The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies for how I earn $1.5k+ a month
through affiliate marketing without really trying - minimum effort, maximum $$!

I had my very first affiliate sale back in 2014 sometime, and I was immediately hooked.

In my opinion it's the ultimate passive income - especially when it's recurring.

Despite having spent $70,000+ on coaching and courses over the years, none of that has taught me about affiliate marketing. I've never really considered it a big part of my business, because I've never put a ton of effort into it.

But ya’know what? My affiliate marketing skills ain’t too shabby:

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas' 5th best affiliate in 2015 despite having no list at the time.
  • One of ConvertKit's top 25 affiliates (ya'know rubbing shoulders with the likes of Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income)
  • Made over $45,000 lifetime commissions from ConvertKit and a single payout of over $7,000
  • Winner of the One Woman Shop Solopreneur Success Bundle 2017 affiliate leaderboard (including top affiliate for 3 of the 5 days)
  • On the Top 25 Leaderboard for Stu McLaren's TRIBE 2019 course launch
  • 2nd for most leads generated for Rebecca Tracey's Uncage Your Business launch in October 2017
  • 3rd on the leaderboard for Female Entrepreneur Association's February Friends Members Club 2018 promo
  • 29th on the leaderboard for SamCart's summer 2017 launch

I am so bemused every single time I see my name in a leaderboard email because I am 100% half-arsing my affiliate marketing.

What would even be possible if I actually put in some effort?!

I currently make at least $1500 every month from affiliate marketing.

Any other launches or promotions I get involved with are on top of that.

(That’s more than many people make a month in their full time jobs!)

Over the years I’ve sort of accidentally discovered a number of super simple, super effective strategies for maximising my affiliate marketing sales. I’ve not seen anyone else really even doing them, and certainly not teaching them.

  • Want to learn how to effortlessly bring in extra $100s to $1000s a month with 5 minutes work here and there?
  • Want to learn how to significantly increase the chances of someone signing up through your affiliate link, even in super saturated affiliate markets?
  • Want to regularly have both clients and strangers messaging you to see if you’ve got an affiliate link for something?!

If so, you’re most definitely want to join The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing!

Even if you’ve done an affiliate marketing course before, or just read a bunch of blog posts about it, I promise (yep, it’s right there in my refund policy!) that you’ll learn something new in this course. You’ll get at least a couple of new ideas that will significantly uplevel your affiliate game.

What's Included:

  • Immediate access to the full (text based) course
  • Checklists so you know exactly what steps to work on next (if you're an absolute beginner or a dabbler)
  • Specific challenges that will take you 1-2 hours but will should get you seeing results!
  • Lifetime updates and access to the course
  • Invite to my private client/student Facebook group, Team EBG's Party Pad, where I hold monthly Office Hours

Are you joining my lazy affiliate marketing revolution*?!

*okay, so it’s not a revolution… as close to a revolution as you can get on your laptop, whilst lying horizontal on your sofa/couch whilst marathoning Netflix…


Join the The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing/Revolution


I'm not B2B, is this going to be relevant to me? +

It really depends what your biz is.

Last year I recommended my real life bff Dashlane (a password manager system - yep, you bet that's an affiliate link!) and I got 6 months premium for free!

It's honestly just a bit of a mindset tweak (which I cover in the course) and suddenly you'll be seeing the potential to make/save money with affiliate marketing everywhere.

I've yet to come across a client who 100% can't incorporate a little bit of affiliate marketing into their business.

And I want to keep emphasising how low key and easy what I'm going to be teaching is. There's no complex anything for you to set up!

Plus, just because you're not B2B doesn't mean you don't know other business owners... and other business owners need software, courses, etc - just like you!

I have no list, no website visitors, no social media following because I'm new to online business. I need those things, right?! +

Nope. I don't mean to brag (but I'm hella proud of it!), but in 2015 I was Denise Duffield-Thomas' 5th best affiliate, and I had no list. I had started as a VA maybe 4 months prior.

Affiliate marketing success (at least the way I teach it) has nothing to do with conversion rates or anything like that. I am way too lazy to calculate conversion rates for the affiliate marketing stuff I do.

I AM SO BUSY. How much time do I need for this? +

There's so many ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into your business (which I cover in the course). Some obviously take more time than others, but it can be as little as 5 - 10 mins a couple of times a month.

Like anything, the more you do, the better the results, but for me, at this point, I'm spending maybe 5 hours a month specifically on affiliate marketing and getting the kind of results I am.

Affiliate marketing is hands down the easiest way I know to make money. I say it's worth finding little bits of time for!

Isn't affiliate marketing scammy? +

I don't feel scammy. Do you think I'm scammy? I really hope not. I only recommend products I've personally used.

When businesses are promoting their products and services - who better to do so than the people who actually use them? They're just thanking you for doing marketing for them.

Do you have a refund policy? +

I do! I do!

If you don't feel like you've learnt anything new or useful for your business in this course, let me know within 1 week of purchase and I'll refund you in full.

  • I have so many ideas now! I've got a whole list of programs to sign up with and things to do to regularly promote affiliate offers to my audience. It feels so much easier and doable now. I used your tip during a Cyber Monday sale and I got 6 sign ups! I've already gotten so much out of this course. Thank you for creating it. You presented this info in such an easy to understand way that I think even beginners would walk away feeling like they could do this.
    Name Sarah Anderson
  • On our call you mentioned how you make lots of money with affiliate marketing without even trying. And you gave me the tip of… [join the training to find out!]. That was genius! It's like...why didn't I think of that before?! It has made it very clear to me which things to focus on for affiliate sales.
    Name Sarah Guilliot
  • Before the course I was a bit 'meh' about affiliate marketing, I thought it would take more effort than I'm willing to make. However the training was laid back and swiftly actionable. I can get creative with how I approach affiliate marketing - it's not all sleaze and shameless plugs!
    Name Daire Paddy
  • I wanted to drop you a quick line to say that, since purchasing your course, I've got two affiliate payouts from a hosting company I recommend. I've never had anything from them in the couple of years I've had them listed on my site, and the funny thing is I've done absolutely nothing to market it! So your Lazy Guide works even when you do precisely nothing 😀
    Name Sally Tudhope
  • I booked an Affiliate Strategy Session with Lizzy just as I went into an affiliate promotion where it felt particularly important to me to do a great job. I’d already started the promotion, but parts of the plan were not sitting quite right with me. As result of Lizzy’s laser sharp thinking and smart suggestions some of my ideas were changed 360 degrees and I left the call feeling so much better about my plan.

    As a result of this session, and doing some key things very differently than I had in previous affiliate promotions, I was astounded when I finished 2nd on the leaderboard.  This was ahead of a number of quite heavyweight influencers whose reach was immense in comparison to mine.  Which just shows the power of a great relationship with your community combined with a smartly thought out approach to the promotion – and Lizzy is just the person to help with that.

    That hour spent with her paid for itself not just in affiliate commission and prizes, but also in the improved relationship and standing I have now in the eyes of the person I was promoting. Happy all round!
    Name Catherine Watkin Selling from the Heart

Are you joining my lazy affiliate marketing revolution*?!

*okay, so it’s not a revolution… as close to a revolution as you can get on your laptop, whilst lying horizontal on your sofa/couch whilst marathoning Netflix…


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