Podcast Guest | Elizabeth Goddard

Not just another online business strategist! 

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goddard is in fact an online business strategist, with a twist. A UK-based educator for entrepreneurs and the creator of The Profitable Playground, her focus is to help business owners simplify their strategies for maximum success by breaking the traditional marketing rules and in the process, HAVE FUN! Over her five years in business, she’s helped over 9,000 students learn how to do business the easy, fun, and profitable way. 

She herself has scaled her business to multiple six figures, all while breaking almost all of the traditional marketing 101 “rules.” Using techniques many may consider major “no no’s,” she embraces the unknown and gives it the old college try. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And THAT’S OK!

She has been featured on multiple podcasts, including Creatively Human and Spinoff Success. She has also served as a guest expert at multiple well-known online summits including Mariah Coz’s Icons of Online Courses and Jordan Gill’s Done in a Day Interview Series, among others. She wants to encourage a bolder approach to marketing and can speak to her easy going business mindset which has brought her and her clients much success over the years. 

Lizzy lives outside of Nottingham, UK, with her wife and two young daughters. After the kids are tucked in, you can find her watching trashy TV and answering questions on Facebook (as one does!)

Topics Lizzy can talk about:

▸ The “Anti One Offer” philosophy and why you should consider it: why running a multi-offer business as opposed to having a “signature offer” that you focus all your time on is more creatively beneficial and profitable in the end. Which has been a huge success for Lizzy!

▸ 5 ways to stop cutting off your creativity by playing to the restrictive rules of online business: throw it all out the window and do YOU. Lizzy gives examples of her strategies and the successes and failures of clients.

▸ How to thrive to 6 figures on a small, loyal and mighty audience: Lizzy’s “peeps”  buy from her again and again (and again), so she doesn't have to be constantly hustling to grow her list or following.

▸ Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: how to create a profitable business model that thrives on your multi-passions and ideas and feels totally sustainable and fun to run.

▸ Learn how to pack your offers in a variety of ways: there is always another way to do things! Lizzy goes into detail on how to charge more, change things up and continue to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

▸ How she manages her chronic illness and running her business: Lizzy started her business because she wanted to have more autonomy over her schedule and design her life so she could thrive while living with her chronic illness.

▸ Why you should never be afraid to experiment in your business: how experimentation, trying new things and testing out different ideas can lead to big results. 

Potential questions to ask Lizzy:

Can you explain your anti one offer philosophy? Why do you believe having multiple offerings is a better business plan?

You like to “break the rules of business”, can you explain what that means and how you live this out in your own business?

You’ve built a loyal audience and customer base - what are your tips for other entrepreneurs who want to cultivate a close-knit community with their audience?

What email marketing “rules” do you think are outdated or unnecessary?

What are your favorite email marketing strategies for online entrepreneurs?

What are your tips for entrepreneurs who want to “grow their online business fan club?” 

Your philosophy is to never be afraid to experiment. What are examples of some experiments that entrepreneurs can incorporate into their business?

Have questions or want to book Lizzy to speak on your podcast?
Email [email protected]

Have questions or want to book Lizzy to speak on your podcast?

Email [email protected]