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I've had lots of people ask me how to actually set up syncing your ConvertKit segments with Facebook Custom Audiences. Please note you need the ConvertKit Creator Pro plan to use this feature.

1. Set up the initial integration between ConvertKit and Facebook

ConvertKit has a great help article about that here.

2. Create an Offline Event in Facebook

In your Ads Manager, under Events Manager, you want to select ‘Connect data sources':

Next, select ‘Offline':

Give this new ‘data source' a name:

And lastly, you'll be presented with different options about which Facebook ad accounts this new ‘data source' is linked to. If you've just got one account, I'd probably just select everything here.

3. Create a new Audience in Facebook

In your Ads Manager, under Audiences, you want to Create Audience → Custom Audience → Offline Activity

Select the offline ‘data source' you just created in Step 2. Then select the maximum number of days (180 days at the time of writing), and give the Audience a sensible name. Then save/create the Audience.

4. Set up the segment in ConvertKit

Create a new segment in ConvertKit. Give it a sensible name and filter for the subscribers you want to be included in the Custom Audience. (In this example it's for my full list, hence ‘All Subscribers').

Immediately below the subscriber filters, you'll see the option to select the Custom Audience you just created in Facebook.

As soon as you select the Facebook Custom Audience, it will then look like this:

That's it! You can now go ahead and save the segment.

When you click back into the segment you'll see the Custom Audience is still saved.

When you look at your Facebook Audiences, initially you'll see the Custom Audience is ‘Pending':

But it will eventually change to showing the approximate number of people in the Custom Audience. Note that only a percentage of your ConvertKit email subscribers will be in the segment as many people use different email addresses for Facebook.

I hope this has been helpful! If you'd like to learn more about Facebook Ads, I highly recommend Social Lab's Amplify membership.