Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July 2023

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I'm hosting my 2nd Summity event! Do you want to speak?

Applications close Friday, 28th April at 6pm UK / 1pm ET

The Elevator Pitch

Last month I made a prediction in my client/student-only group:

From mini-memberships, to the explosion in digital product shops, to templates galore, to $9 offers, to KDP and etsy and and more - low ticket is hot right now.

Some people's whole business model is low ticket, whilst others are effortlessly weaving it into a bigger ecosystem of offers at higher price points.

I'm running a virtual event (summit-style) to bring together the top, innovative brains from the online business world who are forging new ground and seeing wild success with creative high-value, low ticket offers. 

And before you ask, for the purposes of this event, low ticket is <$100 USD*. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*or $ CAD, or ยฃ GBP, or $ AUD, or โ‚ฌ EUR. It's just a rough boundary.

How it works

It's going to be a fairly regular virtual summit.

Each day of the event will consist of 4-5 pre-recorded presentations. Each presentation will be 15-20 minutes long, followed by a brief pitch/mention of a freebie from the speaker.  

Whilst the event itself will be free, there will be an option for attendees to purchase a 'Regular Play Pass' or an 'Ultimate Play Pass'. Buyers of both will be invited to join my private client/student-only Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad. This will be the place for attendees to hang out, and ask any additional questions. All speakers will be invited to join to further connect with attendees.

What's in it for me?

1. $250.
All speakers will be paid USD $250.

2. Grow your email list
Whilst we're not sharing the attendee list with speakers, you'll have the opportunity to promote a freebie at the end of the presentation. This will hopefully result in 100s, or even 1000s, of new subscribers for you, who will then go on to purchase from you either immediately (through a tripwire offer) or later.

3. 40% affiliate commissions
You will receive 40% commission for anyone who purchases the Regular Play Pass or the Ultimate Play Pass through your affiliate link. Your affiliate link(s) have a 120 day cookie, so you'll also receive 40% commission on anything else they purchase from me during that time. 

4. A complimentary Ultimate Play Pass
I'm still finalising the details of what's included, but it will likely include lifetime access to all the presentations, a private podcast feed of the event, one or more of my courses, some 'Lizzy Credit', and a selection of highly relevant premium resources from speakers and sponsors.

5. Re-use your presentation in future
You will be free to reuse your presentation recording any way you'd like in future. 

6. Exposure/profile building/visibility/etc
I'm hoping to get some really great speakers for this event, and I'm hoping to have 1000s of people signing up (see details of my past events below). Being a speaker of this event is going to get you in front of people, and who knows where that might lead... But at the same time, I'm putting this benefit last because it's a longer game and I can't predict what will come from your involvement. 

(And in the interests of full transparency... what's in it for me is: new subscribers, Regular/Ultimate Play Pass sales, and the opportunity to put on a really fun, impactful event that supports my audience).

Meet your host

Hi! If we've not met before, I'm Lizzy. ๐Ÿ‘‹ 

Iโ€™m a multi-offer online business strategist who loves to experiment, have fun, & teach the unique strategies that Iโ€™ve tried in my business (that worked - obvs! ๐Ÿ˜…)

And recently I've been having a ton of fun with low ticket offers, particularly $9 offers which you might have seen popping up on your Facebook newsfeed from my students.

But I know that we're just scratching the surface of this low ticket revolution and I can't wait to learn alongside you!

My past events

4 Day Summit

September 2021

~4,000 registrants

500+ Play Passes

~$39,000 revenue

Free/Paid Bundle Hybrid

3rd annual in December 2022

~20,000 'attendees' for free bundle

~1,150 sales of paid bundle

~$128,000 revenue

What we're looking for

We're looking for speakers who can share their experiences/expertise relating to low ticket offers (under ~$100), particularly where they implemented a unique, creative idea with great results. The results do not have to be exclusively financial, but can also include things such as an increase in time, energy, momentum, client results, happiness, confidence, etc. 

Your audience/list size doesn't matter, nor if you are a B2B or a B2C business. We're just interested in you sharing something valuable relating to low ticket offers.  

We're interested in hearing from people who actively teach others how to implement the same thing in their business, as well as those who have only implemented in their business.

If you've had people comment that what you're doing in relation to low ticket offers is a great idea, ask you how you're doing it, or have implemented similar in their business - that's probably a great fit for this summit!

Your topic can be about any area of online business as it relates to low ticket offers (e.g. list building, marketing, sales, offer design, offer delivery, pricing, reputation/credibility building, launching, 1:1 offers, digital products, etc), but it does need to be useful/relevant to a large percentage of online business owners. 

We invite you to get creative with your topic pitch! For my 2021 summit we received over 230 speaker applications and anticipate this year will be much higher.

Speaker requirements


1. Basic information so I can tell everyone how amazing you are - bio, headshot, links, etc.

2. A pre-recorded 15-20 minute presentation, with up to a 3 minute pitch of your freebie. The presentation can be slides, your beautiful face or a mixture. Full presentation instructions will be given, including prompts and a slides template. 

3. (Optional) Include a premium resource (i.e. not something thatโ€™s available for free on your website) that's highly relevant to low ticket offers in the Ultimate Play Pass. This can be something like an eBook, course, 3+ months membership, etc. This will also result in additional email subscribers when buyers of the Ultimate Play Pass sign up for your included offer.

Less Regular - please read carefully

I wanted to draw your attention to these 2 requirements as they are less typical for virtual events like this, and I want to take a moment to explain why I'm including them.

As you've seen above, I have considerable experience putting on extremely successful virtual events. I currently have an engaged email list of ~30k online business owners . I have an even more engaged client/student-only Facebook group of almost 5k online business owners (new to multi-7-figure).

My hope is to make this one of the top, stand-out virtual events in the online business space this year. I really want commitment and engagement from speakers to help me achieve this goal - as we'll all benefit from being a part of it. 

To that I'm including a promo requirement, and an exclusivity requirement.

1. Promo Requirement: During the main promo period (26th June - 9th July) you agree to send:

1 x dedicated/solo email to your full email list promoting the event

2 x social media posts where your largest/most engaged audience is promoting the event.

You will receive full swipe copy and graphics to support you with promotion.

2. Exclusivity Requirement: For the duration of the event (10th - 14th July 2023) you won't take part in any other virtual event e.g. speak at another summit or be contributing to a bundle/giveaway that's on sale/available during that time.

If you are unable to commit to these requirements, please do not apply to speak. 

Key dates

Friday, 28th April at 6pm UK / 1pm Eastern: Speaker applications close

By Friday, 12th May: Successful speakers will be contacted

Monday, 22nd May: Initial speaker information deadline

Monday, 5th June: Swipe/graphics provided to speakers & affiliates

Friday, 16th June: Presentation deadline

Monday, 26th June: Speaker/affiliate promotion begins

Monday 10th - Thursday 13th July: Low Ticket Live

Sponsorship opportunities

I'm offering a range of sponsorship opportunities for Low Ticket Live.

Please click here for more info about the sponsorship packages available.

Apply to speak

Still interested? Awesome! Let's talk about what we're looking for in our speakers...

It's extremely important to me that this event has a diverse range of speakers including race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability including physical and mental health, neurodiversity, religion, parenthood and those with caring responsibilities. 

We particularly welcome applications from those who have marginalised identities and/or find themselves underrepresented in the online business space. 

Speaker application deadline: Friday, 28th April at 6pm UK / 1pm Eastern

Any questions? Shoot us a message in the chat box over there. ๐Ÿ‘‰

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