Lightning Month

Nothing will be the same after this.

Is your business kinda working, but you dream of it being so much easier and more in flow?

Are you ready to take it to the next level in a strategic, personalised way that doesn’t leave you burnt out?

Want to give your business a total overhaul so you’re actually the boss and running the show?
Is your business currently running you?!

If so, a Lightning Month is for you!

Over the course of just one month we’ll revitalise your entire business so you jump out of bed every morning absolutely hyped to sprinkle your magic on everyone you meet, plus get paid handsomely for doing it. You will be making changes and seeing results.

I’m all about small tweaks that have huge results.

I don’t have a cookie-cutter strategy – this is all about working with your strengths and specific circumstances, rather than selling you the false dream of ‘just do this one thing this exact way and you’ll make millions’ (which we all know never translates well for you and your business). Context is my queen, and as a recovering course junkie, I learnt the hard way why 1:1, personalised support is the only way to go if you’re serious about exponential business growth.

During our month working closely together I will help you:

  • Stay focused on your next steps to reaching your bigger picture goals (financial, life, impact, whatever they look like for you – your business is there to support them!)
  • Prioritise your business time and energy effectively so that you have more time off to actually enjoy your life
  • Set and hit your financial goals
  • Show up fully as the expert that you are, so that you never have the wobbles about putting your gifts out there in the world.
  • Introduce innovative, leveraged ways to serve your audience so that you grow your business without working harder or burning out
  • Ditching old products + services that make you feel kinda bleugh so that you can free up your energy to work in your Zone of Genius
  • Push yourself a little bit further than you know you can go on your own so you can step into the business you dream of
  • Call bullshit on mindset crap that’s just spinning your wheels and wasting your time
  • Get your website crystal clear because vague and confusing never sells
  • Simplify, systematise and streamline all aspects of your business so you can focus on what you do best
  • Raise your prices so that you position yourself as the true expert that you are
  • Make sure all of it is actually implemented and out there in the world – changing lives and making you money!


This is for you if…

  • You’ve been in your current business 1-3 years and it’s going pretty well
  • You’re fairly confident in what your business is and who you help
  • Some days you feel like you’re totally bossing it, and other days you have epic wobbles
  • You know you’re capable of moreyou’re just not sure what that looks like or how to get there
  • You’re ready to commit to focusing, doing the work and taking your business to the next level
  • You don’t crowdsource opinions (or at least are prepared to stop doing that!)
  • You’re ready to strategically grow your business and put in the time that takes. If you’re so busy you could cry and that’s not just a boundaries/over-delivery issue, you may be better off hiring a VA.
  • Your business model is working, but you know that to scale and grow you need to diversify your income streams
  • You’re open to the woo, manifesting, and me talking about the Universe (not a ton, but most calls!).

My first experience of business was at 7 when I sold stamps to my friends in the library at lunchtime. Apparently it’s not okay for 7 year olds to be that entrepreneurial, and my parents received a call from the school to say I had to stop doing it! From there I started buying and selling on ebay. At 17, right in the middle of my end of school exams, I opened my first ‘proper’ business – a zine distro that grew into one of the biggest and best in the UK.

In 2013 I was introduced to the world of online business. I was hooked. Not long after that I started my 2nd business, The Pillow Fort (an online shop selling physical products, a digital magazine and an absolutely life-changing facebook community for young people with chronic illness). Oh, I forgot to mention, I was too ill to work and living on disability benefits at the time. If you have limitations on your time or energy, I get it.

In the years since I’ve invested $10,000s on every sort of course, group program, 1:1 coach, mastermind and tech tool imaginable. I’ve seen behind-the-scenes of (probably) 100s of businesses as a tech virtual assistant, now as an online business strategist/coach. I’ve spent my time in the trenches and built up quite the arsenal of tips, tricks and strategies.

The missing ingredient 9 times out of 10? Context.

Following someone else’s model or strategy rarely ever works because they don’t care about you and the specific skills, experience, hopes and dreams that you’re bringing to the table. This is even more significant if your target audience isn’t fellow business owners. Having run 2 successful B2C business, I know how completely different that is. The average person on the streets has absolutely no idea what a webinar is. I’m not even sure what words are being merged there?!

That’s why 1:1 strategy/coaching is such a good investment. It’s all about you!

Why me?

  • I’ve got no system for you to follow. I’m not going to teach you to do exactly what I did and it’ll all be shiny and 6 figures. This is deeply creative and collaborative work.
  • I can provide the strategy, support and #toughlove to keep you on track, focused, working in your zone of genius, and effectively leveraging your time and content.
  • I know the tech. I’m never going to be asking you to do things that I don’t know how to do and I can’t help with.
  • I’ve got superpowers. Clarity + Messaging + Getting you to step the fuck up in your business. I can ‘see’ it so clearly for you.

What types of things will we be working on?

The work we do together will be entirely customised and personal, because a huge part of my philosophy is that context is everything and my dictating what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it is not going to benefit you in the slightest. That said though, here are some of the areas I’ve worked with clients on previously to give you an idea for the type of work we may do!

  • Your bigger picture business goals & vision
  • Your website
  • Your wider online presence (and where your traffic comes from)
  • Your numbers (including full breakdown of income and expenses)
  • What you offer and how you offer it
  • How you position yourself in your industry
  • Foundational systems (sales process, your email list, how you work with people, time management if needed, etc)
  • Simple sales funnels
  • Mindset stuff (we’ve all got it!)
  • Confidence
  • Visibility
  • Boundaries (including navigating when a problem has already arisen!)
  • Diversifying income streams (automated passive income products/courses, affiliate revenue, etc)
  • Expert status and feeling good about the fact you’re totally changing people’s lives
  • Logistics of things like email marketing (hows, whens, whats, whys)
  • Outsourcing and freeing up your valuable time and energy for your Zone of Genius
  • Simplifying parts of your business that feel clunky and overwhelming

What’s Included?

  • A pre-work workbook so I know in advance where you’re at and what you want to work on so we can make the very most of our time together.
  • 2 x 90 min strategy/coaching sessions usually on the same day.
  • 2 x 30 min follow up sessions via Zoom to be used within a month
  • 1 month of Voxer support following the day to make sure you’ve got the accountability, support and momentum to make the changes and reap the rewards
  • Unlimited (within reason) feedback on any content: sales pages, landing pages, emails, etc.
    I’m going to be making sure that every bit of content you put out there in the world is positioning you as the true expert that you are and having people clambering to work with you/buy from you. This part of my program is invaluable!
  • 3 months Get Shit Done Club membershipbi-monthly online co-working to actually do the work on your business.



USD $2,000

(or 2 x $1,100 a month apart)


Next Steps

If you’ve been in my world a while and you totally know you want to sign up for this, please email me (

If you’re pretty sure you want to do this but want to jump on a call with me first to check the vibe and ask any questions, you can book a call here.

Lizzy’s strategy sessions have become invaluable to my business. When I first started working with her I had a lot of trouble with choosing directions in my business. I had so many ideas, products, and tasks I thought I should do that I felt overwhelmed and confused as to where I should focus my attention. Lizzy was able to take that messy bunch of thoughts and ideas and help untangle it into a clear path forward toward my vision of where I wanted my business to end up.

She has this amazing ability to identify what matters and what doesn’t, and where to focus my energy to get the results I’m looking for. She challenges my assumptions and stuck ways of thinking to bring new and creative solutions to any problem I bring to her.

Every time I have a session with Lizzy I end up with a massively shortened to do list, clarity on next steps, and surprising fresh ideas that simplify my business and up my impact.

Niamh Arthur

Connection Marketing Guide and Video Mentor

Before my strategy call with Lizzy I felt a bit overwhelmed and uncertain about what I wanted to accomplish in my business. Now I feel amazing. Super clear and the belief I have is through the roof because of her belief in me. I’d recommend working with Lizzy to anyone who has basic systems and processes set up to actually have an online business running successfully, but is unsure/unclear about HOW to get it going to where it’s profitable and can be a sustainable source of income. She rocks at helping people at that stage.

I’m feeling really confident about my ability to launch my online course. A specific success I’ve had is 54 new subscribers to my list in the last 7 days, and a large part of that success is the clarity I received from working with Lizzy 1:1 – that the online course is possible AND possible super soon.

Kevin Carton

Life Coach, KC Coaching, Inc.

Before working with Lizzy I felt mostly good about my business, but in a perpetual state of “I know what I should be doing it’s jus- SHINY OBJECT.” I felt like everything is NEARLY there, but not quite. Everything could do with a polish. I felt like my main problem was that I wasn’t ‘doing enough’ and that I should just implement the strategies I already know.

After working with Lizzy I now feel really good and focused! Working on my website and brand voice is something I’ve been putting off, so it feels really good to have it as a priority. I’m now feeling clearer about what I want to talk about more in my business.

I’d recommend working with Lizzy to people that know their stuff but know they have blind spots, and want someone to point what might be creating hurdles for potential clients.

Amber Rose Thomas

Freedom & Success Coach

Before working with Lizzy, I was worried my business was not developed enough to benefit from the strategy session. I felt hopeful but this glimmer of hope was hidden beneath feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

I now have so much more clarity and the tools/motivation to narrow my focus on the things I can accomplish in the short-term and then build upon. I would highly recommend working with Lizzy to anyone who wants to cut through the excuses, find clarity and take actual steps toward improving their business.

I removed several services/resources from my website that were functioning as noise/distraction from my core offering. I clarified my message and I’m getting ready to offer potential clients a clear call to action and a seamless way to engage my services. I cannot even tell you how much more engaged I am in my business now that the fog has lifted!

I love the consistency and authenticity of Lizzy’s online/offline voice! It was as if I already knew her before our call began and we could quickly get down to business. I don’t know anyone in this market who models what they teach with as much transparency and honesty as Lizzy. It is inspiring and motivating to see the messy process of success and not just the polished results. Thank You!

Brian Peck

Room to Thrive