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Last month I ran a live, updated version of my Tripwire Training.

I made an offer to all my students that I’d promote a tripwire that they set up as a result of what I teach in the training.

The catch? They had to get it ready in 10 days.

It gives me great pride to present the mighty 33 people who rose to the challenge!

Below you'll find a mixture of freebies and paid tripwire offers (students were invited to submitted both). 

Some of the tripwire offer pages will thank you for signing up - that's how it's supposed to be!

I invite you to take a look through what they’re offering and sign up for anything that interests you.

So, without further ado, my Tripwire Training Alumni….

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer students who took action as a result of my training.)

Wine Aroma Chart

This gorgeous wine aroma chart was designed for your phone, so you can easily develop your wine tasting skills.

The Digital Marketing Playbook

A free 2 hour training on putting together your perfect digital marketing strategy for your business.

The French Pantry Checklist
Insider’s Guide

A mini-course of 8 videos where I show each ingredient on the French Pantry Checklist with tips on how to use the ingredients easily in everyday cooking. The accompanying PDF has links to online shops that stock the ingredients, as well as links to blog posts with recipes using the ingredients.

7-day trial to my Human Design membership 

While you're waiting for me to send you your free reading, learn more about your Human Design chart in a private community with bite sized (5-20 minute) videos on understanding your chart.

Pop Up Product

How to quickly create your own passive income stream with high-value low-cost, irresistible digital offers using completely free tools.

Podcast Pitch Perfection

In Podcast Pitch Perfection, you’ll learn the why and the how to getting booked on podcasts that put you in front of your ideal audience: the people who will really resonate with you, check out your website, sign up for your emails, and become customers, consumers of your content, and champions for what you stand for. Because in this course, you’re not only learning how to pitch, you’re learning how to build your personal brand.

Preschool at Home Digital Bundle: MNOP

Make preschool activities simpler with these ready-to-print preschool activity bundles. This bundle includes 4+ weeks worth of printables and book-based activities for your preschooler. Included in each week is a detailed schedule, supply list, and book recommendations for each theme!

Focus & Fluency

A somewhat different course for language learners who are feeling like they always want to do more feel like they have a self-critical tendency in language learning don't know which of the great resources to start with get easily distracted by work or social media keep missing their targets In Focus & Fluency you will learn a way to find more headspace to learn languages

Beginners' Guide to Passive Income

A 90 minutes training teaching you how to start selling your art and designs over and over as digital products. You’ll learn all about my experience, including details on how much I earn from each platform. I started selling digital downloads back in 2015 and today has become my main income stream. With Covid most of my 1:1 services have been affected, but passive income sales are still happening day and night.

Joyful Youth Ringed Prayer Book

Do you need a creative boost in your prayer life? Want to create a fun, coordinating ring prayer book? Be sure to join your instructor, Allie from Allie Scraps, and pick up this course (and all the printables you need!) of how to put it all together!

The Digitalie Playbook Template

This is THE Playbook to help you write your own business manual in a way that fits you, your business and any (future) team members. It is not a goal-setting or planning workbook, but a way to get clarity for your dream business now and in the future.

5 Ways to Start Writing Your Memoir

In this FREE ebook you’ll discover: —The 4 ​Types of People ​Wendy Comes Across When Talking About Memoir​s ​(And which one sounds most like you!) —Why You MUST Listen to the Small Voice Inside Telling You to Write Your Memoir —5 Solutions to the Problem of "Where Do I Begin?" (So ​you don't putting it off for "someday") —EXACTLY What to Do After You Figure Out Your Approach So You Can Get Started Writing Today

The Best Marketing Ideas from
(a rather crazy!) 2020

I'm always on the watch out for good marketing and I haven't seen much better than the examples in this webinar. They are the best ideas from the first half of 2020; and I know that if these businesses can do this type of marketing during the weirdest year we've had then you can let then inspire you into 2021.

Baking Made Simple

Online Recipe course written for complete beginners and particularly suited to those on the Autistic spectrum. Includes 12 step-by-step visual recipes as well as all the guides and information sheets needed to get you started on your baking adventure.

5 Things You Should Know About Oil Paint

A free guide that teaches you 5 unique qualities and opportunities you should know about if you want to paint with oils.

Fresh Pin Frustration
Get Caught Up with 2020 Pinterest Best Practices in less than 30 min

Get crystal clear on:
🌟 WTF is a fresh pin, anyway?
🌟 Manual pinning, repinning other's content, group boards... Should you still use those strategies or ditch them?
🌟 Are Pinterest boards still a thing and do they really matter? You'll get a video training with a fillable worksheet so you won't miss a thing plus ALL THE TEA I got when I polled dozens of skilled Pinterest managers on their strategies and their best tips for you.

7 Steps to Boost Your Baby's Development While in the Womb

PDF with 7 strategies to consciously connect with your baby and experience greater joy, inspiration and well being throughout your pregnancy! You’ll learn: • A ritual you can perform in 5 minutes or less to bond with your baby and boost their development while in the womb! • The mistake pregnant women make that can lead to post partum depression, and how to avoid it. • The pregnancy mindset shift you need to feel positive throughout your pregnancy.

Basque It Up Course:
Nafarroa, the first lesson

Dabble in Basque as you go on a tour of one of the historical 7 provinces of the Basque Country, Navarra (Nafarroa) in this first lesson of the full course.

Finding Time for What Matters Most

Mommas were told we could have it all. No one said "all" came with endless guilt, stress, and anxiety. No one told us we would struggle to find a way to care for our family while following our passion. But what if you could follow your passion and love your family without the guilt, stress, and anxiety? Find time for what matters most to you—without guilt and stress.

Exam Success Cheat Sheet: How To Study Smarter & Get Higher Grades

For parents of students at school / uni (and students themselves!): discover how to study SMARTER, not HARDER this year - for top grades, with less work and no worries 🙂 “If you do happen to come across this reply, I just wanted to say that you are a god. I can't tell you enough how much you've changed my life. I'm motivated to 110%, I'm ready for change and I'm ready now.” – Rose, high school student

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Passion Business (And What to Do Instead)

This is a free mini guide (PDF format) intended for newbie online entrepreneurs who are about to get started online.

Course Creator Starter Outline

Use this free training and Google Sheet Outline to kickstart your first course in 50% less time.

Digital Product Toolkit

Digital Product Toolkit - Create and launch your first template, course, or group program without spending weeks or months planning.

The French Pantry Checklist

 A curated list of French pantry ingredients to up-level your home-cooking. I've grouped my favorite French ingredients for your pantry into three Top 10 Checklists for each cooking level: -the Apprentice -the Sous-Chef -the Master Chef.

The Playbook Pack

You'll get forever access to the Digital Marketing playbook training, a workbook and worksheet to use alongside it, an audio version of the training, a 20 page PDF of all the notes that I used for the training and access to our VIP So Marketing Club.

Ask me anything about
your Human Design

A 3-5 minute recording of me answering a question about your Human Design chart, with an over-the-shoulder view of what I'm looking at in your chart.

Queen of Decisions

Struggle no more with making decisions! This 1st workshop focuses on health-based decisions. Imagine no longer being haunted by fitness and nutrition programs of the past or feeling like you should do them. You have better things to spend your energy on, Queen. You'll learn- options for quick decision making, a 1-hour process for narrowing down your options when you're overwhelmed, and how to move forward with the most doable action.

Podcast Pitch Perfection Formula

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world knows a secret about growing an audience? Here's the not-so-secret-secret to audience growth: Get in front of other people's audiences. How do you do this? Get on podcasts. How do you do THIS? Download my 5 steps to follow to get on podcasts so you can build your brand and business, connect to your global community, and increase your impact and income.

M is for Music Preschool
Coloring Pages

This freebie for preschool parents and preschool teachers contains a music-themed coloring page alongside a "letter M" coloring page for some fun music-themed coloring!

Homepage Checklist

This free Homepage Checklist will show you how to tweak your homepage copy so you can stand out from the crowd and connect with your dream clients. It includes 5 questions you need to answer to make people stick around and get to know you better, so you can book more sales calls.

Organized Academy

Organized Academy is a monthly membership program that will take you, your business, and your personal life from disorganized to organized. You are taught how to create unique organic organizing systems, which are built around what you are naturally doing, so the systems make sense and actually work. You get access to 18 training hubs and their subsequent modules and all new trainings added during the month as long as your membership is active.

Branding Words

Making your brand 'work' isn't just about having a pretty logo, some great colours and two cute fonts. Your brand is made with the words you say (or type) and the images you show. This my Branding Words you will be able to make your own list of brand words that fit you, your business and your customers!

Nurture Your Nature: Reconnect with the Earth, Quiet your anxious thoughts, and Feel Calmer - NOW!

Nurture Your Nature is a 20-minute audio training and tutorial bundle in the powerful ancient practice of Natural Mindfulness. It is designed to help women experience fast relief from stress and worry. In addition to the core training, Nurture Your Nature includes videos, affirmation cards (printable and digital), a PDF guide, a printable journal, and more - to help the listener create a more peaceful inner landscape by communing with the Earth.

Smart Gardening Checklists

It's easy to get the right things done in your garden at the right time with these monthly checklists. Use them every month and you'll: Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm because you no longer forget to do important gardening tasks. Experience fewer failures and setbacks because you're doing the right things at the right time. Finally feel like you're keeping on top of everything in your garden – because you are!

5 Easy Marketing Ideas

Whether you're brand new to business and marketing or whether you just need a bit of a reminder about marketing (and maybe a kick up the bum) you will get something out of this lovely course. Each section is full of practical ideas and real life examples from my own clients to inspire you. As always with my courses there is no jargon - it's all common sense stuff.

The Ultimate Parents Guide, to supporting your child in the kitchen

Contains full and complete step-by-step visual recipes and guides to help support cooking together.

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

There's a lot of little jobs to complete every time you post a piece of content to your blog - how are you meant to remember them all? Here's my system - my ultimate blog post checklist of all those little things to do to get the most possible eyes on every blog post you create. Grab it free when you sign up for my newsletter!

Pinterest Board Boss

Still need to set up your Pinterest account? Skip the hours of keyword research and grab my list of 360 done-for-you board ideas so you can start marketing on Pinterest ASAP. You'll also get access to expert Pinterest profile setup tips and my super easy technique for brainstorming new boards and categories for your content.

The Goal Standard

The Goal Standard is the ultimate guide to setting goals that work for YOU. Goals that make you excited to work towards and that you'll actually hit. Without getting overwhelmed! The Goal Standard is a 60 minute comprehensive live training followed by a Q&A session.

How to use the power of thought to influence your baby positively!

With this special mini training, you'll learn how powerful your thoughts really are, and how important they are especially during pregnancy. You will learn how to use your intentions to shape how your baby forms in the womb and make give them the best start to life. Along with the videos you'll get a workbook that will help you actualize this important knowledge, manifest your ideal reality and start influencing your baby positively right now!

Basque It Up Course: Nafarroa, Sustraiak

Dabble in Basque as you go on a tour of one of the historical 7 provinces of the Basque Country, Navarra (Nafarroa).

Notion for Digital Entrepreneurs

Stop feeling scattered in your business. Notion for Digital Entrepreneurs is a Notion template pack + walkthrough videos to help you customize the system for your brain and workflows.

How to Build a Free Resource Library Course

The most practical Resource Library setup that will allow you to grow your email list, and improve your email marketing efforts for years to come - utilizing a simple page to learn a lot about your audience and collect useful information about them. You'll avoid some big blunders and set yourself up for success while growing your list and earning money.

Travel Photo Quick Start Guide

The Travel Photo Quick Start Guide will get you started on your path to making fabulous travel photos. It provides some guidelines for camera settings and composition tips for travel specific situations such as landscapes, food, people, and more!

How to Create Stunning Photos in Harsh Midday Sun

How to Create Stunning Photos in Harsh Midday Sun is a 3-part training series where I’ll show you the secrets to creating fabulous photos even in the middle of the day. Because when you travel, you want to create photos that tell the story of your adventure. And that happens all day long.

Global Entrepreneur's Starter Kit

This is a bundle of 2 workbooks that's going to drastically help new entrepreneurs to get noticed and sign more clients by using their strengths to their advantage and using their ideal client profile to create highly targeted offers and packages.

What is your Dosha?

Do the Dosha quiz and know what your Ayurvedic mind-body type is! You'll also get food and exercise recommendations for your type.