Summit and Bundle Season is coming 😅

Ready To Get Real Results* From Participating?

*Real Results = visibility, credibility, raving fans, students, and clients.

Being part of a bundle or summit seems… complicated

Will it work? Is it worth it? Are you even “big” enough to join?

Have you:

Been invited to join a summit or bundle but you’re not sure if it’s worth joining?
Seen others have huge growth or success through summits and bundles and are you wondering how it all works?
Felt like you’re not ready or an imposter when thinking about joining a summit or bundle?
Participated in a summit or bundle but you didn’t see the results you hoped for or it didn’t bring you many subscribers or clients?

Then read on because this is for you!

Summits and Bundles can help you:

Grow Your Audience

Grow your email list

Grow your client/student-only community

Meet new fans

Grow Your Visibility

Get invited to be part of more bundles or summits
Get other interview, guest expert, speaking, etc. requests
Nurture your existing audience in a new way

Grow Your Income

Make order bump and/or tripwire sales

Make evergreen funnel sales

Meet new clients/customers

Meet… Summit & Bundle Success.

Everything I’ve learned about leveraging summits and bundles for real business results.

Participating in Summits

Why you should participate in summits

How to assess if a summit is ‘worth’ doing and questions you need to ask

How summits can benefit your business

How to find summits to speak at

What to offer to talk about (if you’re doing a presentation)

What to offer/include in the All Access Pass

What to offer as a freebie

How to follow up with new subscribers

How to promo the summit to your audience - how to position it, should you do a bonus through your affiliate link, etc.

How to make $$ from a summit straight away (ahem, tripwires!)

How to review if a summit is worth doing again in future

Participating in Bundles

Why you should participate in bundles
How to assess if a bundle is ‘worth’ doing and if you will get you the results you’re after 
Common myths about bundles and the main benefit of bundles  
How bundles can benefit your business 
How to find bundles to be a part of 
What to offer/include when you join a bundle 
How to stand out in a long list of offers
How to promote the bundle to your audience 
How to follow up with subscribers 
How to increase engagement with new subscribers 
A pep talk around unsubscribers (because you are going to get them) 
How to make $$ from a bundle straight away (ahem, tripwires!) 

How to review if a bundle is worth doing again in future  

Here’s what you’ll get:

Bite-sized video lessons (2½ hours total) with closed captions and detailed notes 
The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go

Screenshots/swipe copy of my signup pages

Bonus: 'Anatomy of an Email' lesson from my Email Rockstars course
An invite to my private student Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad


(or 3 monthly payments of $99)

Here’s what others are saying

"I've contributed to many bundles in the past and have been successful growing my email list and even with upsells but I always worried I was growing my list with readers who mostly wanted freebies and weren't prepared to pay for products in full. But Lizzy managed to change my whole perspective. It's actually not about growing your list - though that's a nice bonus! It's about giving your own audience a chance to taste what you have to offer and guiding THEM through a funnel. My approach to contributing to bundles will be dramatically different going forward.

- Leanne Scott, Passive Income Superstars

"I made some highly strategic choices for Lizzy’s Christmas Party 2021 based on what she teaches in this course and added over 900 people to my list. Some became copywriting clients or bought something else immediately. More people are still signing up every day and I KNOW some of them will go on to be superfans, clients, and customers." 

- Sandra van der Lee, Damn Copy

"I downloaded it onto my phone and listened today while I was doing housework and BOOM, all of the mindset shifts are huge!" 

- Allie

This is for you if:

You want to decide if participating in bundles or summits is the right strategy for your business.

You’ve seen others have huge growth or success through summits and bundles and want to know how they do it.

You’ve been a part of a summit or bundle but the results were lacklustre and you want to give it another shot!

If any of those describe your situation, grab Summit & Bundle Success!


(or 3 monthly payments of $99)

Your Questions, Answered.

Do I need to have a lot of experience? What stage of business is this for?

All - you can take part in summits + bundles from the start!

Do I already need a big audience?

No, you can build your audience through joining in summits and bundles and nurture your existing audience at the same time.

Will this work for B2C businesses?

There are bundles and summits around all sorts of topics and in all industries. This will work for B2C business as well, although you may have to spend some more time finding the right summits and bundles to participate in.

I’ve already spoken at summits and contributed to bundles, will I learn anything new?

Probably! I’m ‘known’ for doing experimental/creative things and this is going to be an in-depth course with everything I know/think/have learnt along the way.

What if I don’t like it?

If you sign up, take a proper look through the course, and you’re just like, “oh god, I can’t see any way to make this work for my business!” then I’ll happily refund you in full as long as you let me know within 14 days.

I have a different question!

Ack, you got me! Leave me a message in the chat box (bottom right) and I'll get back to you asap!

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