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How to send a ConvertKit sequence to a subscriber again (automatically!) was updated 25th September 2019. There are new Steps 4 & 5 that you need to add for this to work. 

The scenario: You've got a 5 day evergreen challenge freebie opt-in.

Betty signs up in February and receives the 5 day challenge sequence. She does the first 2 days, and then something else comes up in her life and she stops opening the emails.

Now it's July and Betty really wants to do the challenge again… but she can't find any of the emails in her inbox. She signs up again.

Nothing happens.

She emails you and asks how she can get the challenge emails again.


The Problem

ConvertKit only sends each sequence to each subscriber/email address once.


Unsatisfactory Solutions

  • Contact ConvertKit support and see if they can send it to her again (time consuming and not always possible)
  • Delete her email address and re-add it (losing all the subscriber data about her)
  • Duplicate the sequence and subscribe Betty to it (works, but has to be done manually).


The Best Solution To Send A ConvertKit Sequence To A Subscriber Again (automatically!)

Step 1. Duplicate the Sequence.
(Sequence → Settings → Duplicate This Sequence)

Step 2. Name the original ‘1' and the duplicate ‘2'.

Step 3. Set up a visual automation workflow like so:

Step 4. Create a rule that unsubscribes them from the form as soon as they join the form. This means that when they sign up again in future, it'll trigger the visual automation again.

Step 5.

If this is a new form, then you're all good with Steps 1-4.
If this a form that already had subscribers, then you'll also need to unsubscribe all existing subscribers from the form.

  • Create a tag: Unsubscribe from Form
  • Create a rule so that when the tag is added, they're unsubscribed from the form.

send a ConvertKit sequence to a subscriber again

  • Create a segment of everyone subscribed to that form.
  • Click into the segment → select all subscribers → bulk actions → add tag (Unsubscribe from Form).
  • This will then trigger the rule to run and all those subscribers to be unsubscribed from the Form.
  • Once they've been unsubscribed, you can go ahead and delete the tag, rule and segment.


How it works

They sign up for the challenge through a form.

They enter the visual automation.

ConvertKit then checks to see if they already have the tag that indicates they've previously received the challenge.

  • If they do – it sends them the 2nd version of the challenge sequence
  • If they don't – it sends them the 1st version of the challenge sequence, and then tags them that they've completed it.

Voila! Betty can sign up again in July and will automatically receive the challenge sequence again. Happy subscribers and an unbothered you!


Additional Notes

  • Subscribers are immediately unsubscribed from the form as soon as they sign up, so you'll want to make sure you're tagging that subscribers did sign up to that form, otherwise you won't have any record of that in ConvertKit.
  • As we're having to immediately unsubscribe them from the form, sadly they won't show in the graph on the Landing Pages & Forms page ?
  • It's possible to set this up with a 3rd copy of the sequence. You add an additional condition under the ‘yes' branch of the first condition, and tag them with another tag when they complete the 2nd version of the sequence.
  • Incentive emails should send every time a subscriber subscribes to a form, so if it's a PDF or something, that's probably your best bet for delivery as opposed to in a sequence.
  • You can trigger the visual automation with a tag instead of a form, but as in Step 4, you'll need to remove the tag from them if you want it being added again to trigger them entering the visual automation again.
  • This method can easily be combined with my ‘In Sequence' Segments (which I use to keep track of who is currently going through a sequence).
  • This method may not work so effectively for super long sequences (as they may try and sign up again before they've finished the first time). For this reason I don't recommend you do it for welcome/nurture sequences that last weeks or months, but only for shorter challenges/e-courses, etc).