Lizzy’s Monthly Market

I love to promote my clients/students.

I love to reward people taking action in their business.

Lizzy's Monthly Market is all about highlighting, celebrating and promoting my clients/students who've actually implemented my courses/trainings.

On the 1st of each month I'll be emailing my full list with a link to this page.

This page will remain for the whole month, until it's then replaced with the next month's Market.

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer students who took action as a result of my courses/trainings.)

Want to be a 'Stall Holder' at next month's market?

If you have purchased and implemented one of the courses below, you should now have access to the course 'Lizzy's Monthly Market' in Teachable. This course contains all the information as well as the submission form. You can submit one thing per month!

Eligible courses/trainings:

The Tripwire Training

▸ Client/Student-Only Groups FTW!

▸ The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

▸ Profitable Live Trainings

▸ The Fast Guide to Launching

▸ Make a Flash For It

▸ Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer

▸ Launch Your First Tech Service This Weekend

▸ The Profitable Playground

Does Black Friday Take You by Surprise Every Single Year?

 Map out your epic Black Friday/Cyber Monday in an afternoon (for just $9!)

In this $9 training you'll learn:

Why you definitely want to put out a Black Friday offer
Why you're not just going to attract discount hunters or train your audience to wait for your sales
8 different Black Friday offers you can make (I'm all about the minimal effort, maximum sales!)
The ethics of how to handle people who bought previously at a higher price
Your options for the practical 'how' for your Black Friday offer
How to plan the dates for your Black Friday offer
My other pro-tips for maximising your sales

"You make me want to DO things and TRY things without getting my head stuck up my own asshole with details. I've already sold over $11 million online, but struggle with finding people to learn more from because they get wayyyy too into details and perfectionism and must-dos. I really love your ideas of "just do what feels right to you, there's so much possibility!"

Leonie Dawson

Internationally best-selling author

"Even if you don't have all the kinks worked out for your offer, Elizabeth will help you see that just getting something out there, to be delivered in the near future can equal cold hard cash in your pocket. 

I'm already thinking about next year's BF and all the content I will have to bundle together for an offer."

Eden Rudin

HouseSit Hawaii

✨ Lizzy's Pick of the Month ✨
Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership

You should join Liz Wilcox's epic Email Marketing Membership.

It's honestly the most beautifully simple and useful membership I've ever joined.

For $9 a month(!), you get:

💌 One email template a week
This includes an explanation, a video walkthrough, subject lines, an outline, a detailed template and two full examples (one for service providers and one for creators).

💌 Email templates on a monthly topic
Exact same format as above. So far Liz has done flash sales, emails to increase click rates, emails to increase replies, sales emails + more!

💌 Monthly live Q&As

💌 Miscellaneous other goodies
In a folder called 'Random Stuff'. I'm here for it.

Just in case you missed it, you get all that for $9 a month! 🤩🤩🤩

When I shared this in my client/student-only group last month, they went bananas for it! 🍌

Liz is the bestest and even recorded a little video for my peeps to show them around

What d'ya say?

Give Liz Wilcox $9 and solve your 'what do I email?!' woes.

And for funsies, when you join through my link I'll send you an invite to my super awesome client/student-only group, Team EBG's Party Pad 🎉