🌙 Silver Moon Sales®️
is looking for guest experts!

Silver Moon Sales®️ quietly launched in May 2023 and we welcomed in over 200 founding members looking to learn how to make daily sales of offers just sat on their website (or in their Google Drive).

I am now looking for some guest expert trainings to teach on complementary strategies that I don't personally use/am not well versed in.

- Guest Experts will be paid USD $500 and will receive 12 months in Silver Moon Sales®️ (value $997+)

- We are asking for you to pre-record a training on the agreed strategy, up to about 1 hour long. You will get a bio/link to your website listed with the training.

- We hope you'd be happy to answer occasional, specific questions about your training in the Silver Moon Sales®️ Facebook group, although this would be optional. 

Guest Expert Trainings will be on a specific strategy that fits into one of the follow categories:



Different free and paid offers.



Getting more 👀 on your sales (and landing) pages.



Making more sales of your paid offers.

All of these are about more passive/evergreen strategies. 

You do the majority of the work upfront and continue to reap the rewards.

I am specifically looking for guest expert trainings on the following topics:

🚦 Podcast Guesting - finding podcasts to pitch, pitching, delivering a great interview
🚦 Website SEO - get found by people Googling (not a blog post focus).
🚦 Static IG Grid - strategy of it, captions, graphics tips, etc.
🚦 Blogging - specifically for traffic and to drive that traffic to free/paid offers
🚦 Repurposing - specifically to drive traffic to free/paid offers in a strategic way. Ideally repurposing to an evergreen place e.g. blog posts, not Instagram.
🚦 Social Media Automation - specifically recycling content that drives traffic to free/paid offers
🚦 Facebook Ads - simple, list-building Facebook Ads
💸 Facebook Ads - retargeting ads to sales page visitors
💸 Sales Page Copy - specifically for evergreen offers and/or cold traffic
💸 Chat Bots - for lead generation

Apply to be a Guest Expert:

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I'm committed to building an inclusive, intersectional business for my clients, team and wider community. This includes, but is not limited to: race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability including physical and mental health, neurodiversity, religion, parenthood and those with caring responsibilities.

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