifications from a $17 product — finally making money in your sleep!

Well… I’ll let you in on a secret:

Those are real-life results my clients and I have gotten once we set aside a couple of hours to set up a simple tripwire offer.

A tripwhat?

Weird name. Totally sweet and awesome situation.

And chances are you’ve totally stumbled upon on a tripwire before.

Essentially, a tripwire is a reduced-price offer made immediately after someone joins your email list. Like, on the Thank You page type-of-immediately. 

This means new subscribers get a chance to snag a sweet deal on one of your products right off the bat… And you get to enjoy the fun of surprise money coming through as you go on with your usual list building efforts.

A win-win, if you ask me!

The main reason why I love tripwires
— or more like 5 of them.

Tripwires help you make sure you’re growing your list with potential buyers and not just people who want free tips in their inbox.
Tripwires allow you to quickly as new subscribers make their first purchases as soon as they join your list.
Tripwires give new subscribers — and later on come back for more, as they fall in love with your products!
Tripwires who has paid solutions to their problems — no more attracting people who don’t expect you to sell.
Tripwires create lots of surprise money moments in your business, which truly is the kind of fun feeling that never gets old. 🎉

Super intrigued over there and eager to rock your list-building world with a tripwire offer?

Keep reading then. I’ve got just the thing for you 

This is your invite to join us in...

The Tripwire Training

The Tripwire Training is an in-depth course covering everything you need to know to start making surprise money with a tripwire offer.

And of course, we’re doing it all the Lizzy way: 
Easy. Quick. High-value. Low-effort. 100% ick-free.

You’ll learn how to plan, set up, launch and refine your tripwire funnel — all do it in no more than a couple of hours.

But more than that… You’ll discover a simple way to make surprise money while you grow your list. No more waiting until you reach a bazillion subscribers to bring in the sales.

Ready to jump on the surprise money wagon?

Your very first sale of your new tripwire will likely cover the cost of this training
— and that'll be just the beginning! 


Immediate access to the full course with everything you need to know to get your tripwire offer up and selling in just a couple of hours.
A handy checklist walking you through all the steps of the process, so you don’t miss anything or any $!
Download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
Access to a library of tech tutorials showing you how to set up your tripwire offer — no tech headaches involved!
Exclusive invite to Team EBG's Party Pad - my private student Facebook group.

How we’ll get you on the surprise money wagon

Here’s what we’ll cover inside the Tripwire Training:

The lowdown on tripwires, how they work, and when to use them in your business

Deciding what to offer + turning existing resources into a cool product

Underrated ideas for products you can create — the quick, low-effort way.

Pricing your offer so it’s a total no-brainer for new subscribers

The nitty-gritty of implementing your tripwire, no tech woes involved

The elements of a tripwire page that turns new subscribers into customers

A slew of examples of high-converting tripwire offers to get you inspired

Testing and refining your tripwire offer to bring even more surprise money

Selling to people who are brand new to you in a 100% feel-good way.

Ready to jump on the surprise money wagon?

Your very first sale of your new tripwire will likely cover the cost of this training
— and that'll be just the beginning! 



The Tripwire Training is perfect for you if...

You feel like you need a certain magical number of subscribers before you can start monetizing your list. A tripwire allows you to make money you grow your list.
You’ve heard it before that people are more likely to buy if they already bought from you in the past. A tripwire is the perfect way to get that first sale in as soon as possible.
You’ve been running Facebook or Instagram ads to grow your list — or you’re planning to do that soon! A tripwire allows you to quickly recoup some of your ad spend.
You want to make sure you’re growing your list with the people. A tripwire allows you to make sure you’re attracting potential buyers instead of passive followers.
You love the sound of Stripe notifications letting you know you’ve made a purchase. A tripwire brings in a steady stream of surprise money in your business.

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

List building isn’t a part of your business — though I definitely don’t endorse this route if you’re growing an online business!
You’d rather use your Thank You page (the one new subscribers see after signing up) to invite people to book a discovery call with you.
You want absolutely nothing to do with selling digital products in any way, shape, or form.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I don’t have anything to sell?

Fun fact: most people have something they could sell. They just don’t realize it yet

In the Tripwire Training, I’ll show you how to turn resources you’ve got laying around into a low-cost product you can use for your tripwire offer.

If you really don't have anything you could sell, give The 10 Day Offer a watch first and create something!

What if I don’t have a freebie set up yet?

All you need to set up your tripwire is a way for people to join your email list — it doesn’t matter if you’re offering a freebie or not.

One of the main mistakes I see people making is waiting until they have the perfect freebie or perfect website before they start growing their lists.

If that’s you, watch my Simple No-Freebie List Building lesson. And then, join The Tripwire Training so you can start making money from your growing list. 🎉

What tech will I need?

This course is super tech agnostic. If you can make a simple page and take money for something you're selling, then you can set up a tripwire offer!

I only offer 1:1 services in my business. Is this for me?

Yep. In fact, a tripwire offer is a great way for people to experience your work before they’re ready to invest big-time in your 1:1 services. 

I use double opt-in. Will this work for me?

Yep, absolutely. I’ll walk you through all the logistics inside the Tripwire Training so you know exactly how to implement this.

I couldn’t set this up... I'm bad at tech 😞

Lucky for you, I’m all about the tech.

When you join us for the Tripwire Training, you’ll also get access to a library of tech tutorials walking you through all the settings and tech pieces you need to start making money with a tripwire offer. 

And spoiler alert: the setup is a lot less complicated than you’re expecting

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I won’t punish you for being awesome! If you take a proper look through the course and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.

I’ve got another question.

Send me a message using the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page, and let’s chat!

Ready to jump on the surprise money wagon?

Your very first sale of your new tripwire will likely cover the cost of this training
— and that'll be just the beginning! 



"This Tripwire Training was absolute divine timing for me! It was spot on, got me done in no time, answered questions I didn't know I had without having to spend hours pulling my hair or worrying about forgetting anything.

Thing is, I kinda thought I had it down and knew what to do, but Elizabeth just makes it so simple that all you gotta do is follow the steps and check things of your list (as in the checklist she provides with the training - #yesplease!).

Highly recommend this training, and really anything from her hand, as everything I’ve received always has a ton of value, is easy to follow and with clear instructions for implementation - love not having to spend hours researching figuring things out myself."

- Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup
Spiritual Business Coach, Mentor, Facilitator & Catalyst

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