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Surveying your list is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Segmenting your list effectively is one of the most powerful ways you can make more money, and have more impact, from the subscribers you’ve already got.

Lots of people, including ConvertKit, teach that asking your subscribers to self-segment themselves in an early welcome email is a great way to send them a more targeted sequence than you’d have otherwise been able to. The more relevant the emails you send a subscriber, the more likely they are to convert to a paying client/customer.

Okay, all sounds great. But there’s one big problem that no-one seems to be talking about – what about all the people who don’t pick?

If you get a 50% open rate on the email, and perhaps a 30% click rate (which would be very high), for every 100 people who receive that email, only 30 are self-segmenting.

When designing any funnel, you need to design it from the perspective that most people won’t ever click or engage after initial sign up.

'When designing any funnel, you need to design it from the perspective that most people won't ever click or engage after initial sign up.'Click To Tweet

ConvertKit have made this more straightforward to do with the visual automation builder, however, if you follow their setup, you’re going to find people getting stuck if they don’t click any of the options – womp womp.


Step 1 – Set up link trigger automation rules

You can use the same destination url for all your link trigger automation rules.

Do give your link trigger automation rules sensible names.

Don’t be tempted to set them up on the fly in the email editor.

If you want to, or there’re other subscribers outside the visual automation who may also receive the survey, you can also subscribe them to a sequence, as well as tagging them. However, if you do this, if they click on multiple links, they will receive multiple sequences.


Step 2 – Set up the visual automation

Click here for a screenshot of the visual automation shown in the video


Additional Notes

  • This method only works when they can only select one option to click on. Whichever they click first is the one that will happen in terms of sending them a sequence, but they will still be tagged with any additional options they click. (See the note in Step 1 immediately above the automation rule screenshot).
  • I don’t recommend giving them more than 3 options because people start to get a bit stressed and are more likely to click multiple options.

ConvertKit is an absolute powerhouse for automation and segmentation, but if you don’t have a strategy/plan, then you’re unlikely to be using either effectively (or worse, not at all!). If you want to give your email marketing a serious shake up, I invite you to join ConvertKit Rockstars DIY .

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