The Quickstart Guide to Profitable Live Trainings

(aka The Guide to Guides)

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies for offering paid live trainings in your business, even if you have a small audience or haven't had (m)any 1:1 clients.

I offered my first paid live training in November 2017.

I was really passionate about the topic (affiliate marketing), and felt I had something to add to the conversation, but I didn't really want to make it a focal point in my business.

I decided to offer a paid webinar where I promised to teach everything I know about affiliate marketing. I called it The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Loads of people signed up, people loved the format, and it was a huge success.

I was immediately hooked and I've gone on to offer 5 different 'Guide' trainings, this being my 6th.

I've made almost $20,000 from my 'Guide' trainings in under 2 years.

They're one of my absolute favourite things to do,
and I want to invite you to learn how to add them into your business.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You feel like you could offer a lower cost, low risk way for someone to get a feel for what you’re all about (and then maybe go on to work with you in another way).
  • You want to teach things outside your usual area/focus without that massively disrupting your business.
  • You’d love to be paid in advance to create a training you can then sell again and again.
  • You want a way to be able to get real-time feedback for content you’re teaching on without that being a long process of create > feedback > tweak > feedback > tweak.
  • You want to be able to serve a wider range of people than your higher priced 1:1 work or group programs allow.
  • You want to create your very first mini course/training as quickly as possible with minimum stress and fuss.
  • You’ve had a really great idea for something but you feel like it doesn’t ‘fit’ with the other things you’re doing.
  • You’d love to be able to have a low risk quick/easy launch where the pressure is off from having a ton of people sign up because you haven’t got months of work riding on it.
  • You want a way to test out new ideas, systems and processes that may form part of in-depth courses or group programs in future.
  • You’ve already got a great system or process that you use with 1:1 clients, but you’d love a way to share that much more widely.
  • You're an ultimate procrastinator and work best to real deadlines.
  • You’d love to make some very real money for something that you’d love to talk about all day long given half a chance.
  • You’ve got a number of ‘peers’ in your network who you know you can totally help, but pitching your current offers would just be super weird.
  • You’d love to not have to repeat yourself time and time again when teaching your core ideas/content.

If so, I think paid live trainings could be a great addition to your business!

For several months now, I've been supporting clients to offer paid live trainings as a neat solution to all the 'problems' I listed above.... and they really work.

Now the time has come for me to practice what I preach (aka not repeat myself again and again when I've got a defined working process for them)!

Paid live trainings are such an untapped way to provide real value to your audience (ya'know... value they actually turn up for... unlike most free webinars), whilst allowing you to create content in a quick and easy way, and show off your skills and knowledge as a true expert in your industry.

Here's what I covered:

This really is everything you need to know to quickly and confidently start offering your first paid live training within 3 weeks of this training. Are you up for the challenge?!

All the Deets

This training is 2 hours, followed by 10 mins Q&A.

You'll receive the video recording, audio, slides and helpful links & resources.

  • NEW: Tech tutorials on PayPal buttons, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, AcuityScheduling + more!

Don’t be fooled by the price. There is no upsell or anything at the end!
(Although I do teach you about how to offer one of these in your live training if you want to!)

  • Before this training I didn't really click that paid live trainings were a thing to be honest - the free webinar with the pitch was the 'done thing'. Now I've got my topic, my slides - the LOT! Can you tell I'm excited?!

    I've procrastinated with my membership site for over 2 years. I realised that paid live trainings could really work for me - I give seminars in real life and LOVE it, so this is a natural progression. It also means that at the end of 121s I have an upsell or that products could lead to 121s. I'm missing out not only on income but on the chance to genuinely help people. You have always inspired me and now you've given me a direct way to use that inspiration to make me some cash!
    Name Michelle Rose Custard & Bear Marketing
  • I'm feeling really excited about ways of implementing this into my business!

    I would recommend this training SO much. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to start creating online courses (especially those who are trying to build something special...) to help fund what they're working on! A great way of bringing in some additional income whilst building a membership site or something bigger!
    Name Jonathon Stewart JStewartMusic
  • I was really nervous about paid live trainings and I certainly thought I couldn't do them. Since taking this training I've done two!

    This training is simple, to the point and covered everything I needed to know (and nothing I didn't). I'd recommend this to all my solopreneur friends. 
    Name Lucy Lucraft Writer & Podcaster
  • I like your straight forward approach. You are detailed in the important stuff but you doing give us a lot of extraneous information! I was relived and excited that the tech part was not too involved.

    I would recommend this training to other small business that want a way to grow their business without building a whole involved class.
    Name Kathy Elkind ElKind Nourshiment
  • Before this training I felt ambivalent at best... I had overestimated the preparation required. Now I feel hopeful. I like that you model a style that is on message but unscripted. I feel much less anxious about putting myself out there with this format.
    Name Peggy

Want to start offering paid live trainings in your business quickly and easily?

Like... in the next 3 weeks kinda quickly and easily?!


Which you will more than likely make back with your first paid live training! Set yourself the challenge!

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