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Let’s say I see you post something in a Facebook group today.

You were just providing a helpful comment to someone, but your unique insight has kinda just blown my mind.

Omg. So good.

I click through to your Facebook profile.

I click through to your business page (make sure it’s linked up!).

I click through to your website.

I read through your homepage… oh look, you're offering me a freebie that is totally what I need help with right now.

I sign up.

I go and read your About page or your Start Here page.

Ooo, more freebies.

I sign up.

I start looking at your blog posts.

Ooo, content upgrade.

I sign up.

I read more blog posts, with more content upgrades.

Before I know it, 30 minutes have passed, and I've put my email address in at least 5 times.

It's official. I'm obsessed. You're my new favourite person. You're the answer to my prayers. I cannot get enough. 

This Thursday shaped up to be way more epic than I was anticipating!

You wake up 5 hours later (because time zones).

Oh, look, you had an obsessed newbie on your hands.

The ‘Obsessed Newbie' Test consists of 2 questions:

  1. What is this obsessed newbie now going to be receiving in their inbox? 
  2. Was there a way for this obsessed newbie to give you money without contacting you or booking in a call with you?

Let's talk about the first part.

This is basically exploring what you have set up in your email service provider (ESP). Obviously I use, love, recommend + teach ConvertKit, but the question is just as important no matter what you use.

In my experience, one of two things happens.

  • They're either completely and utterly bombarded with emails over the coming days


  • They get their freebies, then radio silence until the next time you send a newsletter.

Neither of these are good… for hopefully obvious reasons!

If you're in the bombarding camp, check out my Facebook Live on How to not overwhelm your subscribers with emails (this is pretty ConvertKit specific), and my blog post on 5 ways to stop annoying your ConvertKit subscribers.

If you're in the radio silence camp, check out my Facebook Live on the Hows, whats, whens and whys of Welcome Sequences (relevant for most ESPs).

And then the second question (can they give you money without emailing you or booking in for a call?).

This can be really eye-opening for some people. These Obsessed Newbies really do exist. I've certainly been one.

If you can solve your Obsessed Newbie's problems and they've just spent 30 mins ferociously consuming all your content… then you don't want to be making them wait!

What sort of thing can you offer?

  • Limited time ‘tripwire' offer on a thank you page after they sign up for a freebie
  • A lower priced course
  • Set up a little Shop page for some low priced products
  • Offer some paid training/coaching training calls (that they can book in for – I love AcuityScheduling for this!)

There's loads of great tools to set up automated paid offers easily. I personally use AcuityScheduling, SamCart and Teachable. Other tools I've worked with and love are SendOwl, Gumroad and Thinkific.

The main point I'm trying to get across is that your site should do at least a little bit of selling, even when you're asleep.

I encouraged one client to put up an offer for a paid 1:1 strategy call on her site, and within the first week she had someone totally previously unknown to her book in and pay!

There is honestly few more magical feelings than the very first time you wake up and find that someone (who you weren't expecting) has paid you. ✨You'll think you're still asleep/dreaming!

I'd love for you to share in the comments below how you currently score on the Obsessed Newbie Test and what you're planning to do this week to improve!