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If you've never sent a Post-Launch Survey… you are missing some serious magic. ✨

Magic like Deborah experienced when she sent one out:

Or Julie:


How does it work?

After you've wrapped a live launch, you send an email to everyone who didn't buy (either your whole list or the most engaged people during the launch):

1. You thank them for sticking with you through your launch.

2. And then you ask them to complete a super short survey about why they didn't join.

That's it.

Super simple.


What's so great about doing this?

From the feedback you receive you'll get:

  • Really specific info about why people didn’t join – what you didn’t explain well, price point, what was/wasn’t included, etc. You can then do all sorts of things with this information – tweak your offer, tweak your marketing, add an extra payment plan, etc.
  • Some stragglers who were totally oblivious to your launch who you might want to let in a couple of days late.
  • A long list of suggestions for other courses, trainings and digital products that your audience would be interested in buying from you. You may even be able to quickly offer one of these as a downsell to the main thing you launched.


What questions should you ask?

  • What's the single biggest reason you decided not to sign up for [Offer Name]?
    For example, did I not do a good job of explaining something? Did I not do a good job of touching on a specific hot point that matters to you? Was the value not clear? Do you feel you are too advanced or too early in your business for what the program offers?
  • Would you consider signing up for [Offer Name] in the future?
  • What would need to happen to make joining [Offer Name] an absolute no-brainer for you?
    Different format/structure, different features/benefits, different price point (please state), etc.
  • If what I teach/cover in [Offer Name] isn't what you need, what else are you struggling with or where are you stuck in your business? How else might I be able to support you or what other programs would you like to see me create for you?
  • Name:
  • Email:
    Optional – but if you'd like to be sent my [Thank You Gift] I'm going to need it!


How do I get people to actually fill it in?

I like to incentivse people to fill in the Post-Launch Survey by offering them a little something of value in exchange.

Something of a value under $30 or so is perfect, but obviously it depends on what you were selling!

What sort of things might you want to offer?

  • A lesson, training or section from the thing you just launched.
  • Some sort of template, swipe file, tool, etc.
  • A one month free trial to your membership.
  • Something from your content archives that you no longer sell/offer.
  • (Depending on bandwidth/business stage) A 15-30 min call with you.

After a ConvertKit Rockstars launch, I offered a free month in ConvertKit Club.
After a Rock Your Tech Specialism launch, I offered my mini product on How To Launch Your First Tech Service This Weekend.
After an Email Rockstars launch, I offered a ‘Day of Voxer' with me. This was a huge offer but I wanted to try out the format. (You can learn more about this in my free training: The Magical High-Value, Low-Effort 1:1 Offer).


So there you have it: my super simple, but very magical Post-Launch Survey.

Give it a go after your next launch and let me know how you like it in the comments!