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Let me tell you about the course that quadrupled my membership...

I've invested $10,000s in online courses, and TRIBE is hands down one of the very best.

You need to experience this to understandYou need to experience this to understand

Yes, it's all very slick and shiny, but...

  • It's an absolute pleasure to learn from Stu. He's clear, concise, entertaining and energetic, but most importantly, it's so obvious that he truly cares about the success of his Tribers and the impact our businesses have on the world around us.
  • The momentum and energy of the course is next level. You just get carried along and before you know it you've taken a ton of action, made a ton of progress, and are well on your way to a thriving membership!
  • You'll believe you can do this! It's not just hype, it's step by step actions anyone can take.

My Bonuses

If you sign up for TRIBE 2019 through my affiliate link, you'll get the following...

Bonus 1: 2 x 15 min 'Get You Moving' 1:1 calls with me

Between the beginning of TRIBE, and the end of 2019, you can grab two 15 min 1:1 'Get You Moving' calls with me to discuss anything membership related. I can help with strategy, tech, launching, mindset and pep talks, etc. If you're feeling stuck, stressed or have a big decision to make - book one of your calls!

They're 15 mins because they're designed to be for one specific issue, but there'll be wiggle room to go over if we're just about to hit some huge epiphany or breakthrough for you!

Bonus 2: Private Facebook group with me + new buddies

The TRIBE Facebook group is awesome, but I'm not going to lie, it's kinda huge and pretty fast moving. This group is going to be a much more intimate place to work through the course, get my expert eyes on your membership, and celebrate your every milestone and win.

My superpowers include: to-do list shortening, pep-talk giving, clarity + focus providing, and creative 'outside-the-box' solutions to pretty much anything you throw at me!

You'll get access to me in this Facebook group for 3 whole months, so that's plenty of time to get your membership successfully launched.

Bonus 3: Weekly Reviews

These are super simple, but also magical. I couldn't imagine running a higher touch program without them!

Each week, for the duration of the course, in a Google Doc you tell me what you did last week, what your priorities are for the upcoming week, and jot down anything else that's coming up for you. The process results in next level clarity, focus and true accountability!

Bonus 4: Emails for Launching (value $97)

Whether you're launching for the first time, or relaunching an existing membership, you're going to want to make sure you've got a proper email strategy.

This course includes everything you need to know about using emails to maximise your live launch success. What emails to send, when to send them and who to!

Bonus 5: Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships

In TRIBE, when it comes to marketing, Stu mostly teaches the closed membership model (where doors open a few times a year, do a big launch and welcome in lots of new members). This model isn't the best for all membership sites and there are many reasons why you might want to keep your membership open all year around.

In this live training I'll be covering the hows, whats, whys and whens of the open membership model and sharing all my super simple tips and tricks for keeping a steady stream of new members month after month.

Bonus 6: The Fast Guide to Launching (value $97)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies to go from idea to paying members with minimum stress and max results, FAST! If you've not yet launched your membership, this training is going to save you months!

(Click here to learn more about this bonus)

Bonus 7: The Tripwire Training (value $29)

If you've got even a tiny trickle of new subscribers, you can be making surprise money with a 'tripwire' offer. This training is the quick and easy lowdown on when and how to incorporate tripwire products into your list building efforts and funnel. Almost half my new members come from my tripwire. Get yours set up and making you $ in 2-3 hours.

(Click here to learn more about this bonus)

Bonus 8: Teachable for Memberships

This bonus won't be for everyone, but if you've not yet figured out the tech for your membership, in this mini training I'm going to be showing just how quick and easy Teachable (affiliate link) can be!

You don't need to use Teachable to take advantage of my bonuses, and I'm not even encouraging you to use Teachable. My membership is hosted in Teachable and people ask me about the setup allll the time. Think of this as a bonus bonus!

Hi, I'm Lizzy!

I'm an Email/Online Business Strategist, ConvertKit Certified Expert and lover of membership sites.

I run my own successful membership (ConvertKit Club), and I've been extremely involved in behind-the-scenes for several clients' memberships - strategy, planning, website building, launches (both initially and for the closed model) and on going maintenance.

I'm obsessed with helping online business owners to dream bigger, implement faster, and creatively serve their audience in a win-win way. I believe membership sites are one of the best ways to do that.

Got Questions?

When are the bonuses released/available from? +

Bonuses 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 will be available at the start of the course.

Bonuses 4, 5 and 8 will be available after the refund period has ended.

I don't know if I need a course, a membership or both?! +

I have both. And on the same topic... ConvertKit Club is my membership, and ConvertKit Rockstars is my course. They happily co-exist in my business, along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

If you should start a course or a membership or both really depends. But it's not an either/or situation. If you're feeling the calling in your heart to offer an ongoing 'thing' that provides predictable, recurring revenue in your business, a membership is a fantastic way to do that, and it's not going to stop offering other ways to serve your people too.

I don't think I'm tech savvy enough for this 🙁 +

You do know that I was a tech VA for many years, and that my wife is also a tech VA right now, right?!

When it comes to tech, I got you, from super-duper anyone-can-do-it simple, right through to all singing, all dancing hella complex. I can help you decide what's going to be right for your setup right now and also help troubleshoot as things arise.

I personally have extensive experience of ConvertKit (duh), Teachable, AccessAlly, OptimizePress/OptimizeMember, Zapier, SamCart, ThriveCart and SendOwl. Emma (my wife) also has experience of Thinkific, aMember, WishList, MemberVault and Drip.

And if there's a tool we don't know, we can help you figure it out. We are both fluent in tech and goble-de-gook help articles.

TRIBE is out of my budget 🙁 +

TRIBE is a fantastic course, it really is, but you shouldn't put yourself under a ton of financial strain to sign up. Most people don't work well under that kinda pressure.

Couple of thoughts/things for you:

- This is the last year that it's going to be offered at the $1997 price.

-  There is an extended payment plan (3 monthly payments of $797).

- Make sure you make the most of the training Stu provides in the free workshop (affiliate link) whilst it's still available!

- Perhaps consider Member Site Academy by The Membership Guys (affiliate link). I've done both TRIBE and I'm a member of Member Site Academy. Both are fantastic in different ways.

Can I possibly talk this decision through with you? +

If you're super on the fence about joining TRIBE 2019, I've opened up some time in my calendar on Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th to talk through the decision. I'm 100% not going to 'pressure' you into joining or anything like that as I super respect that it's a big investment/decision. I just know that sometimes it can be helpful to talk through these things with someone who gets it.

Click here to grab a time that works for you to talk it through.

I'm a TRIBE Alumni, can I get in on this?! +

Oh heyyy fellow Triber!

So here's the deal, if you've rejoined for the TRIBE 2019 Experience, I'm offering this package of bonuses for $500, or 2 x $275.

If you've been wanting to work with me in a strategy/coaching kinda way - this is a crazy good deal. You'll have direct access to me for 3 months!

Are we doing it?? Shoot me a message or an email and I'll send you the link to sign up!

I have a different question! +

That's cool, this is a big investment/decision!

Either catch me on my live chat, leave me a message there, or shoot me an email (

Doors to TRIBE are closed until 2020

If you'd like to join my TRIBE Waitlist and be the first to hear about any bonuses I offer next year, please pop your details in below. In the meantime, definitely check out my full comparison/review of TRIBE vs. The Membership Guys' Membership Academy.

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And also... whilst you're here...

Free Training
Successful (+ Sustainable!) Memberships Without A Team

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In this super actionable training I shared:

  • The highs, lows, twists, and turns of running ConvertKit Club for almost 3 years (including the time I reduced the price by 71% and cancelled $1000s of recurring monthly payments!)
  • My tips & tricks for managing a membership with over 350 members totally by myself in a super low energy way
  • Things I've found most surprising about memberships (and why it's probably easier than you think to start one!)
  • What caused my membership to quadruple in 4 months!
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You will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things email strategy and online business, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time.
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