Thursday 2nd - Thursday 9th December 2021

I love to showcase/promote my clients and students. 

I also love to experiment with different things. 

Last year I held my first Christmas Party with 'Goody Bags' made up of my clients' courses, trainings and digital products. It was a huge success.

So we're doing it again!

There are two Goody Bags for you to choose from:

Regular Goody Bag


Contains 200+ products usually sold for $1-$100

Premium Goody Bag


Contains 80+ products usually sold for $101-$500

One tiny bit of important small print: When you sign up for either goody bag, you then have to individually sign up for the courses, trainings and digital products that you want by midnight Pacific on Sunday 9th January 2022. Why? Because as generous as my peeps are being, they don't want to give away some of their best stuff for free indefinitely! 😉

Who is Lizzy?!

Oh hi! That would be me! 👋

I'm an online business strategist / course creator / email marketing nerd / tech geek / affiliate marketing lover / multi-offer enthusiast / mindset magician / could-keep-going-but-you-get-the-gist. 

You can learn more about me here.

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