In May 2016 I was hand-picked to become one of the
first 4 ConvertKit Certified Experts.

In the following 16 months I made £46,000 (~$60,000) directly from my specialism in ConvertKit
through done-for-you implementation, 1:1 training calls, affiliate revenue, a group program, a membership site, digital products and more.

If you're a specialist in a specific online business tech tool, I understand what it's like to feel like a lot of freelancing/service provider advice out there doesn't quite apply to you.

  • Want to charge more but then feel like that’s messing up your prices for other types of work?
  • Not sure how to package or price your work (especially getting to that elusive ‘premium pricing’?
  • Don’t know how to position yourself as the go-to expert in a sea of VAs who know a little about your system (and not being able to then explain why you charge a lot more than they do)?
  • How about that niggly insecurity of knowing that your specific system could disappear tomorrow? What would that mean for your business?
  • Unable to relate to much of the ‘ideal client’ stuff you see out there because you can (and want) to help anyone who uses your system?
  • Don’t know how to balance what information you give away for free (blog posts, videos, etc) and what you should charge for (digital products, courses, etc)?
  • Want to find clients who’ll happily pay your expert/premium prices?
  • Wish there was a way to offer additional value to your clients beyond your specialist system (and also provide enough work variety for you)?
  • Know that it’s time to diversify your income streams (especially passive) but not sure where to start?

I have created

to guide you through the process from only you knowing you’re the best at your system,
to everyone knowing that you’re the best and begging to work with you.

Oh, and that also means helping more people, making more money, and generally feeling some truly epic work satisfaction!

Module 1 - Positioning

  • Learn how to be so memorable that you have your own army of devoted fans promoting you.
  • Develop your story around why you’re the go-to expert for your system so that you can meaningfully connect with people.
  • Learn from my mistakes when it comes to what works and what doesn’t work on your website and Facebook page so that you can get it right first time and start booking clients effortlessly
  • Decide if going ahead with a certification for the system you love is the right choice for you.

Module 2 - Packaging & Pricing

  • Figure out your neat range of packages so that people have multiple ways (and multiple price points) for working with you and you can serve more people
  • Learn my thoughts on if having an hourly rate is going to help or hinder your premium pricing (hint: it depends!)
  • Map out how your tech specialism fits in with other services you offer so that potential clients aren’t confused by a mishmash of what you do.
  • Increase your rates through some mindset tweaks so you can finally charge premium pricing and book more clients than ever before.

Module 3 - Dominating the Marketplace (aka Marketing)

  • Learn my secret marketing method so you have an endless stream of clients without having to actively ‘do marketing’ (bleugh).
  • Use social media strategically to gain new clients and fans, without burning yourself out by trying to be everywhere.
  • Create irresistible content that keeps you firmly at the top of ideal clients’ minds so you’re the first person they go to when they’re ready to invest.
  • Master the delicate balance of offering your time for free vs. immediately referring them to a paid service so that clients are literally begging you for your PayPal details to thank you for your help (yep, this happens regularly for me!).
  • Effortlessly grow (or start) your email list so you’ve always got more users of your system to market to.

Module 4 - Affiliate Income

(Please note that this module will apply to some more than others)

  • Bring in $100s-$1000s per month recurring affiliate income easily by recommending your system and other fave systems that clients might want to use.
  • Significantly increase your chances of someone signing up through your affiliate link with a couple of tweaks, even if you’re in a super saturated affiliate market.

Module 5 - Scaling from 1:1 work

  • Start to offer alternative products, programs and services so that you can earn more, help more people and work less.
  • Learn to say no to work that’s not in your zone of genius so that you stop doing crappy work that you knew you didn’t want to do in the first place
  • Develop a backup plan for what you’d do if your tech system were to disappear tomorrow so that you can be more confident going ‘all in’ with it right now.

Anyone who feels like a total boss at a specific tech system or tool. E.g. Teachable, Infusionsoft, ThriveCart, WebinarJam, Leadpages, etc.

Much of it will also be highly useful and relevant for people who work with social media tools such as Facebook Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

This course is not a good fit for people who have a skill/specialism in the online business space that’s not linked to a specific system/tech tool e.g. sales funnels, copywriting, launch strategy, etc.

  • Immediate access to 5 in-depth modules
  • Module workbooks so you can strategically map out where you are and where you want to go
  • Private Facebook Group to ask me all your specific questions (e.g. show me your websites + copy, or get support navigating tricky situations)
  • The opportunity to be featured as a recommended specialist on my site/in my newsletter

Oh, and I’m always getting asked for recommendations and referrals, so you’ll be top of my list if they ask for support with what you do!

I started as a Virtual Assistant in April 2015. Things were going well for me. I was steadily increasing my hourly rates and working with a wide variety of awesome clients.

But it wasn't scaleable. I constantly felt burnt out. I was at capacity.

In February 2016 I signed up for ConvertKit (for another business of mine - I barely had a VA list at this point!). I migrated myself across from MailChimp.

A couple of weeks later someone posted in a group that they were looking for help making the same migration... "Er, yeah, I can help with that!". I charged $200, it took me a few hours and it changed everything.

A few migrations and bits of ConvertKit troubleshooting later... and I was starting to be tagged whenever someone needed some help for ConvertKit.

In April 2016 I set up a ConvertKit Services page on my site. Another huge turning point for me. This was the day I made the commitment to follow this ConvertKit path as far as it would take me.

It turns out it's been pretty damn far. $60k+ in 16 months kinda far. 

I am so passionate about teaching VAs and other service providers to rock their tech specialism. It's such an under-appreciated, but seriously epic way to scale your business whilst continuing to do the work you love.

I don't know of any other courses out there like this - so if my story has resonated with you and you're ready to go 'all in' on your tech specialism - I hope you'll join me!

This course is no longer available.

Please see my Everything page for my current freebies and paid offers.

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I’m not yet a specialist in any tech systems, should I do this course?
If you don’t yet know what tech system you’d specialise in, probably not. If you’re on the brink of going ‘all in’ with a specific system, then yes, this course will really help you hit the ground running and give you the strategies to build a thriving business around that system.

Do I need to be certified in the tech system?
Nope. This is also true if there is a certification program in place for the tech system you specialise in. The strategies shared in this course will work even if you’re certified or not. Many systems don’t have a certification program. It’s about positioning yourself so people immediately associate you with the system you use.

Can I do this if my specialism is ConvertKit?
Yes, you can. That’s how confident I am in my positioning as a ConvertKit specialist! There’s plenty of space for everyone and this course will teach you to market and be an expert in a way that works for you.

What's your refund policy?
If you don’t love Rock Your Tech Specialism after the first 14 days and you send me your completed worksheets from Module 1 and 2, I’ll give you a full refund.

Are there tech tutorials in Rock Your Tech Specialism?
No. There is absolutely no tech training included in RYTS. This course is for people who know what their tech specialism is (or is going to be) and who want to learn the skills and strategies to position themselves as the go-to expert.

I have another question.
Sure! Please email me at hello[at], or use the Live Chat feature in the bottom right corner of this page.

  • Rock Your Tech Specialism has changed my business! As a result of this course, I have earned more by narrowing my focus and only accepting projects that excite me. Lizzy is an expert and learning from her has boosted my confidence.

    If you love working with a tech system and want to do more with it, Rock Your Tech Specialism is a must!
    Name Daniela Galvez Nelson
  • I was totally interested in how Elizabeth got started and why I see her pop up everywhere, especially when it came to ConvertKit. Elizabeth’s feedback on my website was an eye opener and gave me the confidence to make changes to ensure I was attracting the right customers for my own business and to ensure I don’t undervalue my own self. Thanks for the chat Elizabeth, it’s great to speak to someone who genuinely has a shared passion for online business and also seeing others succeed and grow.
    Name Sarah Murry Virtual Assistant
  • My session with Elizabeth was really insightful and helpful – it was great to chat with another VA with her experience and knowledge. She gave me great suggestions and ideas on how to get closer to what I want in my business. She’s honest and will tell you how it is, based on her experience and not just a lot of theory. Thanks so much!
    Name Vivian Ngai Support By Vivian

This course is no longer available.

Please see my Everything page for my current freebies and paid offers.

My Everything Page