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Here's what I know to be true...

The ability to confidently make decisions for your business is an absolute gamechanger

Not everything you do in your business needs to relate to your strategy or goals

There’s always a way to navigate any business situation with grace and ease

Your business can be a vehicle for you to do fun things in your life

Most people are thinking way too small

Things can change very quickly

Alignment is everything

Anything is possible.

Maybe you’ve heard this all before…

Maybe you think this all sounds nice in theory… 

How do you actually apply this in practice?


Online Business Playground

1st - 30th September 2019

30 days to a whole lot more fun, freedom + flow in your business.

1st September is my 30th birthday. 

As I approach this significant date, I’ve been thinking a lot on the question of ‘what do I know?’. Not just in a head-based or superficial way, but in a deep ‘what do I really, really know?’ kind of way.

The answer that came up for me was surprising.

✨ I know how to create the life and business
I want, on my terms

This is also what I help my clients to do. 

This is the (often missing) magic fairy dust that makes things fun, easy and way more profitable!)

What is Online Business Playground?

30 days. 
30 short videos. 
30 tips, prompts + ideas.

This is not business as usual.

These are the actual 'things' I've used, and continue to use,
to grow a successful six-figure business 100% on my terms.

It's part mindset and part manifesting.
It's about deciding what you want, and deciding you get to have it
in a way that feels fun and aligned.

Creativity & Ideas

Step 1

Knowing yourself is so important when it comes to getting in your creative flow and coming up with kickass ideas only you can pull off!

Making Decisions

Step 1

Indecisiveness is probably the number one block biz owners face. It's time for you to make decisions confidently and effortlessly!

Taking Action

Step 3

It's go time!
Let's work through the fears, hold on tight, and start showing up for the business and life we want!  

Join the Group or VIP level and you'll also get:

Popup Facebook Group

Come play with me for all of September as we dig deeper into the lessons and how to apply them to your unique business. 

Anti-Planning Workshop

Thursday, 12th September at 9am UK / 6pm Sydney

If you're feel disillusioned and overwhelmed with most planning approaches out there - this workshop is for you.

It's goal-setting (and achieving!) for online business owners who barely know what they're doing next week, let alone for a whole year! 

Perfect Pricing Workshop

Monday, 30th September at 7pm UK / 2pm Eastern

During this live workshop we’ll be discussing a variety of ways to approach one of the biggest struggles online business owners face - pricing! You’ll leave feeling super confident in how to price your products and services (i.e. you feel well compensated for your work, but prospective customers and clients can’t wait to pay you!) 

Both workshops will have Q&As at the end. If you can't attend live you can submit questions in advance.

Yes, both will be recorded. 

"I like how you can cut through the fluff and be super strategic AND still see feel/understand woo/energy stuff. You're so good at spotting underlying assumptions that can be gumming up the system (and not getting mired in the swirling thought patterns that result). I love that you can question all the right things to get me thinking in a different way and self-reflecting. 

And I love that you share your insights and still respect other people may feel/think differently and do it their way. I SO appreciate all of this, because I know even some professionally trained coaches struggle with this. 

AND you know that business is meant to be FUN! And you keep reminding people of that. It's so refreshing for someone to be so strategic and efficient and NOT value the hustle above all else. Serious mindset goals."

Tori Clissold

Are these daily videos live or pre-recorded?

The videos are pre-recorded. I'm anticipating each will be 5-10 mins long. They'll be released each morning around 9am UK. 

What sort of things are the videos about?

Click here to watch the first 2 videos

Also my blog post, 5 ‘games’ to play in your online business for more fun, flow and freedom, will give you a sense of how I approach online business in a playful way.

September isn't a good month for me... can I do this another time?

When you join Online Business Playground you'll get lifetime access to the daily videos inside Teachable. I'll be selling Online Business Playground at a higher price point in future, so now is the best time to buy if you want in! 

Do you have a refund policy?

For the Regular or Group level, if you aren't vibing with Online Business Playground, you can request a full refund between 8th - 14th September. 

"You're just 'you' and so refreshingly honest and happy to go against the grain, which the rebel in me adores! Love your 'anything goes'/ 'there's no right way' attitude. It's so nice to hear from someone so accessible and 'normal'. Also, the fact you're not one of those out of reach 'gurus' who's earning millions and has a massive team. What you're doing and achieving is in reach, which makes what you're teaching more realistic!"

Emma-Louise Smith

"You have a fresh and very laid back and stress-free approach. You have a fresh take on keeping things moving, not sticking to other people's rules, and taking steps to make it easier and more fun. When I feel weighted down or it just feels like too much for me, I know I can turn to you and you'll just whisk all of that aside and make things clean and easy. You inspire me to action."

Sarah Guilliot

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