Elizabeth Goddard and The Shower Gods® present

The Kitchen Sink* Offer Party

The Kitchen Sink Offer Party has now ended.

All my current offers are on my Everything Page®️

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The Kitchen Sink Offer Party contained...

Offer #1: The "Behind The Scenes" Bundle ($500)

If you’ve ever seen me take an idea from "I’ve been blessed by The Shower Gods®" to "I did a thing" and asked yourself… "I wonder how she did all that" — wonder no more! 😉

With this bundle of debriefs, I’m peeling back the curtain to show you how I’ve planned, executed, and evaluated some of my biggest ideas.

You’ll get access to 7 behind-the-scenes debriefs, plus a private podcast feed for on-the-go listening 🎧.

Highlights include (all 6-figure+ launches!):

🎁 Lizzy’s Christmas Party® 2022 Debrief (82 mins)
My annual hybrid bundle that brought in more than $158,000 in revenue and 19,916 opt-ins in 2022

💬 One To Many Affiliate Launch 2023 Debrief (82 mins)
The story of how I almost didn’t promote this program, found the right positioning and bonuses and ultimately made 88 affiliate sales (while staying true to myself and my values)

🌙 Silver Moon Sales®️ Founding Member Launch Debrief (59 mins)
How I took this from the seed of an idea to a full-blown program (including tech and messaging tweaks made along the way)

🎫 Low Ticket Live® 2023 Debrief (96 mins)
How I turned my prediction for 2023 into a summit attended by 8,660+ online business owners (with ~3,460 new-to-me email subscribers)

➕ Also included:
$12k launch of a $29 repurposed free offer (22 mins)
Lowering the price of Make a Flash For It (24 mins)
Presalepalooza Debrief (30 mins)

💖 "Your in-depth reviews (e.g. the affiliate launch for One To Many) are SOOOOOO incredibly powerful. You're delivering incredible value!" - Sarah 

Offer #2: How to Create and Sell Something Before You're Ready ($9)

Are you getting in your own way when it comes to creating and selling your next brilliant offer?

With this training, you can steal my super simple creation and sales process, keep those mindset gremlins at bay, and finally do the thing. 🙌

How to Create and Sell Something Before You're Ready will show you how to get unstuck from procrastination mode and finally take action… 🚀

Can I be brutally honest?

Your obsession with only doing things when they're “ready” is costing you.

By waiting until things are perfect to create and sell your offer, you’re…

😢 Stopping potential sales from coming your way

😢 Preventing people from accessing your unique ideas/approach

😢 Letting down the ideas you’ve been given

😢 Constantly left wondering ‘what if?'

It’s your duty to show up and get your ideas into the world — no matter how scary it may feel right now.

Offer #3: Low Ticket Live® Play Pass ($100)

Get inspired to create your next high-value, low ticket offer with creative ideas from the top innovative brains in the online business world.

29 innovative biz brains spoke at Low Ticket Live®️.

Each one was hand-selected to share the unique ways that they’re creating, marketing, or selling high-value low ticket offers.

By the end of Low Ticket Live®️, you’ll be...

🌟 super inspired to incorporate one (or two, or three, or more!) low ticket offers into your
business ecosystem

🌟 ready to mix up how you integrate low ticket offers into your business

🌟 excited to try out the new strategies you’ve learned for positioning, marketing, & selling your
low ticket offers

💖 "There was at least 1 speaker each day that blew my doors off. Taken lots of notes and I've been wholly encouraged to get something done!" 

💖 "It honestly gave me permission to completely change my business model in a way that is much more aligned and gives me freedom to be more creative for years to come. I love how specific this summit was. It has a specific outcome. Low ticket offers. Most summits are most broad or conceptual in their themes. This was more tangible." - Audrey

Offer #4: Email Rockstars Retirement Sale ($797 $200)

How To Make Email Marketing Painless and Profitable
(even if the thought of writing to your list gives you cold sweats 😅)

A no-nonsense, self-study course for online business owners who are ready to turn their email
list into the money-making machine it can be - without feeling gross, salesy, or spammy.

Let's take you from nervous “sorry you haven’t heard from me in so long” sender, to confident
email rockstar with a strategy that’s profitable and easy to stick to.

When you become an Email Rockstar you'll:

🤘 Ensure subscribers are clear from the outset that you're a business and you have (paid) solutions to their problems.

🤘 Have a feel-good email marketing strategy that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your business.

🤘 Feel really excited to email your list as you're fully confident that you're going to be serving and making sales.

🤘 Send emails that your audience is really excited to read (and buy from!)

… AND, even more importantly, you’ll finally feel like a total Rockstar every time you send an email and watch the sales roll in! 😎

🤔 You might be wondering... "why is Email Rockstars retiring?"

I've been doing email marketing for almost 17 years(!). I've been teaching it for over 8 years (first as one of the first 4 ConvertKit Certified Experts in 2016), and then more generally.

It's just not what I want to do/teach in this way anymore.

The Shower Gods® told me it was time to retire it, and I do what they say. 🤷‍♀️

Please be reassured this is a relevant and valuable course. I've been actively selling it until very recently.

Offer #5: The "Playground Snippets" Bundle ($220)

Need guidance on your next launch? A reminder to keep things simple? How about a pep talk on balancing business and family life?

This bundle of 22 clips, taken from weekly group calls in The Profitable Playground® (now retired), is like having me in your back pocket, ready to deliver business advice and remind you that you’re not riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster alone 🎢.

You’ll get 22 powerful coaching/riffing snippets, covering the following topics:

✨ Being a Parent & Running a Business (29 mins)

✨ Conversion Rates & Launch Goals (9 mins)

✨ On extending cart open period/launch (8 mins)

✨ Engagement in your higher priced programs (11 mins)

✨ My marketing minimums (15 mins)

✨ Defining your work time as a parent and a business owner (12 mins)

✨ Options for taking a holiday/vacation when you do weekly group calls (7 mins)

✨ What's working for sales webinars? (12 mins)

✨ Hosting bundles vs. hosting summits (6 mins)

✨ Purchasing the CloneYOU® course as an asset (8 mins)

✨ Keeping big bunnies hopping (8 mins)

✨ Leaderboards and prizes in big affiliate launches (26 mins)

✨ How to shift from thinking that I constantly need to generate leads by creating more and more of free content? (11 mins)

✨ Bye Bye 2021 flash sale (6 mins)

✨ Handling customer support questions related to your content (9 mins)

✨ Early bird bonuses (12 mins)

✨ What does a fully hopped bunny look like? (4 mins)

✨ Pep talk about selling more evergreen/ self-study courses (6 mins)

✨ What's the difference between a Day of Voxer and a VIP Day? (9 mins)

✨ Hiring VA support (8 mins)

✨ Selling from a place of scarcity/actually needing funds (8 mins)

✨ Manufactured Urgency and "Decision Making Containers" (12 mins)

💖 “Thank you so much for sharing this. As a business creator and mom of 2 kids under 10 who has been struggling with finding THAT balance, your experience resonates so highly and validates something that I’ve thought for a long time: that it IS possible to love your business passionately without it being a sign you love your kids less. Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone in how I feel and believe.” - Tahiana

Offer #6: Lizzy's 2022 Annual Review ($50)

Ever wondered what life actually looks like for someone running a high multi-6 figure business with ADHD, chronic illness, and two small children? 😅 While I’ve yet to figure out a way to give you access to my busy brain 🧠, my year in review is the next best thing!

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, this recording (2 hours, 10 mins) gives you a full breakdown of how I ran my business in 2022, including:

❤️ Who’s on my team and what levels of support I have in my business

📅 A month-by-month breakdown of my life & business — from launches and collaborations to holidays and illness (and all the last-minute changes in between)

✉️ My 2022 list growth and what went well for bringing new subscribers into my world

💰 My revenue breakdown, including how it compares to previous years and how much $$ each offer/program brought in

🎧 Audio access via a private podcast feed for on-the-go listening

💖 "I listened to your 2022 debrief on the audio feed multiple times last year. Always gained new insights each time." - E

Offer #7: Biz Models Working Together ($200)

Want to do ALL the things in your business, but still want it to feel harmonious and (at least somewhat) put-together? 😌 Learn how to make money in your business through multiple offers and channels, without burning out or confusing the heck out of your audience! 💸

In this training, I’ll show you how to build a business that allows you to take fast, fun action with paid live trainings, courses and live rounds… while ALSO leveraging income streams like affiliate marketing, 1:1 coaching, a membership, done-for-you services, etc. ⚖️ 

(Spoiler alert: you CAN have it all! 🤩)

In this 1 hour, 40 min training (broken down into bite sized lessons), I cover things like:

👉 why having loads of offers and income streams is great

👉 building up different income streams over time

👉 how to distinguish between your offers so your audience doesn't get confused

👉 how to see what your business 'is'

👉 how I break down my work to-dos into manageable projects

👉 how I plan out my launches and promos

👉 subtle selling

👉 the importance of core/signature offers (but not in the way you're usually taught!)

👉 how all your different content, freebies and offers can fit together and swirl people deeper into your ecosystem

👉 why you want to start with paid offers, and *not* growing your list

🎧 it also includes a private podcast feed for on-the-go listening

This was previously an exclusive training in The Profitable Playground® (now retired).


"This training has become my fav... so amazing! It has single handedly removed all my wobbles for the “bigger picture” of how my other offers fit into my PLTs!” - Jonathan

"Loved “Biz Models Working Together” 🙌🏻 It turns out I’ve been doing some of the things, and had actually stopped doing other things, so I’m looking forward to getting things (how many times can I say “things”? 😂) operating in a more cyclical nature so there’s less start/stop motions going on with my online offerings in my business." - Claire

*"Everything but the kitchen sink" is an expression meaning everything imaginable. I have dozens of offers on my Everything Page® but everything in this Offer Party isn't currently on there so I'm saying they're the 'kitchen sink' that's not included in everything. Gettit? I hope you get it. 😅

Update 28th February: Since announcing this Offer Party, I have been made aware that PLR of the Month Club has been using the name 'Kitchen Sink' for a couple of different things for 5+ years. I did not copy the name from them and they did not copy the name from me. I would never intentionally use/borrow/copy anything without credit/permission. It's just a great offer name that works for both of us!

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