Things I am postponing

With immediate effect I am postponing all of the following in my business until we're able to resume practical support from our family/friends with our 2 girls:

  • All calls
  • All pre-scheduled Facebook Lives (namely in ConvertKit Club and Team EBG's Party Pad).
  • Training: Memberships & Other Income Streams (this was offered as a bonus to those who joined TRIBE or Membership Academy through my affiliate link)
  • Training: Perfect Pricing Workshop (this was offered as a bonus to Online Business Playground).

Depending on how long the current situation continues, I may add/remove things from this list. But that's where I'm at today (3rd June 2020).

I am also really struggling to keep up with emails, Facebook messages, etc. If you don't hear back from me straight away, this is why.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. ❤

As someone with a chronic illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), my business has always had to be very carefully balanced with my health. I haven't always got it right, and there's been times I've massively over-committed myself, but for the most part I have successfully been able to navigate and build a life/business I am able to show up fully in.

When my wife and I adopted our 2 little girls last year, overnight I became the sole provider for a family of 4, and that brought with it additional challenges. I wrote about how many things regrettably slipped last year in my 2019 Review.

One of the biggest parts of preparing for adoption, is preparing your support network – both practically and emotionally. When times were hard towards the end of last year, we were encouraged to really pull on our support network and ensure we were getting sufficient space from the intense and complicated process of welcoming 2 children into our family.

The first week of March 2020 we went for a short holiday/vacation. As any parent of young children can imagine, it wasn't a particularly relaxing trip! We then had my wife's mum's weekly visit to help with our girls the following week (Thursday, 12th March), and that's the last time we had any practical support. That was almost 3 months ago.

My strategies for running a business with more limited time/energy have been stretched beyond their limits.

Whilst I have managed to successfully create and deliver trainings and do calls during lockdown, it's become increasingly hard. When popping into my office for an hour whilst my wife watched both girls wasn't a big deal in the past, we're both so exhausted at this point, that it's now so mentally/emotionally tiring that I'm regularly rescheduling things.

After a call with my mastermind yesterday, I've now realised that this constant rescheduling doesn't really make sense when I have no idea when in the future things will return to ‘normal'. (Normal in that we can have practical support from family/friends again).

Up until this point I've been trying to get my shit together in little bursts for long enough to push through and do the things, but I'm no longer able to do that and show up/deliver to my standards. I've been feeling as though I just wasn't trying hard enough, but these are completely unprecedented times and for my physical/mental health I need to indefinitely postpone things until external circumstances change.