Business-changing question for online service providers & coaches who are still trading their time for every cent they make:

What’s the only difference between passively adding a couple hundred to your bank account each month... and hustling to sign another client to cover your upcoming bills? 

If you guessed creating a “passive” offer that you have to launch again and again, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed blogging and keyword researching non-stop, you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed…

▸ Throwing together a resources page on your website and hoping someone will eventually click on it 

▸ Trying to figure out the finer details of the perfect Pinterest strategy

▸ Or taking on a dreaded side hustle...

You’d (thankfully) still be wrong!

You started your online business for more freedom, more income, and more time.

But frankly, you don’t feel like you’ve hit on any of them just yet. It always feels like there’s a trade-off. 

If you have more time, you’re using it to sign clients or create offers that you aren’t sure anyone will buy. All the while, your upcoming bills are nagging you. 

If you sign more clients, you have more money… but suddenly, the color-coded blocks on your Google calendar are filling up, and you’re wondering where all that time and freedom went. 

This is usually where big-time coaches, gurus, & bro-marketers say, “just create a passive course that sells like hotcakes!”

Here’s the thing though: a course is far from passive. They can be ton of work without any guarantee of success. 

You can spend hours upon hours doing market research, planning, recording, and setting up all the backend funnel magic…

And you still can’t be sure it will actually add income to your business.

Plus, you have to create content to promote it, write sales page copy, pay for fancy software, and add an extra page or two to your to-do list every time you launch the dang thing.

There’s a better way to add a noticeable bump to your income each month, and it doesn’t take hours and hours of work.

It’s two words that make most online business owners feel a little squicky: 

Affiliate marketing.

If you think affiliate marketing is gross, spammy, sleazy, or the epitome of bro-marketing tactics, well, you’re not wrong. 

There are pushy affiliate marketers who won’t stop spamming your inbox. They’ve convinced everyone that affiliate marketing is inauthentic, inappropriate, and downright yucky - because that’s precisely how they approach it. 

But at its heart, affiliate marketing isn’t any of those things. 

It’s about being the super helpful, super awesome, needle-moving friend to your online business pals - no inauthentic link spamming required.

And the best part is, affiliate marketing doesn’t require blocking off hours of time. It can be woven into your day-to-day work without much noticeable effort on your part. ✨

While you’re doing #allthethings in your business, you don’t have to worry about adding yet another complicated task or content strategy to your to-do list.

In fact, you can be downright lazy about it and still make extra income each month sharing the tools, courses, and software you love. 💸

I brought in an extra $135k last year through affiliate marketing with my lazy, set-it-and-forget-it strategies.

Just in case we haven’t met - hi, I’m Lizzy! 👋

Shortly after dropping out of my master's program in 2013 due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I discovered the magical world of online business. In 2015 I set myself up as a VA and then went on to become one of the first four ConvertKit Certified Experts.

My business has morphed over the years from done-for-you services to coaching/strategy, and courses/digital products. 

Through it all, I’ve taken loads of courses and tried just about every software tool. I started sharing those that moved the needle in my business as a way to help other entrepreneurs - and found that I could lazily add affiliate payouts from $3 to $10k+ to my bank account. 

My lazy way to affiliate marketing has even put me on the affiliate leader board for some big industry names, like…

🏆 3rd on the leader board for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions launch in 2021 - which helped me land a feature in Forbes!

🏆 5th best affiliate for Denise Duffield-Thomas in 2015, despite having no list at the time.

🏆 Top 25 ConvertKit Affiliate - ya'know, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

🏆 Over $103,000 in lifetime commissions from ConvertKit, including a single payout of over $9,900.

🏆 #3 affiliate in The Contract Shop's Mid-Year Sale 2021 - after sending just one email. 

🏆 Top affiliate for the One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle in 2017 - including top affiliate for 3 of the 5 days of promotion!

🏆 Referred over 100 new members to Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership - yay recurring commissions!

🏆 2nd for most leads generated for Rebecca Tracey's Uncage Your Business launch in 2017.

(I’m always bemused when I get these leader board emails—my success with these launches is 100% lazy affiliate marketing.)


The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The course that teaches you how to add a noticeable bump to your bank account each month without resorting to any slimy marketing tactics or adding tons of extra work to your busy schedule. 

(I have two toddlers, chronic illness and ADHD, so you know I’m not faffing about with strategies that are ineffective or take up lots of brainpower!)

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“Before the course, I was a bit 'meh' about affiliate marketing. I thought it would take more effort than I'm willing to make. However, the training was laid back and swiftly actionable. I can get creative with how I approach affiliate marketing - it's not all sleaze and shameless plugs!

- Daire Paddy

"The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing is the most straightforward easy-to-implement training in affiliate marketing I've come across (and in 10 years of making money online, I've taken a lot of courses!)" 

- Laura Robinson

"Great course, can't wait to start implementing all I've learned so far and report back!"

- Carina Lawson

"Thank you, Lizzy, for encouraging me to do something easy that I have been long in resistance to. There's literally no reason not to add affiliate income to your business, no matter what you do or who you are."

- Asha Wild

"I now have an overall awareness of how putting several (or all!) of these ideas together really could lead to regularly recurring affiliate income. 🤩

Sign up and immediately block off time to work through the course, take notes, and another period of time to implement. It's SUPER do-able!"

- Angel Sullivan

“I have so many ideas now! I've got a whole list of programs to sign up with, and things to do to regularly promote affiliate offers to my audience. It feels so much easier and doable now. I used your tip during a Cyber Monday sale, and I got 6 sign-ups! I've already gotten so much out of this course. Thank you for creating it. You presented this info in such an easy to understand way that I think even beginners would walk away feeling like they could do this.” 

- Sarah Anderson

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to say that, since purchasing your course, I've got two affiliate payouts from a hosting company I recommend. I've never had anything from them in the couple of years I've had them listed on my site, and the funny thing is I've done absolutely nothing to market it! So your Lazy Guide works even when you do precisely nothing. 😀

- Sally Tudhope

"I feel really excited about affiliate marketing now! I love that it doesn't have to be hard or a huge, elaborate thing!

- Indigo Colton

"The course is super valuable and I've learned a lot about affiliate marketing from this course and it's given me the kick up the arse I need to get on with creating this as an income stream in my business. Thanks Lizzy!"

- Jenni Schanschieff

"I started with no idea how to start implementing affiliate income and left with a list of immediately actionable items that add a revenue stream just from being more thoughtful and intentional about how I share what I'm doing. And even better- there's strategies and tactics that are aligned with how I want to treat my clients. There's a way to affiliate marketing that I can be comfortable with."

- Laura Willson

"I loved the idea of infusing affiliate marketing more organically into my business vs a restrictive blogging strategy. If you're at all curious about affiliate marketing but feel lost about how to go about including it in your business, Lizzy's training is the way to go!

- Michelle Pontvert

"On our call, you mentioned how you make lots of money with affiliate marketing without even trying. And you gave me the tip of… [join the course to find out!]. That was genius! It's like...why didn't I think of that before?! It has made it very clear to me which things to focus on for affiliate sales.” 

- Sarah Guillot

"I booked an Affiliate Strategy Session with Lizzy just as I went into an affiliate promotion where it felt particularly important to me to do a great job. I’d already started the promotion, but parts of the plan were not sitting quite right with me. As a result of Lizzy’s laser-sharp thinking and smart suggestions, some of my ideas were changed 360 degrees, and I left the call feeling so much better about my plan.

As a result of this session, and doing some key things very differently than I had in previous affiliate promotions, I was astounded when I finished 2nd on the leader board. This was ahead of a number of quite heavyweight influencers whose reach was immense in comparison to mine. Which just shows the power of a great relationship with your community combined with a smartly thought out approach to the promotion – and Lizzy is just the person to help with that.

That hour spent with her paid for itself not just in affiliate commission and prizes, but also in the improved relationship and standing I have now in the eyes of the person I was promoting. Happy all round!” 

- Catherine Watkin

The only difference between adding extra passive income to your bank account and hustling to sign more clients is (lazy) affiliate marketing.

Join The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing today, so you can start getting paid for sharing the tools you love—without any sleaze, extra work, or significant changes to your business.

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