Project Fast Launch

An intensive, small group program that gives you everything you need
to plan, create and fast launch your course or group thing in 3 weeks.

If you're anything like me, you're constantly having really good ideas for your business... but you know that if you put them on a to-do list, that's like the kiss of death for them - they're doomed to never see the light of day.

And if you never actually launch your ideas, you don't help the people you're meant to help.

But I get it, launching is incredibly stressful and overwhelming. There's a million and one things to do, and that's just to hitting 'go'... next comes the emotional rollercoaster quite unlike any other!

"Omg, what if no-one buys?! I will legit die."
"Omg, what if someone buys?! I will legit die."

I've been there - it's intense.

But sometime last year I feel like I cracked the code to launching fast and (fairly) easily.

Life's a little different now. If I have a great, fully formed idea come to me in the shower, I can get it launched, and making money, that same day. (Usually a couple of hours after my shower I'm still wrapped in my towel but the sales page is done).

The ability to launch fast has been pivotal in the dramatic increased success of my business over the past 9 months. What might have taken me 3 months to plan out and launch now takes me less than 3 weeks. (Which leaves a whole 9 weeks to launch several other things...)

Why 'Fast Launch'?

  • You don’t have time to do a lot of the worrying and freaking out - you just have to get on with it!
  • Less pressure for it to be a huge success
  • You can launch more stuff, more regularly, and it’s more likely that you’ll offer something that a wider variety of your audience will be interested in
  • The 80/20 rule... 80% of your launch success will come from 20% of your effort - so cut the time spent to 20%!
  • You basically get to feel like a freaking rockstar who’s totally bossing this ‘having a business’ thing.

How Project Fast Launch Works

14th May - 3rd June

  • 1

    You get access to all the content a week in advance

    You get access to the content part of Project Fast Launch on Monday, 7th May. It'll be text-based, with clear action steps/decisions, housed inside Teachable. You'll then have a whole week to go through the content before we officially start.

  • 2

    We gather in our private Facebook group

    This will open on Sunday, 13th May. This will be the hub for most communication as you plan and launch. Everyone will be on the exact same launch rollercoaster as you!

  • 3

    We have 3 x Q&A calls

    These will be on Mondays at 7pm UK / 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific. Everyone will get a chance to update the group with what they're working on, how it's going, and get coaching from me on the steps to move forward with ease.

  • 4

    We have 3 x co-working sessions

    These will be on Wednesdays at 7pm UK / 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific. We'll all meet in a Zoom room for dedicated time to work on your launch and get any support you need from me.

  • 5

    Other things (see 'What's Included' section below)

    This section is getting kinda long... but there's lots more to support you to fast launch success!

  • 6

    2 weeks follow up support in the Facebook group

    I realise that your launch may not end until after Project Fast Launch has technically finished (3rd June), but I'll still be around daily in the Facebook group for another 2 weeks to make sure you've still got all the support you need!

Courses & Group Things

In this section we'll cover:

What to include
Supporting success
Market research
Beta rounds
Creating content

Live or evergreen?
Signing people up
Taking payment
What if people hate it?
What next?

Fast Launching

In this section we'll cover:

Confirming your offer
Pre-launch phase
Creating urgency
Planning dates
Creating your to-do list
Setting goals

Mindset + manifesting
Sales pages
Launch emails
Tech setup
Reviewing your launch

A little note on my approach

I've carefully designed Project Fast Launch to give you the tools and support to create and launch something that you feel really good about. There are no cookie-cutter tactics or strategies here. Everyone's course/group thing and launch will look completely different.

I want to teach you to make really good decisions in your business so that you're always working in alignment and get into a really good flow/groove. That's where the magic is.

Yes, there's a whole wealth of information in this course/group thing (it's kinda both!) about all the different options for planning, launching and delivering, but each step of the way I'm going to be showing you how to work through the decisions required to pick the right approach for you.

You will not only be learning the whats and hows, but also the whys as they relate to your unique business. I believe it's this approach that will make the content in Project Fast Launch, and the experience of working with me, continually valuable long after you're done with this successful launch!

What's Included:

  • In-depth course teaching everything you need to know about planning, creating and fast launching your course or group thing.
  • 3 x weekly 90 min Q&A calls where you can bring what you're working on and keep moving
  • 3 x weekly 2 hour co-working sessions to make sure you've got time blocked out to do the doing
  • Facebook group that I’ll be in as a priority every day to answer your specific questions as you ride the launch rollercoaster
  • Sales page review so we can make sure you're putting your very best foot forward and nailing your messaging
  • Weekly review process so I can support you step by step, identify any blocks and look back on your progress
  • Fun surprises!

Oh, you want Bonuses?!

  • 2 month membership in Get Shit Done Club - 2 co-working sessions a month and a tech tutorial library
  • What To Do When Your Launch Is Going To Shit - practical strategies to give your launch a boost
  • Launching with ConvertKit - a module taken from my ConvertKit Rockstars course

Who is this for?

Project Fast Launch is the perfect fit for you if the following applies:

  • Have an idea for a course/group program (not 1:1 service or membership site)
  • Plan to sell something at around $97 - $497
  • Have a list of at least 300 (ideally more, but 300 is okay if they're pretty engaged and you email regularly)
  • Have done 1:1 work relating to the topic of the course/group program
  • It's okay if you've launched this, or a similar course/group program before

I was originally going to have have an application for this program. But here's the thing, if you've read who this is for, and you fit that criteria*, you need to trust yourself to step up and get the results. It's possible for you. You don't need my permission or approval.

You can do this. You don't need to wait months or years. This is not some passive course, there's a defined goal (making back your investment by launching a course/group thing by mid June).

*If you don't fit the criteria or are really not sure, feel free to shoot me an email (hello[at] or leave me a message in my chat (bottom right) with your circumstances and I can help you decide.

Ready to join me in the fast lane?!

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