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I love SamCart. I’ve used it since August 2016 for ConvertKit Club, and later my standalone ConvertKit products. I did a bunch of research into the best option for me, and SamCart won. It’s been an absolute game changer in my business. PayPal buttons are good to a point, but SamCart’s checkout pages have a much more professional feel and convert way better.

Top 3 reasons I love SamCart:

  1. It’s super simple and easy to get going with fast.
  2. It’s got one of the best ConvertKit integrations around.
  3. It’s allowed me to start selling without having to create a full sales page.
    (For reals, I sold ConvertKit Club exclusively through a SamCart checkout page for weeks before I created a ‘proper’ sales page).

I recorded a video to show you how you can get started with SamCart and start selling your digital products or services in under 29 mins!


Want to try SamCart and start selling your mini products and services in the next half hour?


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