The Retreat

(to end all retreats)

(until we run another one)

Monday 25th - Thursday 28th February 2019
Nottinghamshire, UK

In person events are like pure magic for your business. 

Maybe it's having the space to go completely off-topic and stumble upon some hidden truths.

Maybe it's spending extended time with other humans who truly get what life is like as an online business owner.

Maybe it's being able to actually feel comfy (physically and emotionally) and your walls inevitably dropping a little more than usual.

Whatever causes the magic, we invite you to experience it for yourself
at our first Retreat in Feburary 2019.

If you're anything like us, you want to know how this is going to feel.

This is not a retreat with set content. We're not going to stand at the front and tell you what we think you should be doing with your business.

It's going to be super chill. We'll sit around on sofas and talk. We'll go ridiculously off-topic. We'll learn weird and wonderful things about each other. We'll be overwhelmed with gratitude that we get to be here, with these incredible humans. We may realise 48 hours has passed and we've not opened our laptops or checked our email. We'll eat good food. We'll get lie-ins (if that's what we need most). We'll take a dip in the pool (yes, there's a pool!) We'll learn from each other. We'll get fresh ideas and perspectives. We'll be re-inspired, re-motivated, revitalised!

This is a collaborative, affirming, transformative experience which involves everyone. 

Decide to get what you need.
Decide to make this time for yourself and your business.
Decide to prioritise in person connections.

Who are we and why did we create this?

Oh hey! I'm Lizzy (Online Business Strategist & ConvertKit Certified Expert), and this is my wife, Emma (Tech Manager & Drip Certified Consultant).

There's lots of reasons why we're running this retreat, including:

  • We spend all day, every day, talking about online businesses anyway (ours, our clients, that random post we saw on Facebook)
  • We think so many business owners desparately need and deserve some time out of the daily humdrum of their business to think about their bigger vision & impact
  • We want to show you the beautiful part of the English countryside that we get to call home
  • We just think it's going to be super fun and we want new biz besties!

What's Included

  • 3 Nights Accommodation (double or triple occupancy) at a luxury 5* gold retreat venue just outside Nottingham, UK
  • Yummy Food - all meals from dinner on the first night through to breakfast on the final morning prepared by the fabulous Jo Hodson
  • Traditional Afternoon Tea at a local tea room to kick things off!
  • Transportation from Nottingham city centre to the Retreat venue - it's about a 40 min drive out in the beautiful English countryside!
  • Emma + me + 8 to 12 other most magical people aka your new business bffs
  • Super chill retreat vibes. No real structure or plan. Just the magic of in-person connection, talking, putting the world + our businesses to rights!
  • Private Facebook group where you can get to know other attendees in advance, coordinate travel, etc

What's Not Included

  • Transportation from where you live to and from Nottingham city centre
  • Alcoholic drinks (there will be plenty of teas, soft drinks, juices and water available)

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Things You May Be Wondering

Where do I fly in to? +

No matter which airport you fly into, you'll be travelling to Nottingham via train.

The closest airport is East Midlands (EMA). Next out are Birmingham International (BHX) and Manchester (MAN). London airport are also totally fine.

Don't stress about the travel. If you can get yourself a flight to the UK, we'll be able to help you navigate trains and be picking you up from Nottingham city centre.

What are the timings for the retreat? +

We'll meet at a local tea room in central Nottingham at 3pm on Monday, 25th February. After a delicious, traditional afternoon tea, we'll transport you to the retreat venue.

On Thursday, 28th February we'll be dropping you back to central Nottingham by 11am.

What are the sleeping arrangements? +

All bedrooms are en-suite. Each room has a mixture of double and single beds. We're hoping that you most rooms will have two people in, but a few rooms may have three people.

Unfortunately we can't offer private rooms.

Will my dietary requirements be catered for? +

Yes, absolutely. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please do let us know as soon as possible. If it makes you feel any better, we're both vegan and Emma is also Coeliac (gluten free), so we know a thing or two about different eating!

What do I need to bring? +

Mostly we'll be chilling at the venue - PJs and onesies are welcomed if you feel so inclined!

You may also want to bring a swimming costume if you want to pop into the pool or jacuzzi.

England in February is pretty cold - so do bring warm clothes.

There will likely also be the option to go on a walk around the local area and you'll want to make sure you've got proper footwear for that.

I have a different question +

No problem! Either leave us a message on live chat (bottom right of this sales page - the purple box), or shoot us an email at [email protected]