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MEGA BONUS: 🌙Silver Moon Sales®️ ($997)

Your book is going to be a huge asset in swirling people deeper into your world. Luckily for you I've got a whole program that teaches this whole process and helps you sell what's sat on your website once in a silver moon (aka every single day!).

You'll get 12 months access to Silver Moon Sales®️ so you can really maximise how you strategically use your new book in your business.

Doors to Silver Moon Sales®️ won't be opening again this year (except as part of a more expensive Black Friday offer), and the price may well go up when it does reopen in 2024. 

If you're already in Silver Moon Sales®️ - you'll receive $500 Lizzy Credit instead.

Exclusive Facebook Group

This popup group will be open for 6 months. Our group will be a much more intimate place to work through the program, ask questions, cheer each other on and celebrate wins!

6 months of mindset coaching/support with Emma

You'll get 6 months of mindset coaching/support from Emma Buckley-Goddard - mindset coach in Lisa's You Can Sit With Us membership and Lizzy's The Profitable Playground. She also has a postgraduate certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and is training to become an ADHD Practitioner. You'll be able to talk to Emma 1:1 via twice monthly Voxer Office Hours.

"Being able to talk to Emma is invaluable. They were a sympathetic listening ear, a sounding board for ideas, and they gave real actionable, practical advice. It helped me so much to get out of my own head and move forward."

Mary Cummings

“Emma is an excellent mindset coach who picks up on the little things that you'd never think to really pay attention to. She takes the time to help you look at things from other perspectives and asks questions that challenge your current way of thinking.”

April Sullivan

Guest Workshop: Quiet Visibility Workshop with Ruth Poundwhite

Just because you’re nervous, introverted, awkward or feel like an impostor doesn’t mean you haven’t got something important to share with the world. In this bonus workshop with Ruth Poundwhite you’ll learn:

✨ How to know whether a visibility strategy just isn’t right for you vs. being an opportunity to stretch your comfort zone

✨ How to see your sensitivity & awkwardness as your superpowers (in a way that makes visibility MUCH easier)

✨ How to look after yourself when you’re scared, or you’re hit with a ‘vulnerability hangover’

✨ And ultimately, how to trust that your right people are waiting for you to show up for them (imperfectly)

This workshop is also included in Silver Moon Sales®️, but you will get ongoing access as part of this Bonus Pack.

$500 Lizzy Credit after your book launch

After your book launch you'll get $500 Lizzy Credit to spend on (nearly) anything I sell in the next 6 months.

Only available until 30th June 2024 (i.e. you need to write, publish and launch your book! 😉)

Your book and book launch needs to largely follow what is taught in The One program.

Promo post in Team EBG's Party Pad about your book

I want to promote your book launch inside my super engaged Facebook group of almost 5.8k! This may well result in dozens of new readers.

Only available until 30th June 2024 (i.e. you need to write, publish and launch your book! 😉)

Please note I reserve the right to not promote anything that goes against my beliefs and/or values. This includes offers promoting weight loss or diet culture. I also won't promote books that are in direct 'competition' with my offers e.g. how to set up tripwires, do flash sales, etc.

Your book and book launch needs to largely follow what is taught in The One program.

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Ready to call these bonuses yours? 💸

1. Enroll

Join The One through my link - all you gotta do is click one of the buttons on this page.

2. Forward

After joining, forward your receipt to [email protected]

3. Get ‘em bonuses

You’re in! 🎉 You’ll hear from me via email with the release schedule for your bonuses.

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Got questions? I got answers. 

If I join through your link, will I still get Lisa and Abi's bonuses?

Yes! When you join through one of the links on this page you'll get both my Bonus Pack and all of Lisa + Abi's bonuses as listed on the sales page.

When will I get the bonuses?

The Facebook Group will be opened as soon as The One starts. 

All other bonuses will be available from 17th October (when the refund period ends). 

Do I get all your bonuses if I sign up on the payment plan?

Yes! You do! I've decided not to go for a Pay in Full bonus. 

However, if you default on your payment plan with Lisa and Abi without any communication, you will be removed from all my programs and you will not be allowed to purchase from me in future. I understand that things happen, but not communicating about your payments failing isn't okay. 

It's a different question...

Cool cool. Shoot me a message in my chat box (bottom right of this page) or email me ([email protected]).

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