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😍 Here’s why I ❤ TRIBE 😍

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in online courses since starting my business, and TRIBE is hands down one of the very best out there. Why?

⭐ Engaging, action-driven content

I’ve never engaged with a course the way I did with TRIBE, and I put that down to its meticulous construction. The lessons are engaging, concise, and absolutely fluff-free - just what you need to understand what you’re doing and get results. 

You just get carried along and before you know it, you’ve taken tons of action and made tons of progress.

⭐ Huge momentum and community

TRIBE is a really focused, intense, 9 week experience. Really, to call it a course doesn’t do it justice. It’s an experience, and I don’t say that lightly. 

It only launches once a year and you go through the same, super structured, step-by-step content with thousands of other people. The momentum you get from that is incredible and the sense of being part of something big really unites you together.

⭐ An amazing mentor

It's an absolute pleasure to learn from Stu, the creator of TRIBE. He's clear, concise, entertaining and energetic, but most importantly, it's so obvious that he truly cares about the success of his Tribers and the impact our businesses have on the world around us.

But that’s not all. TRIBE was a game-changer for my membership, ConvertKit Club. 

By applying what I learned in TRIBE, I grew my membership from 54 to 210 paying members in just 3 short months. 

That means I quadrupled the size of my community but also… I quadrupled my recurring income, aka. money coming in every month for running a community I absolutely love.

This was the stuff of dreams for my membership. And now? Now I want to help you do the same ✨

🎁 My Momentum-Building TRIBE 2020 Bonus Pack 🎁

I'm obsessed with helping online business owners dream bigger, implement faster, and creatively serve their audience in a win-win way. And here’s the deal: I believe membership sites are one of the best ways to do that.

Soooo… when you join TRIBE through any of the buttons on this page, you’ll also get a whole lot of bonuses provided by yours truly to take your TRIBE experience and results to the next level.

My bonus pack is equal parts personalised support and actionable training. 

It’s created with love so you can go through TRIBE with the close support of someone who’s done this work before and runs a successful membership - me 😎 

Doors to TRIBE 2020 are now closed!

In the meantime, check out Membership Academy as a great 'alternative',
and make sure you're on my list to hear when doors reopen and my 2021 bonus pack!

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"I joined TRIBE through you because I knew your eyes and brain on my membership would be totally invaluable. I love the way that you do and view business, so it was so good to have a contact point and hear different takes when I wasn't fully vibing with aspects of what was being taught. I originally found the course through you, and I remember when you made changes to ConvertKit Club  when you went through the course in 2018 and I thought they were so smart, so I paid attention when you recommended it.

I like how you can cut through the fluff and be super strategic and still see feel/understand woo/energy stuff. You're so good at spotting underlying assumptions that can be gumming up the system (and not getting mired in the swirling thought patterns that result). I love that you can question all the right things to get me thinking in a different way and self-reflecting. And I love that you share your insights and still respect other people may feel/think differently and do it their way. I so appreciate all of this, because I know even professionally trained coaches struggle with this. And you know that business is meant to be FUN! And you keep reminding people of that. It's so refreshing for someone to be so strategic and efficient and not value the hustle above all else. Serious mindset goals.

I really appreciated having your direct support at such a critical point in my business. I feel like I've begun to build such a solid foundation under your mentorship. I fully expect to be looking back and crediting my success to your help in the future!”

Tori Clissold


"I looked at quite a few bonus providers, including Amy Porterfield, but your personal attention, willingness, and accessibility was the clincher for me!

Mindy Schulz

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join TRIBE 2020
through my link 🤩

Bonus #1

Private Facebook group

The official TRIBE Facebook group is awesome, but I'm not going to lie: it's also kinda huge and pretty fast-moving. Our group here is a much more intimate place to work through the course, get my expert eyes on your membership, and celebrate your every win and achievements.

You'll get access to me in this Facebook group for 3 whole months so we have plenty of time to get massive momentum and growth with your membership. 

Bonus #2

Weekly Voxer Office Hours 

Our Facebook group is dreamy, but sometimes you just need to talk things out loud with someone. That’s exactly where these weekly Voxer Office Hours come in! 

Every Monday for 3 months, you’ll get my support via Voxer between 9am and 7pm UK. This is the equivalent of having 1:1 coaching calls with me weekly for 3 months - which is not even something I offer outside of this epic TRIBE pack! 

(Not sure what Voxer is? It’s a walkie-talkie type of app where we can exchange text and voice messages)

Bonus #3

Weekly Reviews

This is my favourite tool for supercharged momentum, action-taking, and results

Over the next 9 weeks, as you work through the TRIBE curriculum, we’ll have a shared Google Doc to keep track of your progress and weekly priorities, as well as any thoughts, ideas, and troubles coming up for you. 

This is a little something-something that feels super simple but creates magic results in every single higher-touch program I’ve ever run. Buckle up for massive clarity, focus and true accountability!

Bonus #4

Exclusive training: Memberships & Other Income Streams

There’s this idea out there that you’ve got to choose between memberships, courses, services, etc. I call this 🐂💩. Yes, a membership can be the only thing you do in your business. But it doesn’t have to if you have the call to continue serving in other ways - which most of my peeps do.

In this live training (date TBD), I’m showing you exactly how I run my membership while offering a ton of other offers. You’ll learn how to get those pieces to work together smoothly and complement each other. Yay for multiple income streams!

Bonus #5

Swipe my membership emails

There are tons of little emails you need to write as part of running a membership. So I’m making this easy-breezy for you by giving you the exact emails I use in my own membership, from welcoming new members to handling failed payments and more. All your membership emails? Consider them done!

Bonus #6

Online Course: The Fast Guide to Launching (value $297)

The process I teach inside The Fast Guide to Launching is the exact same process I followed to launch my membership, ConvertKit Club. And guess what? That fast launch brought in $600 in monthly recurring revenue with 2 simple emails and a tiny list.

This is my secret magic to go from idea to Stripe notifications with minimum stress and at lightning speed. If you’ve not yet launched your membership, this training is going to save you months!

Bonus #7

Online Course: The Tripwire Training (value $29)

If you’ve got even a tiny trickle of new subscribers coming in, you can be making surprise money and getting paid to grow your list with a tripwire offer. In this course, I’m giving you the quick and easy lowdown on creating tripwire offers in your business. 

Why does that matter to memberships? Ahem, almost half of my new members have joined through my tripwire offer. This is a 2-3 hour task that will continually get you money and members ✨

Bonus #8
Guest Expert Training
with Dani Fairhurst

Membership Systems

In this guest expert training, my virtual assistant, Dani Fairhust, (who’s behind the scenes of my own membership) will show you how to set up systems and processes that make it super easy to run your membership.

If you’ve ever worried that managing a membership would take over your life, this is for you. You’ll learn how to save time and energy by running your day-to-day membership operations like a boss.

Bonus #9
Guest Expert Training
with Zoe Linda

Growing Your Membership With an Affiliate Program

Discover how to turn your members into your best referrers. In this guest expert training, my go-to for all affiliate things, Zoe Linda, will show you how to sell more spots to your membership through an affiliate program. 

You'll learn how to set your affiliate program up for success so you can increase your visibility and grow your membership through strategic word of mouth recommendations. Plus, you'll get to ask Zoe anything affiliate-related with two days worth of office hours via Voxer!

Bonus #10
Guest Expert Resource
from Fabi Nilsson

Plug-and-Play Memberships Sales Page Template

Kiss goodbye to your copywriting struggles with this plug-and-play sales page template created by my amazing copywriter, Fabi Nilsson. Fabi’s templates have been game-changing for the people in my programs, helping them write money-making copy easier and faster than ever!

This template isn’t your generic sales page template. No, no, no. This is a template specifically designed for selling memberships, which makes them extra effective and perfect fit for your offer.

Are we doing this? 🤩


I really value your experience and common sense advice, and I think that your perspective offers a calm safety net for the frenzy of content. You’re personal, spontaneous and accessible.

Your own advice about the ins and outs of running a membership and the closed vs. open perspective  gave me a bigger picture that was really helpful. I've learned some really valuable things from TRIBE but because of your comments I was okay ignoring aspects that didn't feel right for me.

Hearing about the TRIBE experience from a trusted source like Lizzy is invaluable in helping decide whether the training is worth it. Having her hold your hand through the process is just icing on the cake.

Paul Einarsen

Bluewater Imaging LLC


"I find value in any course or training I have purchased through Lizzy. Her method of teaching leads to clarity and next step action."

Lea-Ann McGregor

Knitting Today

It could be you sending me emails like these in a few months...

(she ended on 194 members after this first launch! 💁‍♀️)

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🤔 Got questions? I got answers. 🤔

Should I start a membership or a course?

You probably saw that coming, but the answer is… It depends. 

What I can tell you is that this isn’t an either/or situation. If you're feeling the calling to offer an ongoing “thing” that provides predictable, recurring revenue in your business, a membership is a fantastic way to do that - and it's not going to stop you from having other offers in your business.

I have a membership and a whole bunch of courses, and they all happily co-exist in my business. Plus, when you join TRIBE through my link, you’ll get access to a training where I share how I manage all these different sources of income along with my membership.

I don’t think I’m tech-savvy enough to build a membership.

When it comes to tech, I got you. From super-duper, anyone-can-do-it simple to all-singing, all-dancing hella complex, I can help you decide what's right for your membership and troubleshoot as things arise.

My wife and I were both tech VAs for many years, and together we have extensive experience with pretty much all the platforms and software you’ll need to build your thriving membership.

TRIBE is out of my budget.

TRIBE is a fantastic course experience. But you shouldn't put yourself under a ton of financial strain to join. Most people don't work well under that kinda pressure.

A couple of thoughts/ideas for you:

👉 There is an extended payment plan (6 monthly payments of $399).

👉 Make the most of the training Stu provides in his free workshop whilst it's still available!

👉 Consider Membership Academy by The Membership Guys (affiliate link). I’ve been a part of both and share my experience with each in this blog post

If I join through your link, will I still get Stu's TRIBE bonuses?

Yes! When you join through one of the links on this page you'll get both my Momentum-Building TRIBE 2020 Bonus Pack and all of Stu's bonuses as listed on the sales page. 🎉

How does this compare to Membership Academy?

I’ve got a super-comprehensive blog post comparing TRIBE and Membership Academy that should answer all your Qs - though you can always ask more using the chatbox on the bottom right of this page.

I’ve taken TRIBE before. Can I get your bonuses too?

If you've rejoined for TRIBE 2020, you can get this bonus pack to support you for $697, or 3 monthly payments of $247.

If you've been wanting to work with me in a coaching/strategy kinda way, this is a crazy good deal. You'll have direct access to me for 3 months - and usually, just a Day of Voxer with me is a $500 investment.

Want in? Shoot me a message using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page, and I’ll get you signed up.

So… ready to make 2020 the year your membership takes off?

Ya’know… just like I quadrupled my own membership back when I joined TRIBE?

Then here’s how to join TRIBE 2020 and claim my bonus pack:

1. Enroll

Join TRIBE through my link - all you gotta do is click one of the buttons on this page.

2. Forward

After joining, forward your receipt to [email protected]

3. Get ‘em bonuses

You’re in! 🎉 You’ll hear from me via email with the release schedule for your bonuses.

😕 Need help deciding if this is right for you? 😕

TRIBE is an amazing program, but it’s true - it might not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re not sure this is exactly what you need to get your membership off the ground, let’s talk it out. 

Reach out using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page, and let me know what’s on your mind. I'm 100% not going to 'pressure' you into joining or anything like that - I super respect that this is a big investment and decision. 

I just know that sometimes it can be helpful to talk through these things with someone who gets it, and I’m happy to answer any Qs about the program and share more about my experience with TRIBE. 

💬 Let's chat in that chat box over there 👉

😟 Worried that a membership might be a lot of work? 😟

Things that are a lot of work are 100% not my thing.

Let me show you what’s possible by taking you behind the scenes of my own low effort, high-profit membership.


🎉 Successful (+ Sustainable!) Memberships Without A Team 🎉

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