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As part of Low Ticket Live, I hosted a Small But Mighty $9 Offers Get It Done Week for Ultimate Play Pass buyers.

I challenged them, with my team and I's support, to plan and launch a new $9(ish) offer in just a week.

It gives me great pride to present the 267(!) students who rose to the challenge!

Below you'll find their $9(ish) offers.

I invite you to take a look through what they’re offering and buy any that interest you.

So, without further ado, 6 pages of my Low Ticket Live Ultimate Play Pass peeps and their $9(ish) offers…

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer clients who took action as a result of my training.)


Ready to create your own Small But Mighty $9 Offer? Get the (meta 😉) course for just $9!