Power Hour

Have you got a bad case of the business humdrums?

It’s kinda working, but it’s also feeling seriously boring.

You daren’t admit it, but your passion has started to fade a little bit.

Oh god, and the to-do list… it’s just never-ending with stuff you ‘should’ do.

When did it all get so monotonous?

You + me + one hour = magic for your business.

Why an hour?

I’ve tried a bunch of different formats for my strategy/coaching programs… but the one I keep coming back to? Yep, one off power hours.

I don’t know what it is about them, but there’s something about the short, sharp, shock of an hour session that really suits my strategy/coaching style.

There’s #realtalk. There’s #toughlove. There’s permission giving. There’s rule breaking. There’s genius, creative ideas having. There’s stepping up and owning what you were born to do. There’s vision expanding. There’s message clarifying. There’s… everything from my longer programs, but faster.

It’s just magic.

You in?

Here’s what’s included:

  • A deceptively simple set of pre-work questions in a Google Doc so we can jump straight in on our call.
  • A whole hour dedicated solely to you and your business (on Zoom, preferably with cameras so I can see your reactions!).
  • A recording of the call so you don’t have to take a bunch of notes.
  • A follow up email with any notes or links for things we talked about.



(If you’ve got more you want to cover e.g. mapping out launch strategy, I also offer half days for $2000. Please email me (hello@elizabethgoddard.co.uk) if you’d like to book one of these!)

Want in? Here’s what to do next:

Awesome! Click the button below and you’ll be able to book your call and pay (Acuity will handle timezones for you – yay!). If you need to reschedule nearer the time, that’s not a problem – you’ll be able to do that 🙂 I’ll then email you with the pre-work doc.

Can’t wait to go deep and shake shit up in your business!

Any questions? Sure thing. Contact me.
If you struggle with reaching your business goals or figuring out how to achieve them, Lizzy will help you develop a process that works for you. She will help you prioritize, take action, and even identify which “to dos” don’t even need to be done. Her insight and direction was so valuable.

Working with someone who understands both the online space AND 1:1 services is so rare. I felt like Lizzy truly understood and cared about the impact of my business – I wasn’t just another paycheque for her. Also, Lizzy’s hilarious and a lot of fun to work with!

Kathryn Meisner

Career Coach

Before my strategy call with Lizzy I felt a bit overwhelmed and uncertain about what I wanted to accomplish in my business. Now I feel amazing. Super clear and the belief I have is through the roof because of her belief in me.

I’m feeling really confident about my ability to launch my online course. A specific success I’ve had is 54 new subscribers to my list in the last 7 days, and a large part of that success is the clarity I received from working with Lizzy 1:1 – that the online course is possible AND possible super soon.

Kevin Carton

Life Coach, KC Coaching, Inc.

Before working with Lizzy I felt mostly good about my business, but in a perpetual state of “I know what I should be doing it’s jus- SHINY OBJECT.” I felt like everything is NEARLY there, but not quite. Everything could do with a polish. I felt like my main problem was that I wasn’t ‘doing enough’ and that I should just implement the strategies I already know.

After working with Lizzy I now feel really good and focused! Working on my website and brand voice is something I’ve been putting off, so it feels really good to have it as a priority. I’m now feeling clearer about what I want to talk about more in my business.

I’d recommend working with Lizzy to people that know their stuff but know they have blind spots, and want someone to point what might be creating hurdles for potential clients.

Amber Rose Thomas

Freedom & Success Coach

Lizzy’s strategy sessions have become invaluable to my business. When I first started working with her I had a lot of trouble with choosing directions in my business. I had so many ideas, products, and tasks I thought I should do that I felt overwhelmed and confused as to where I should focus my attention. Lizzy was able to take that messy bunch of thoughts and ideas and help untangle it into a clear path forward toward my vision of where I wanted my business to end up.

She has this amazing ability to identify what matters and what doesn’t, and where to focus my energy to get the results I’m looking for. She challenges my assumptions and stuck ways of thinking to bring new and creative solutions to any problem I bring to her.

Every time I have a session with Lizzy I end up with a massively shortened to do list, clarity on next steps, and surprising fresh ideas that simplify my business and up my impact.

Niamh Arthur

Connection Marketing Guide and Video Mentor

Before working with Lizzy, I felt hopeful about my business, but this glimmer of hope was hidden beneath feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

I now have so much more clarity and the tools/motivation to narrow my focus on the things I can accomplish in the short-term and then build upon. I would highly recommend working with Lizzy to anyone who wants to cut through the excuses, find clarity and take actual steps toward improving their business.

I removed several services/resources from my website that were functioning as noise/distraction from my core offering. I clarified my message and I’m getting ready to offer potential clients a clear call to action and a seamless way to engage my services. I cannot even tell you how much more engaged I am in my business now that the fog has lifted!

I love the consistency and authenticity of Lizzy’s online/offline voice! It was as if I already knew her before our call began and we could quickly get down to business. I don’t know anyone in this market who models what they teach with as much transparency and honesty as Lizzy. It is inspiring and motivating to see the messy process of success and not just the polished results. Thank You!

Brian Peck

Room to Thrive