There’s a lot of pressure in the online business space to make every new offer a Big Thing™.

You’ve got a new idea rolling around in your noggin, and you’re so excited about all the possibilities. But suddenly...

... you find yourself in the quagmire of planning out a 90-day launch runway, writing heaps of sales emails, figuring out what to “teach” in a pitch-centered webinar, and getting all sorts of expensive tech to play nice.

It’s overwhelming. It’s unsustainable. And it’s entirely out of alignment with how you actually want to run your business.

We’re constantly taught that creating a new offer in our online business has to be a massive production.

That in order to make money with a new offer, we first have to strategize… build an audience… create content… nurture our new audience… develop lead magnets / funnels… 😴

It’s overwhelming. It’s unsustainable. And it’s entirely out of alignment with how you actually WANT to run your business.

I mean, no wonder all that motivation zaps right out of you as soon as you sit down to plan 😣.

 Before long, you start blaming yourself for not fitting into the launch mould that (apparently!) everyone-but-you has such outstanding success with.

 And eventually, you start asking yourself if this exciting idea is really worth all the hassle.

Sure, shelving your exciting new idea is one option…

And it would feel pretty good to let go of the over-the-top content planning, tech integrations, and funnel mapping, right? 😅

But what if you could do both?

What if you could let go of the “proven launch model” that’s never really worked for you… AND still make sure that the world gets to see your amazing idea come to fruition? 🍎

🎨 What if you could create something on your own terms?

📅 Something that you can make within the span of a couple of weeks, from initial idea to completed delivery?

⭐ Something that doesn’t rely on the fanciest tech, the prettiest promo graphics, or the most intricate funnel?

😍 Something super valuable for your audience, but that isn’t confined to the narrow bounds of your niche or expertise?

🤔 Something that could start as a one-off Little Thing™, but that you could expand into a true Big Thing™ in the future, if you wanted?

Good news — that something exists!

It’s called a Paid Live Training (or a 'PLT').

And let me tell ya, PLTs are downright magical. ✨

Here’s why…

✨ Instead of being confined to a drawn-out 90-day launch, a PLT is super quick. From idea to delivery, you can have a PLT out into the world & making money within a couple of weeks.

You can sell a PLT before you even create it, so you know that your idea is great before you waste time creating slides and recording. 

PLTs don’t have to be on a topic that’s strictly within your niche, so your audience gets to see a fresh new side of you. 

They don’t require any fancy or time-consuming software, sales copy, or tech setup. You can literally launch a PLT with a simple checkout page and deliver it on Zoom. 

✨PLTs are usually in the $47-$97 price range, so you can more easily turn lurkers into first-time buyers.

✨ Best of all, PLTs can easily be repurposed into more comprehensive products and courses. You can use them (and profit from them!) again and again and again. 

PLTs are my FAVOURITE type of digital product — and they’re super profitable to boot.

Just in case we haven’t met - hi, I’m Lizzy! 👋

I created my first-ever PLT back in November of 2017.

I had a topic I was really passionate about, I felt I had something to add to the conversation, I had a hunch my audience would be interested in it… and so, The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing was created.

When I say “created,” here’s what I really mean:

I had an idea. I wrote down some bullet points outlining what I’d talk about. I whipped up the most minimal sales page ever—which technically was just a checkout page with more copy than usual. 🤫

And then… I sold 32 seats and got paid $1504 to create this 2-hour live training.

But more than that:

1. I then went on to sell the recording of that live training for the next 6 months, bringing in another $4615

2. I repurposed the content of that training to turn The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing into a course that brought in as much as $31,000(!) from one single promo/launch.

3. I continued to use that format and created 14+ other trainings that have made me over $700,000 (and counting!). 

Basically, I’m totally obsessed with paid live trainings.

And I’m not the only one who’s obsessed 😍

Since I started teaching PLTs, hundreds of online business owners have used them to get their ideas out there FAST and make serious $$$. Here are just a small sliver of their results:

🖥️🎉 Natalie delivered a PLT as the first ever digital product in her business and made 6 sales

🖥️🎉 Amanda made $9,00 from her first PLT (and first digital product) and used it to half fill her group coaching program

🖥️🎉 Julie smashed her “good”, “better” AND “best” goals to make £1,700

🖥️🎉 Nikki made $1,739 in sales from 49 registrations — and kept her camera off the entire time

🖥️🎉 Dani launched two PLTs to an email list of just 100 people and made 10 sales — 5 new buyers each time!

🖥️🎉 Sandra made her first 6 sales within 15 minutes of opening the cart for her PLT

🖥️🎉 Victoria used this training to sell her very first non-service-based offer in her business

🖥️🎉 Jenny made a total of $3,060 and took all the stress out of offering paid online programs in her biz

Sold on the magic ✨ of PLTs? Then it’s time you meet...

Profitable Live Trainings 📺

The course that helps you add a magically low-stakes, low-effort, endlessly-repurposable offer to your business - without creating an ultra-complicated funnel or going through a soul-sucking launch. 

(And yes, you guessed it: This was first created as a #supermeta live training, which I now offer as a course to teach how you too can profit from paid live trainings. 😉)

A complete step-by-step guide to creating + selling your 1st (or 100th, eventually 😉) profitable live training

Step 1: Planning

Understand how and when to use paid live trainings in your business
Come up with endless ideas for paid live trainings
Pick your topic and outline the structure
Price your training so it’s irresistible to your audience without devaluing your content

Step 2: Selling

Steal my easy-breezy tech setup for smooth training delivery (including delivery email templates!)
Write a super simple yet super effective sales page, with examples from my own business
Learn how to add order bumps + upsells to make even more $$$ from your PLT (optional)
Come up with simple, quick promo ideas to get the word out about your training (even if you have a small audience)
Implement my suggested sales email schedule, with examples from my past trainings

Step 3: Delivering

Get everything ready for your training, from slides (or no slides 👀) to prep work
Plan how to end your training in a way that motivates your attendees, with options for adding a Q&A or pitch at the end
Learn how to deliver valuable, smooth, engaging trainings—everything I’ve learned from running multiple paid live trainings over the years
Discover my “wrapping-up” tricks to get attendees to get results from what you’ve taught, share valuable feedback, and give you raving testimonials

Step 4: Profiting - Again and Again!

Learn my simple process to turn your training into an evergreen digital product
Plus 8 other simple ideas to continue to profit from your paid live training with little to no effort

Care for a sneak peek inside?

Hit play to see exactly what’s inside the Profitable Live Trainings course.

What's Included:

Immediate access to all 4 modules of the course, which you can quickly go through in an hour or two.
Download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go. 🎧
Lifetime access to the course and all updates. This course started as a PLT (meta, I know!) and has expanded over the years to include new strategies, repurposing ideas, tech tutorials, and more. I’ll keep adding to it as I discover new ways to use PLTs and share them with you!
Invite to my private client/student Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad

⭐ Plus, these six kick-ass bonuses ⭐

to help you easily create, promote, & deliver your first PLT ASAP 🏃‍♀️

⭐ Bonus #1: The Paid Live Training Tech Library 💻

When you enroll in Profitable Live Trainings, you’ll also get access to a library of video tutorials that show you how to set up the low-cost tech needed to run your next paid live training hassle-free, pain-free, and stress-free. 

 Bonus #2: Canva Templates for Promo Graphics 🎨

I’ve taken away the stress of creating promo graphics. Just add the templates to your Canva account, customise, and you’re ready to promote your PLT. Both square and story sized.

 Bonus #3: Training on Profitable (not so) Live Trainings 🕰️

In this 15 minute mini-training I share how I've successfully adapted my PLT process to get all the goodness of a PLT without needing to be able to deliver a live training at a set time on a set day (which can be tricky when juggling 2 young kiddos and a chronic illness). I also include my email swipes.

 Bonus #4: Full Project Plan/Task Checklist 📝

No matter how you like to stay organised, I'm giving you a full project plan of everything you need to plan, launch and deliver your PLT. Currently available in: Google Docs, Google Sheets, PDF, Notion, Asana, Trello and ClickUp.

 Bonus #5: Question Library 🤔

Have questions about PLTs? Someone else probably had the same question before you 😉. Watch the original Q&A plus get access to our (audio-based) questions library, full of extra insights + pep talks for whenever you’re feeling stuck.

 Bonus #6: Paid Live Training/Live Round Hybrids 🌌

In this short 9-minute video, I give you the low-down on how I use “Paid Live Training Live Round Hybrids” to add extra features and accountability to my PLTs to increase sales, without over-committing myself to weeks (or months) support.

Course Edition

Immediate access to the full course
Private podcast feed to listen on the go
Lifetime access to the course
Invite to my private client/student group
Bonus #1: The Paid Live Training Tech Library
Bonus #2: Canva Templates for Promo Graphics
Bonus #3: Training on Profitable (not so) Live Trainings
Bonus #4: Full Project Plan/Task Checklist
Bonus #5: Question Library
Bonus #6: Paid Live Training/Live Round Hybrids
Recording of The 10 Day Offer training


(or 5 months x $125)


"I used Profitable Live Trainings to create my Instagram Reels Masterclass. I made over $1000 from the live launch... and 3 times that from having the class evergreen! I was super afraid to turn my class evergreen because it wasn't "perfect." Profitable Live Trainings let me see that it is better to just do and turn the course into cash on demand! I'm so grateful for what I have learned here.

Monica Monfre

"I was surprised by how quickly the time flew by! I honestly thought I didn't have enough material to cover 90 minutes, and it actually went up to 2 hours. Also how engaged the students were. They were consistently talking to me and each other which made for an amazing experience all around.

I honestly can't wait to put on the next one. I've got ideas for how this can build on itself and I'm excited!"

Desola Davis

"I'm no stranger to content repurposing, but the training and strategies I learned inside of Profitable Live Trainings made me excited about hosting live events again. I've hosted paid live trainings in the past, but after they ended, the recordings collected dust. I'm now able to create an additional revenue stream with past and future PLT's. I can't recommend this course enough! One of the best investments I've ever made."

Tara Reid

"If you know something that your audience needs and you would like to teach in a workshop format and start earning some money with your skills while growing your audience, this course is a very good place to start! It covers everything, from the why, to the tech, the presentation format, and debrief, so that you can put it on repeat or create an evergreen offer easily."

Willemijn Maas

Because I know you’re wondering…

YES, this training will help you…

✅ Overcome the mindset gremlins + fear that get in the way of doing live trainings

✅ Take your idea and turn it into a value-packed training your people love

✅ Narrow in on a topic, decide what to include/exclude, and structure the darn thing

✅ Figure out how to price your offer (including differentiating it from your free content)

✅ Simplify the promo of your PLT + sell it efficiently (without feeling like you half-arsed it)

✅ Come up with promo ideas, even if you have a small list / audience

✅ Easily turn your training into a digital product that you can sell passively on repeat

✅ Identify TONS of ways you can reuse your training once it exists

What if I don't learn anything new?

I won’t punish you for being awesome! If you take a proper look through the course and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.

Profitable Live Trainings

(or 5 months x $125)

(which you may well make back with your first paid live training—just sayin’! 😎)

Frequently Asked Questions 

So, what exactly is a paid live training?

Here’s how I define it: A 60-120 minute, value-packed live teaching session that focuses on a fairly specific topic.

They’re paid - people need to purchase a “ticket” to join.

They’re live - the first time it’s delivered, people are online with you and get to ask you questions.

They’re trainings - you generously share your expertise and teach people something new. 

And honestly, they’re the perfect magical mix of low-stakes, low-effort, and high-profit digital product that you should totally add to your business.

Wait, so how is it different from a webinar?

Technically, they’re not much different from a webinar! A webinar is just a seminar conducted over the internet, right?

There is one crucial distinction, though: in the online business world, webinars are usually free, full of fluff, and end in a pitch. 

A PLT is the opposite of that.

The goal of a PLT is to deliver tons of actionable value and give people full access to your expertise. That’s what they’re investing in when they pay to attend!

You can still pitch at the end of a PLT, btw, and I’ll teach you how inside the course. It’s just not the main focus of a PLT. 

I don’t like complicated, high-pressure launches. How much effort does it take to create, promote, and launch a PLT?

It doesn’t take much to get a PLT off the ground, tbh! 

The first time I hosted a paid live training, all it took was a half-baked sales page to start getting sales. Technically, it was just a checkout page with a little more copy than usual.

You can go through this course in 2 hours, outline your training, put together a simple sales page, and start selling seats within a day or two. 

Once you’ve got people enrolled, all that’s left is to create the training. That’s the fun part! And it’s pretty straightforward since you’ve already done that outline work.

And psst, if no one signs up for your PLT... no harm, no foul! You can try another idea later on. The process I’ll teach you in the course means you’ll never waste your time and energy creating a PLT before you’ve sold it. 

I’m not sure that I’m “expert” enough in something to teach it. What kinds of things could I teach in a PLT?

Honestly, anything!

All you need is to have something to add to the conversation around your topic of choice. You don’t have to be an expert to have something to contribute.

Definitely give the Day 1 section a watch in The 10 Day Offer free training at the top of this page.

And one of the cool things about paid live trainings is that they allow you to teach things outside of your usual niche without making your message fuzzy. I’ve hosted paid live trainings on all sorts of topics, from positioning to hiring a VA, to email marketing to offer creation. 

Remember, your people like your style. They’re happy not to have to go elsewhere to get educated on other things they’re interested in.

What if I have no audience?

If you have absolutely no audience whatsoever, and no network of peers who could promote your paid live training, you’ll want to pass on this.

If you have a list of at least 100 people, you’ll be able to sell some seats in your training. I’ll also teach you a couple of promotion strategies you can use to amplify your reach using your network.

Also, watch this.

Tech is my nemesis. Do I have to learn a bunch of complicated software to make this work?

I got you, don’t worry! There’s a library of tech tutorials included in Profitable Live Trainings, so you can confidently prepare and deliver your training ASAP. The tech I’ve recommended inside is low-cost and straightforward. 

Is this program a paid live training? 

Nope - although it started out as one! You’ll still get to ask me questions about the content in my invite-only client/friends Facebook Group, Team EBG’s Party Pad.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes - 5 monthly payments of $125.

You should be aware that when you make your purchase you are agreeing to pay the full purchase price. Where you opt to use a payment plan, that is not an option for part-payment but a way to make our products more accessible to you. Payment plans require payment in full. If you default on your payment plan, you will receive an automated email notifying you that your payment has failed. Our system will automatically attempt to take the payment again three more times over the next week. Should all those payments fail, we reserve the right to immediately revoke access to the product and you will be required to pay the outstanding balance of your payment plan in full to regain access.

What if I don't learn anything new?

I won’t punish you for being awesome! If you take a proper look through the course and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know within 14 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our marketing messaging in future. Please see the full Terms and Conditions of Use for more info.

I have another question that isn’t listed here. 

Send me a message via the “Message me” box at the bottom right of this page! I’m more than happy to chat.  

"From the start, this course laid out the steps to create a successful paid live training and I was set up and ready to go in less than a week. I plan to do them again and again to create the impact I've been working so hard to share with others and to create and grow programs that attract enrolling clients again and again! Thanks so much Lizzy for putting this out into the world!!"

Michelle Nyseth

"This has single-handedly jumpstarted my new business. Turns out I LOVE doing 1:1 LIVE workshops. I was so hesitant to put myself out there, and now I thrive."

Gia Volpe

"I just love the idea of being paid to create a course! This course has changed a lot of what I’m planning to offer in the future. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to start creating online courses - especially those who are trying to build something special!"

Jonathan Stewart

"Lizzy has a gift for making things simple. This is a great strategy that can make a difference to your business profitability if you create across diverse topics."

Lisa Murray

“This was such a great way to think about my online course offerings in terms of providing quick wins for customers while also providing valuable evergreen courses and trainings. 

I create professional online courses for a living, and I have high expectations for what I want to learn when it comes to online training. Lizzy not only delivers amazing trainings that get you excited to apply the concepts, but also provides clear goals in small steps. I recommend her courses and resources to all of my online business friends and colleagues.” 

Melody Johnson

"I fangirl Lizzy because she makes everything seem so do-able, even though I'm starting out with my business and she's where I want to be. There's no pretentiousness or hurdles. 

This is exactly the same. I know this approach will work for me, because it's kinda how I approach everything in my teaching - so it's a small step for me from prepping for a classroom situation to selling the offering ( the magic is in the mindset for me!). 

Lizzy has made the steps for selling and marketing seem eminently straightforward and for that, I'm very grateful!"

Gina Holmes

"This course led to a huge light bulb moment for me, which ignited lots of ideas! I have now run 3 live trainings which I can sell afterwards and provide a nice trickle of income. I am now thinking of lots more too, so thank you!"

Hannah BullivantInteriors Stylist & Blogger 

"This is such an eye-opening course. It's so much more than just create a post and a PayPal button, then go live on Facebook in a private group as most trainings tell you to do. Super comprehensive. 

This course not only teaches the practical side of live trainings, as in the tech and set up, but it's so much more than that - a lot around the mindset which I found even more helpful. Lizzy always overdelivers and this course is no different. You will definitely get bang for your buck with this one."

Lisa Kelly-Mulhern

"This model worked to force me to create something FAST! I loved the acceleration of my creative process and the boost to my revenue last month. Now I’m setting it up for evergreen!"

Bronwyn Simons

"I had 47 registrations, $1,739 in sales

My desire behind the training was to flush out some content I'd been noodling on, and test an offer after a paid workshop. So mission accomplished!

I was surprised how much I loved the process. I really enjoyed the start to finish of creating something, finishing it, selling it.

"I also LOVED using slides with notes, without my camera on. For delivering this much info, it really helped me stay on track and not forget anything."

Nikki Berkel

Ready to create your first magically low-effort, high-profit PLT? 📺

Profitable Live Trainings

(or 5 months x $125)

(which you may well make back with your first paid live training—just sayin’! 😎)

Not ready to buy just yet?
Watch my free training: The 10 Day Offer 👇

(you guessed it - it's a paid live training! 😉)

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