Looking for an easier way to support your clients?

Ditch the Live Q&A's
and start hosting
Voxer Office Hours instead

You want to support your clients...
but live Q&A’s are just not working anymore.

Are you done:

Carving out specific times in your calendar to show up live for Q&A’s?

Blocking off even more time to make sure you look ‘presentable’?

And then sitting there ready to help, but it turns out no one showed up there live?

If so, it’s time to support clients in your courses and/or group programs in a new way.

No One Should Have to Wade Through Hours of Call Recordings.

Hours of Q&A or Coaching Calls are not a 'Bonus'.

Of course you want to include the option for your clients and students to learn from each other and each other’s questions...

But having them sit through hours of irrelevant Q&A calls isn’t the easiest or quickest way to improve their results!

Of course you want to offer your clients and students the opportunity to connect and ask their questions 1-on-1…

But it’s taking a lot of time doing traditional Q&A’s, both yours and theirs!

That’s why I started hosting Voxer Q&A Calls and they work amazingly well.

What the Heck is Voxer?

If you haven’t heard me obsess over the magic that is Voxer yet, Voxer is a nifty walkie-talking type of app that allows you to exchange voice and text messages with someone else.

Since I started experimenting with Voxer Office Hours I’ve ditched any other kind of office hours completely in my business. I wish everyone would just offer Voxer Office Hours instead of Q&A calls, they’re simply that good.

Here’s Proof of Just How Amazing Voxer Office Hours Are

Here are some things people have said about getting access to me this way

Ready to start offering Voxer Office Hours?

Let me help you set them up quickly, easily and strategically

Here’s exactly what’s included in Voxer Hours for Group Programs:

Immediate access to the full course - bite-sized video lessons with detailed written notes.
The option to download the lessons to your fave podcast app and listen on the go.
A growing Q&A library  from Voxer Office Hours replies (#meta)
Swipe File Library: Swipes of my sales page copy, emails, Facebook posts, etc. 
Lifetime/ongoing access to the course + any future updates/additions, for example I’m planning to add some tech tutorials.

Exclusive invite to Team EBG's Party Pad - my private student Facebook group where I hold twice monthly office hours to cover all your Qs.

And this is what you’ll discover:

How Voxer Office Hours are a great alternative to things like group calls, live Q&As, email support, and even Facebook groups!
Why Voxer Office Hours are such a fun, low-effort way to add massive value to your group program or course.
How to structure your Voxer Office Hours so it’s an awesome experience for both you and your clients.
My strategies for handling tricky situations and setting boundaries during your Voxer Office Hours.

6 ways to adapt and evolve your Voxer Office Hours to provide even more value and make them work for your specific group offer

The best part?

You can go through it all in an hour or two and implement straight away!


(or 2 monthly payments of $99)

What Others had to Say About Voxer Office Hours for Group Programs

"I was looking for another option for Zoom calls when your brilliant offer popped up and I couldn't wait to go through the training.

I loved everything about Voxer Office Hours for Group Programs. I love how simple and to the point it is. I was able to get exactly what I needed without having to sit through hours of videos. 

I just wrapped up my first Voxer Office Hours (instead of the planned Zoom Q&A) and it was AMAZING. The people in my group LOVED it. And I got SO many good questions that don't usually come up on the calls. I also heard from people in the group that don't usually make it to the Zoom calls (which was great to see because I know not everyone likes group calls or they can't make it because of timezones). And I just really love that it gives people the space to get 1:1 support and feedback without having to be tied to a computer or Zoom.

You. Are. Brilliant.

If you're running a group or evergreen program then you need this. It's so much fun and your people will love it."

Amy Crane

Social Lab Marketing

"This whole Voxer Office Hours training has gotten me so excited to help my group program clients get better results by going specific with the issues they'd like to solve. Thanks Lizzy!"

Sarah Ong

Baby Sleep Coach

"I’ve been struggling to figure out what direction to take in my group program... Lizzy’s training are always amazing but this training was so instantly implementable that I’ve planned it for the next 4 trainings I’m launching."

Jonathan Stewart

Simplicity Specialist

"This was a terrific training.
So worthwhile. I'm going to listen to it again!"


Transformational Speaking Coach

"This training was really useful to open my mind. The Day of Voxer concept itself is already so unique but to have the opportunity to explore this further beyond the box as applied to groups was fantastic."

Jo Hodson

Wellness coach, designer & plant-based foodie

"My biggest take-away is the realisation that I can really value-add to my clients in this way. I'm so used to being with them for 1-2 hours 1:1 and some concepts take a while to land with them. Utilising Voxer Office Hours in my group and even individual programs will allow my clients to absorb and respond in a much deeper way.

Save yourself time and masses of frustration due to trial-and-error learning. Lizzy has got the most comprehensive and easily digestible training to help you serve your clients in another highly valuable way. 

I can't wait to introduce Voxer Office Hours to my clients. Busy business owners need to protect their valuable and often limited time and serve their clients well. Voxer Office Hours is the way to achieve both!"

Nicole Hewitt Donaldson

Human Potential Practitioner

Voxer Office Hours are amazing, because they:

Help you improve your program, you can just add questions and your answers to the program and build a Q&A library.

Free up time! Both you and your clients can do other things while still getting some invaluable 1-on-1 support.

Still help you build those personal relationships that frequently lead to more sales!

Hi, I’m Lizzy

and I want to free everyone from awkward Q&A calls!

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ve probably heard me say “try it and see what happens”.

I’m an online business strategist and love experimenting with online businessy things, that’s why I started experimenting with Days of Voxer and Voxer Office hours. Now I wish everyone would just offer Voxer Office Hours instead of Q&A calls!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be Voxer?

No - any asynchronous communication will work well e.g. Marco Polo, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, even email.

Is this a Voxer group chat?

Ugh, no. Those are the worst and so time consuming to wade through to ask what you need. 

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, my usual ‘if this wasn’t helpful/applicable, let me know in 14 days and I’ll give a full refund’ policy.

My question isn’t listed here…

Just use the “message me” button at the bottom right of the screen and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Start offering Voxer Office Hours


(or 2 monthly payments of $99)

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