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Below you will find a selection of my ConvertKit trainings, cheatsheets and guides for sale.

ConvertKit Club

ConvertKit Club is an affordable way to get the timely and expert training and support you need to really utilise the unbelievable power of ConvertKit. Your list is the core of your business, and if you’ve invested in ConvertKit, you’re well on your way to the automated business you dream of!

Joining ConvertKit Club is going to walk you through all the important elements of ConvertKit, and then provide the structure and accountability to implement it for your business.

Each month there’s a new theme, including a full training video and accompanying challenge to get it set up over the course of the month. The themes will be led by the needs and wants of the ConvertKit Club group, and you bet that sometimes I’ll be getting in top-of-their-game guest experts.

If you sign up to ConvertKit Club today you’ll get immediate access to all the trainings listed below, plus many, many more!

$10 per month

GDPR & ConvertKit Tutorials

All the tutorials and detailed information you need to implement GDPR compliance in your ConvertKit account/setup.


The Ultimate ConvertKit Tidy Guide

Did you learn to use ConvertKit by haphazardly trying one new thing at a time? Yay for getting started!

This Guide walks you through the entire process to review and tidy every part of your ConvertKit account so it’s working optimally and there’s no dead ends or sillies left from starting out!


ConvertKit Template Toolkit

Learn how to create a beautifully branded and customised template in ConvertKit. Included is the code for everything you need, as well as detailed video and written instructions on how to change it.


Adding Countdowns to Evergreen Funnels

This training teaches you how to add countdown timers (and real urgency) to your evergreen funnels in ConvertKit without paying monthly for Deadline Funnel. It shows you both free and low cost alternatives.


Organising ConvertKit Subscribers Training

ConvertKit organises Subscribers using a very powerful system. Instead of organising subscribers via lists, ConvertKit is ‘subscriber-centric’ system which means you effectively have one list, which you can then segment using tags. This package contains four videos to help you get your head around it all, and 5 PDFs to go into the nitty gritty details.


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