Online Business Playground

Give me 30 days and I’ll give you fun, freedom, and flow in your business.

The key to fun, freedom, and flow in business

I dreamed Online Business Playground over the days leading up to my 30th birthday.

And you know how it goes when you start nearing big life milestones (such as having been a person in this world for 3 decades)... 

It gets you thinking.

The big question in my mind was… “What do I know?”

Not in a brainy, wikipedia-ish way. But in a deep, “been there, done that” kind of way.

And it turns out I most definitely know how to do business in a way that…

☝ I can be me at all times, giraffe onesie and all.
✌ I can wake up and think “I’m legit looking forward to the rest of the day”.

And here’s the truth...

Enjoying fun, freedom, and flow in your business really comes down to one core principle: Doing it on your own terms.

I’ve created a successful, six-figure online business 100% on my terms. And while at it, I’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same through my courses, programs, and services. 

"I tend to get into analysis paralysis, even when I decide that I should do something specific. Since learning from you, I’ve started to be more at ease with being okay with rework, being okay with changing my mind, being okay with not listening to all of the experts. I feel like I have more freedom." - Michelle Beckman

"My biggest takeaway was that there are so many ways to do it 'right' – you don’t have to follow all the rules other entrepreneurs have set." - Danbee Shin

And what I’ve found time and time again (and my clients are always surprised to discover) is that…

You get to have what you want. 
And you get to have it in a way that feels fun and aligned. 

Online Business Playground is my 30-day recipe to help you do just that in your online business. 

This is legit the magic fairy dust that breeds my best, most “me” ideas, decisions, and plans. And now I’m sharing it with you.  

It’s time to reconnect with your sense of freedom, fun, and flow -- and then be shocked by how much more profitable you are when you do things on your own terms ✨

Come join me inside...

Online Business Playground

A 30-day program to bring back the fun, the freedom, and the flow of your online business.  

Every day, over the next 30 days, you’ll get access to one daily video where I teach you my most powerful strategies, thought exercises, and action prompts to running a business on your terms.

The videos in the playground are short but pure, puuure magic. 

Yes, they’ll get you fired up with ideas and insights. But more than that, they’ll give you the clarity and confidence to take action and move forward with your business in a way that feels 100% good. 

No dreading. No shoulds. Only alignment ✨

Want a taste of what’s inside the playground?

Buckle up for some 💡 moments, and enjoy a sneak-peek at the first two videos inside the playground.

Day 1
Where do your best ideas come from?

Day 2
Future You

Inside Online Business Playground, you’ll unlock insightful videos like these every single day for 30 days. 

"I like how you can cut through the fluff and be super strategic AND still see feel/understand woo/energy stuff. You're so good at spotting underlying assumptions that can be gumming up the system (and not getting mired in the swirling thought patterns that result). I love that you can question all the right things to get me thinking in a different way and self-reflecting. 

And I love that you share your insights and still respect other people may feel/think differently and do it their way. I SO appreciate all of this, because I know even some professionally trained coaches struggle with this. 

AND you know that business is meant to be FUN! And you keep reminding people of that. It's so refreshing for someone to be so strategic and efficient and NOT value the hustle above all else. Serious mindset goals."

Tori Clissold

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this start?

You’ll get access to the first video inside the playground immediately - and then unlock a new video every day for 30 days.

Are these live videos or pre-recorded?

The videos are pre-recorded and released on a daily basis inside the member area on Teachable.

Will I get 1:1 access to you, Lizzy?

Everyone who joins Online Business Playground gets an invite to my private student group, Team EBG’s Party Pad, where I host twice monthly office hours via Facebook Live. That’s a twice a month thing though, and a better fit for specific questions vs unravelling personalised insights.

If you want more in-depth, fully 1:1 help, I recommend booking a Day of Voxer with me. That’s perfect for you if you’re really struggling to get unstuck and feel good about your business again.

What if I fall behind? I've got a busy month...

You’ll get lifetime access to all the videos, as soon as they’re released inside your member area on Teachable. Plus, you’ll be invited to upgrade to future group rounds I run.

What if I realise this isn’t for me?

I’m all about alignment, so if you’re not vibing with Online Business Playground, you can request a refund between 1st - 7th June. 

I have another Q…

Great! Just message me using the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

"You're just 'you' and so refreshingly honest and happy to go against the grain, which the rebel in me adores! Love your 'anything goes'/ 'there's no right way' attitude. It's so nice to hear from someone so accessible and 'normal'. Also, the fact you're not one of those out of reach 'gurus' who's earning millions and has a massive team. What you're doing and achieving is in reach, which makes what you're teaching more realistic!"

Emma-Louise Smith

"You have a fresh and very laid back and stress-free approach. You have a fresh take on keeping things moving, not sticking to other people's rules, and taking steps to make it easier and more fun. When I feel weighted down or it just feels like too much for me, I know I can turn to you and you'll just whisk all of that aside and make things clean and easy. You inspire me to action."

Sarah Guilliot

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