Strategy & Systems

I’d built up two 6-figure businesses from scratch and was terrified about taking on a VA. But it had got to the point where I needed someone savvy to do all the little admin jobs and techie things that were taking up the time I needed to create and write and speak. I am a creator and every creator needs a right-hand woman to do the pesky tasks that come with running a business. While I am out in the world monetising myself – Lizzy is holding the fort and getting stuff done. Lizzy has a multitude of skills with all kinds of tech – not just general admin. She’s invaluable to online solopreneurs like myself. She’s never fazed by any request and has a can do attitude to everything. Thanks Lizzy!
Star Khechara

Business Success Mentor for Online Solopreneurs, Star Khechara

Speaking with Lizzy was a fantastic experience. She gave me great insight in the do’s and don’t’s and confirmed some of the thoughts I had already been having. It was fun & energetic. Lizzy was incredibly generous with time, attention, information, and above all very honest. The information given was invaluable. Thank you again!
Joyce De Bakker

Virtual Assistant, Your PA in the Cloud

I knew Lizzy as a VA, but hired her mainly because she has so much experience in managing larger projects and supporting launches. I had built my business to a point where I was fully booked, but really wanted to have things run more smoothly, with excellent, efficient systems. She was brilliant and has helped me implement things I had been procrastinating for months and months! We looked at all my processes and found ways to make sure that I spend more time working ON my business rather than just IN my business. The outcome is priceless and will save me many, many valuable hours. If you want better systems, Lizzy is amazing!
Sara Magdalena Love

Creative Coaching & Web Design, Sara Magdalena Love

There’s a wholly refreshing air of no nonsense about Lizzy – she’s itching to solve those techy logistical problems that make many of us want to vomit, clearly knows her stuff and will get straight to the point with advice, answers and most importantly, solutions. There’s no bullshit or fluff,  just a massive brain waiting to help you.
Lucy May

Director and Founder, Director and Founder

Elizabeth definitely over delivered on the value! As one of my Virtual Assistant peers I was totally interested in how Elizabeth got started and why I see her pop up everywhere, especially when it came to ConvertKit. Elizabeth’s feedback on my website was an eye opener and gave me the confidence to make changes to ensure I was attracting the right customers for my own business and to ensure I don’t undervalue my own self. Thanks for the chat Elizabeth, it’s great to speak to someone who genuinely has a shared passion for online business and also seeing others succeed and grow.
Sarah Murry

Virtual Assistant

My session with Elizabeth was really insightful and helpful – it was great to chat with another VA with her experience and knowledge. She gave me great suggestions and ideas on how to get closer to what I want in my business. She’s honest and will tell you how it is, based on her experience and not just a lot of theory. Thanks so much!
Vivian Ngai

Support By Vivian

I have found Elizabeth to be super smart, helpful, skilled, friendly and reliable. She’s always helping people in the Convert Kit group with their tech issues, she obviously knows this email provider inside out and is always quick to share her knowledge generously. While on a call she pointed out some issues on my website that I’d overlooked and I was able to make some small, but important corrections. Nothing gets past her sharp eyes!
Dr Sophie Henshaw

Psychologist Perth

Even if you THINK you know tech, you need Lizzy in your life. Not only is she super skilled, but she explains everything in terms and ways even I could understand (and this is after I spent several hours googling before I enlisted her help.) To get to the point, she’s extremely affordable, extremely helpful, and extremely thorough. She’ll get everything you need done and MORE- in less time than you ever thought possible, communicating well with you the whole time so you’re always in the loop. Lizzy’s the most helpful VA I’ve worked with, and I’ll definitely be heading to her again in the future.
Courtney Lynn Dunsmore

As We Stumble Along

I loved working with Lizzy! She came in at the last minute to help me with the pieces needed to create a funnel to launch my course. She made suggestions that simplified the process based on my short time line and lack of knowledge. She is quick to respond to emails, proactive, professional, gracious and trustworthy. I look forward to working with her again and again!
Jill Monaco

Jill Monaco Ministries

Elizabeth is an absolute genius! In our call together, we focused our time on reviewing my website and services. I use both WordPress and OptimizePress, both of which she clearly has expert knowledge about. Her proofreading skills were through the roof amazing! She asked lots of questions and helped me gain so much clarity on where my information was confusing, or missing details. Elizabeth has a kind manner that makes you never doubt yourself or your work, yet she cuts straight to the truth delivering exactly what you need to hear. I left the call with pages of notes filled with ideas, immediate edits to make, and longer-term plans to consider, develop, and implement down the line. Elizabeth is a truly amazing, warm, and generous person, and the time we spent on our call provided more focused guidance than anything else I have done for my business in the last 6 months!
Melissa Rengrey

Health Coach

Elizabeth, answered to an ad I wrote requesting a VA. Truth is I have had about 6 since starting out and no one really hit the nail on the head, some were good but there were pieces missing.
Since working with Elizabeth, life is easy! I give her a task and she will tell me straight up if she can do it or not; she tells me how long she spends on each project; gets on with things and is detail orientated and NEVER over evaluates the work load in her favor.
She takes my to do list and does it, only contacting me if what I am requesting is not possible or isn’t clear. She gives me lots of extra feedback about what she thinks works and what she thinks doesn’t.
This girl is gold and I mean that. I can actually delegate work to her that has taken up hours of my life and got me no where.
Do not try another VA, Elizabeth has it all plus more! 
Sile Walsh

Life & Business Coach

Elizabeth was an absolute DREAM to work with and fixed my web issues faster than I could type them out! She offered me options for layouts, tweaked a couple of things that were “off” that in my pre-launch-haze had given up on fixing. She’s my official go-to-gal!
Kelly Caldwell

Elizabeth did not only make me think out of the box, but I felt I had climbed out of a box with her clear objective and constructive advice, concerning my website. I cannot wait to work with her again.

Rebecca Ronane

Forward After Fifty


Lizzy is a ConvertKit genius! I’ve been using ConvertKit for several months, and had set everything up myself, which was not necessarily a good thing. I wasn’t very happy with the forms I had created, and Lizzy was able to show me how to integrate simple and beautiful forms into my landing pages, making everything both seamless and pretty. She’s super knowledgeable, as well as being a clear communicator with a speedy response time. I highly recommend Lizzy for all your ConvertKit and other online tech needs. She’s fabulous.

Holly Worton

Business Mindset Alchemist

I am so glad that I contacted Elizabeth for my ConvetKit migration. Elizabeth is a true professional and definitely a ConvertKit expert. She was prompt in her communication, understanding and patient with my questions, and very knowledgeable about ConvertKit and MailChimp (my previous email provider). In addition to that, she was so organized that the entire migration was painless. I will definitely be using her again!

Jennifer Findley

Teaching to Inspire

I am one of those people who loves to create but also has a tendency to have lots of fingers in lots of pies! It got to the point that I finally admitted that I couldn’t do everything myself. Along came Lizzy… I am so glad I took the leap into outsourcing my ConvertKit transfer to her. Not only has she been a dream to work with in ensuring the process ran smoothly, her questions to me that covered things I would never have even known to ask myself, have been invaluable. Working with Lizzy has not only been a time saver but the peace of mind it’s given me that ‘everything has been done properly’ is absolutely priceless. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Jo Hodson

Health & Wellness Crusader, Including Cake

After much frustration I decided to hire Lizzy for a one hour consult. She did not disappoint! I know that what she taught me in that 1 hour would have literally taken me MONTHS to figure out on my own. She saved me an insane amount of time and I am so, so happy I paid the money to learn all that I needed to know, and more! Thank you Lizzy. You are definitely my go-to lady when it comes to ConvertKit.
Tara Thorne

Registered Nutritionist

As a best-selling online instructor my time is my most valuable commodity and hiring Elizabeth Goddard to help me set up my ConvertKit account was the best thing I could have done to assure my email funnel was set up correctly.

I admit, I should have chosen ConvertKit at the onset of my business but didn’t. I learned the hard way that setting up processes and systems correctly from the get-go can save so much time and headache later down the road.

I had gone through the ConvertKit training material first and tinkered around with the system for a week but I was overwhelmed and unsure if I set everything up correctly. So I hired Elizabeth to verify what I had done, fix my errors and show me some additional tips and tricks. I had set up the automation rules incorrectly and she helped me set them up correctly. We went through each setting to assure that the email funnel was set up perfectly.

I didn’t see ConvertKit’s true potential until she showed me what’s really under the hood of this great tool. I finally feel confident having set up my email structure correctly this time so that I can focus on what I do best. Thank you!

Cha~zay, Ph.D., C.H.

Core Freedom

Thank you. Calm, open, quick and really friendly.  Lizzy helped me big time with a ConvertKit issue I had and got me sorted within minutes. ConvertKit Certified and quick to share her knowledge.  She knows what she is doing.  Patient and tolerant.

Lizzy cut through my issue in seconds, checked it out and gave me more information than I anticipated without asking.

Would highly recommend.

Heather Love

I reached out to Lizzy for help with putting together a complex behind-the-scenes automated system for my business, beyond just a single sales funnel. I wanted to be able to segment my list and send customized messaging to different groups, based on their skill level and which classes they’ve already taken with me. I knew it was possible with ConvertKit – that’s why I switched – but beyond the technical aspects I didn’t know how to set it up logistically for maximum impact. Before our chat, it seemed like a jumbled mess and a spider web of possibilities all tangled up in my mind. After a single strategy session with Lizzy, I feel clear about what I need to do and confident enough to move forward after many months of feeling stuck in the mud. I only wish I’d found her sooner!

Jessica Barst

I am very grateful to Lizzy for migrating my Mailchimp account to ConvertKit and completely setting me up ready to go. Lizzy made the process so simple, was very responsive, and was super patient with all of my questions. She saved me a lot of time and made my transition smooth and worry free. I’ll be recommending Lizzy to anyone who’ll listen – and hope to hire her for VA work in the future also. Thanks Lizzy!
Naomi Arnold

Business & Life Passion Coach , Naomi Arnold

I had been meaning to transfer my email list to ConvertKit from AWeber for ages, and just kept putting it off. I’m so relieved that I found Lizzy. She had a clear process for the job, knew exactly what questions to ask, and was extremely thorough. She communicated well throughout the entire process and got it done way faster than I thought was possible. She saved me a ton of time, money, and headache and went above and beyond.

Sarah Peterson


Elizabeth is a wizard. I got more accomplished with her in one hour than I would have in an entire day on my own. She showed me new features inside ConvertKit that I never even knew were there. Best of all, she got my funnels up and running and my account fully optimized. She’s patient, wonderfully clear and concise in her directives, and knows her stuff, inside and out. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to work with Elizabeth, don’t hesitate. I for sure will be booking another session soon!
Jen Lehner

Jen Lehner Media, LLC

Boy!! Lizzy was TERRIFIC!! I had a massive collection of tags that I needed to create in ConvertKit! And she found a work around solution that no one else could find. Using Lizzy literally saved me a couple hundred dollars and hours of time! I would use her again in a heartbeat!

Rachel Miller

One Crazy House

If you need to know anything about ConvertKit, Lizzy is your woman. She is a font of knowledge and is always ready and willing to help. I hired Lizzy to migrate my email from Mailchimp to ConvertKit and she made the whole thing easy and seamless. She’s always happy to answer any questions and is a true pro when it comes to ConvertKit. Thanks Lizzy!

Dina Behrman

Fame Business Coach

Lizzy is AMAZING!!! She has made this transfer to ConvertKit a smoooooth experience (even when I was in a “panic” because my sequences were not working and my Instagram for business challenge has started). She came to the rescue and helped me out. Her customer service skills are Super, Super Fabulous! She makes everything look so easy.

I signed up for her ConvertKit Club, and this has been another great experience. (I really believe she is the BEST thing that ever happended to ConverKit). CK customer service is good, but nothing compare with Lizzy’s working experience. Thank you, Lizzy!

Gracie Ruth

Social Media Strategist, Social Media with Gracie Ruth

Elizabeth is pure gold. She rescued our team from ConvertKit confusion by walking us step-by-step through processes and clarifying possibilities. With Elizabeth on board, what had been a nightmare became easy-peasy.

Maia Toll

Elizabeth ROCKS. Plain & simple.

I wanted to migrate from MailChimp to ConvertKit and she took care of the lot, including showing me how it all works and creating custom step by step videos I could go back on.

I’ve hired others before and it’s also ended up feeling more hassle than it’s worth, however Lizzy knows her stuff and is happy to take the lead and advise on the back end/admin stuff (aka the stuff my head struggles understanding) – leaving me super confident it’ll get done, and done right.

I know exactly who I’ll be going to next time I need some help 😉

Ruth Ridgeway

Whole Love Daily

Lizzy is amazing. I am often nervous to try out new people to work on my site or systems, but Lizzy took control and made me feel very comfortable immediately. She happily showed me through my ConvertKit set up over Skype, answering all the questions I had and adding so much value by fixing things that were not set up correctly or as effectively as they could be. I would highly recommend Lizzy to anyone I know who needs VA support. She is a dream to work with and is so fast! Thanks Lizzy. I am glad I’ve found you.

Emma Jory

ePilates Online

From our initial contact, through the booking process and the actual training call Elizabeth was brilliant to work with. Her knowledge of ConvertKit is extensive and she was able to quickly show and explain things to me that would have taken hours for me to figure out on my own. A professional and good value service. Thanks Elizabeth.
Eileen Adamson

Your Money, Sorted


Lizzy is an absolute gem to work with.  She is meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented.  She really listened to the vision we had for our project, and was able to deliver just what we had in mind.  All of the work she did for us was delivered so professionally, and quickly.  We’ve worked with other people in the past who start to fizzle out or become less responsive as the project went on, but Lizzy was right with us til the end to perfect every last detail.  We’re so happy we found her and get to benefit from her stellar work!

Kate and Judy Moon

Business and Life Coaches, Moon Transformational Coaching

I contacted Lizzy about a quite specific piece of work I needed doing on one of my OptimizePress membership sites and within a couple days the work was completed. She was wonderful to work with, efficient and super helpful. She even gave me a mini tutorial so I could amend things myself in the future and so I had a better understanding of the plugin I was using. I’d work with her again in a flash!
Laura Agar Wilson

Health Coach, Health & Lifestyle Blogger, Freelancer, Wholeheartedly Healthy

I worked with Lizzy to design my first ever sales page and a series of opt in pages for my website.  Lizzy is brilliant at taking an idea and making it better but also is able to support the creative process and take feedback and work collaboratively, which I’ve found to be super rare in the creative world!  She made the technical aspects a breeze and the creative process fun and enjoyable.  The end result was a series of pages that I am incredibly proud of and that convert and work beautifully and a process that I enjoyed immensely – thank you Lizzy.
Mel White

naked coaching

I needed a membership site developed and Lizzy was my to go person. I loved our collaborative way of working and her willingness to find solutions to some of my creative design ideas. She’s a rare gem in the technical world. Looking forward to working on our next project together.
Karen Haller

applied colour psychology for branding & interiors, consultant and teacher,