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This is really embarrassing to admit...

I didn't realise that publicity is a strategy available to everyone, at any business stage.

I thought that publicity opportunities were just something that 'happened' the bigger you got.

Sure, I'd been on a few podcasts, done some summits, written a few guest posts... but I was always invited/asked.

Until Selena Soo's Impacting Millions launch last year I legit didn't realise you could pitch for these opportunities. 

I thought publicity was something you're given.

I didn't realise publicity is something you can proactively get.

I thought publicity was something you're given.
I didn't realise publicity is something you can proactively get.

So in 2020 I joined Selena Soo's Impacting Millions and upped the ante.

I was invited to a few of these, but I approached the opportunity in a totally new way with what I learnt in Impacting Millions. 

And the results... huge audience growth and lots of new paying clients/students! 🎉

And these new people in my world are so warm/engaged! 😍

They've listened to me talking for 30+ minutes.
They've heard my teaching style.
They've probably heard a few of my stories or quirks. 

If you had the opportunity to speak directly to 10 people, 50 people, 100 people,
for 30 mins on a topic of your choosing - you'd say yes, right?!

That's what a podcast interview or a guest expert spot is!

My Impacting Millions Publicity Power Pack

I'm obsessed with helping online business owners dream bigger, implement faster, and creatively serve their audience in a win-win way. And here’s the deal: I believe getting publicity is one of the best ways to do that.

Soooo… when you join Impacting Millions through any of the buttons on this page, you’ll also get a whole lot of bonuses provided by yours truly to take your Impacting Millions experience and results to the next level.

My bonus pack is half personalised support and actionable training. 

It’s created with love so you can go through Impacting Millions with the close support of someone who’s committed to the same journey you're on to reach and impact more people. 

Impacting Millions is closed until 2022.
Join my wait list 👇

In the meantime, you will also receive my sporadic, super valuable newsletter type emails about all things online business, including products and services I think you might like. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

People who received a similar bonus pack I offered as an affiliate for a different program:

"I like how you can cut through the fluff and be super strategic and still see feel/understand woo/energy stuff. You're so good at spotting underlying assumptions that can be gumming up the system (and not getting mired in the swirling thought patterns that result). I love that you can question all the right things to get me thinking in a different way and self-reflecting. And I love that you share your insights and still respect other people may feel/think differently and do it their way. I so appreciate all of this, because I know even professionally trained coaches struggle with this. And you know that business is meant to be FUN! And you keep reminding people of that. It's so refreshing for someone to be so strategic and efficient and not value the hustle above all else. Serious mindset goals.

I really appreciated having your direct support at such a critical point in my business. I feel like I've begun to build such a solid foundation under your mentorship. I fully expect to be looking back and crediting my success to your help in the future!”

Tori Clissold

"I looked at quite a few bonus providers, including Amy Porterfield, but your personal attention, willingness, and accessibility was the clincher for me!

Mindy Schulz

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join
Impacting Millions through my link

Buckle up - it's quite the list! 😉

NEW SUPER BONUS: In-Person VIP PR Day in London

Join Lisa Johnson and I for a full day in-person VIP day to learn from and connect with journalists, podcast coaches, PR peeps, speaking trainers + more!

Oh, and if you don't know who Lisa Johnson is, she's a multi-7 figure UK business coach who went viral on Forbes! 🤩 

This bonus is going to be epic.

(This day will happen much later this year when hopefully most travel restrictions have lifted 🤞).

NEW Guest Workshop: Quiet Visibility Workshop with Ruth Poundwhite

Just because you’re nervous, introverted, awkward or feel like an impostor doesn’t mean you haven’t got something important to share with the world. In this bonus workshop with Ruth Poundwhite, business coach & mentor to sensitive humans, you’ll learn:

How to know whether a visibility strategy just isn’t right for you vs. being an opportunity to stretch your comfort zone
How to see your sensitivity & awkwardness as your superpowers (in a way that makes visibility MUCH easier)

How to look after yourself when you’re scared, or you’re hit with a ‘vulnerability hangover’

And ultimately, how to trust that your right people are waiting for you to show up for them (imperfectly)

And this isn’t about “faking it” and pretending to be someone you’re not. This comes from someone who went from painfully shy and avoiding social media at all costs, to hosting her own podcast, being interviewed by other business owners and who has a book coming out later this year.

NEW Workshop: Putting Yourself Out There for Un-Shiny People

I get it. I really do. Selena is super shiny. She has great hair, wears beautiful clothes and lives in freaking Puerto Rico?! 

In this 3-4 hour workshop (workshop - not my usual training!) we're going to go deep into the mindset junk that holds you back from helping the people you're supposed to help. 

This is going to be an interactive workshop with plenty of opportunity to get to know some of your fellow un-shiny Impacting Millions students!

Come along and let's turn your mess into your unique magic! ✨

Below you will find an uncomprehensive list of reasons I am not a shiny person. I doubt you thought I was shiny, but I'd prefer to give you this list than take an actual photo of me right now 😅

An uncomprehensive list of reasons I am not a shiny person

- I'm nearly always wearing leggings with holes and/or mess during my calls.

- I regularly unapologetically reschedule calls (and podcast interviews!) because I'm mum to 2 toddlers in a freaking pandemic.

- I haven't got my eyebrows properly sorted out in over a year.

- My hair is down to my bum. I haven't had it cut in over 2 years (children then pandemic).

- For the longest time it was my dream to fly first class in Converse. (Achieved January 2018 ).

- I'm carrying 36lb of extra pandemic chub. (A smidge of that went on from adoption stress pre-pandemic).

- I won a prize for dinner at my favourite restaurant, and I chose my local cafe because they do vegan, gluten free food and they accept my noisy/messy family

- Writing this list, my toddler just came to tell me that her nappy/diaper has leaked.

- I've never had a manicure (except for our wedding).

- It's been over a year since our girls stopped using dummies/pacifiers and I still regularly find them stashed all over the place.

- I previously joined a $20k mastermind pretty much with the sole purpose of demystifying shiny people. (It turns out they're lovely, but it's okay I'm never going to be one of them).

All that, and I still made $460k over the past 12 months my way because I put myself out there more than ever. 💁‍♀️

#1: Popup Facebook group + Voxer Office Hours
for The 60-Day Impact Challenge

Selena runs a 60-Day Impact Challenge, and whilst the official Impacting Millions Facebook group is awesome, I'm going to be offering a popup group for the duration of the challenge. Our group will be a much more intimate place to work through the course, get my expert eyes on your business, and celebrate your every win and achievements.

We'll also have 4 x Voxer Office Hours where you’ll get my support via Voxer between 9am and 7pm UK. This is the equivalent to 4 x 1:1 coaching calls with me! 

(Not sure what Voxer is? It’s a free walkie-talkie type of app where we can exchange text and voice messages)

#2: $500 of Lizzy Credit (er... $500!)

I've got so many courses and trainings, I want you to be able to pick the ones that are most helpful to you! I’ll give you $500 credit to be spent on anything with me in the next 6 months!  

Yes, this includes 1:1 offers, and yes, you can also get any special offers/bonuses/etc!

#3: Half Day of Voxer ($300)

Let's spend a half day (4 hours) talking back and forth about your business. 

These Voxer sessions are so incredibly powerful and my clients regularly experience huge shifts and lightbulb moments. 

Your choice of times: [9am - 1pm UK] or [2pm - 6pm UK / 9am - 1pm Eastern]. 
To be used by 28th February 2022. 

#4: Promotion of your business to my list and on my site

I want to share you with my audience of over 12,000!

I regularly promote my clients/students to my list and on my site - often resulting in dozens of new subscribers and buyers. 

Later this year (once you've had a chance to really dig into Impacting Millions and implement what you've learnt) I'll be sharing you in a roundup to my full list. Yay for guaranteed publicity! 

#5: Online Course: Email Rockstars ($397)

One of the reasons I love publicity so much is how effective it is for growing your list. 

Email Rockstars is my no-nonsense, self-study course for online business owners who are ready to turn their email list into the money-making machine it can be - without feeling gross, salesy, or spammy. 

Let's take you from nervous “sorry you haven’t heard from me in so long” sender, to confident email rockstar with a strategy that’s profitable and easy to stick to.

Effortlessly grow your list, woo your subscribers and confidently make $$ from every email you send! 🤘

Lizzy Credit alternative if you previously purchased Email Rockstars in 2021. 

#6: Online Course: The Tripwire Training ($47)

If you’ve got even a tiny trickle of new subscribers coming in, you can be making surprise money and getting paid to grow your list with a tripwire offer. In this course, I’m giving you the quick and easy lowdown on creating tripwire offers in your business. 

Why does that matter for publicity? Because you can make money whilst you grow your list! This is a 2-3 hour task that will continually get you money and new super fans.

#7: Exclusive training: Making the most of Summits/Bundles

In this brand new, exclusive training I'll be sharing all my top tips to make the most of taking part in summits, bundles, interview series, etc. Having done lots as both a contributor and an organiser, I'll be sharing not only how I've successfully added 1000s to my list, but also how to turn them into clients and students. 

#8: Training: Lizzy's Christmas Party Debrief ($100)

In December 2020 I organised a 'Christmas Party' to promote and celebrate my clients/students. Over 3,500 signed up!

In this 1 hour, 40 min debrief training I cover:

How I came up with the idea
How I planned/organised it
What went well, what didn't go so well, what I'd do differently in future
And of course, all the numbers and stats!
BONUS: All my pages and forms.

#9: Podcast Pitch Review with my Copy Coach

Send one of your podcast pitches in for a review with my Copy Coach, Alex Waggoner.

She'll review it and provide you with detailed video feedback with ideas to improve or polish your pitch so you feel 100% confident sending it out!

#10: 'Promo Your Publicity Wins' Template Pack

This template pack has everything you need to promote the heck out of your publicity wins - podcast interviews, guest posts, features, etc. 

You've got:

Fully customisable Canva templates for a range of social media sizes 
Email and social media caption templates
Tutorial videos about how to create nifty mockups

Are we doing this? 🤩

People who received a similar bonus pack I offered as an affiliate for a different program:

I really value your experience and common sense advice, and I think that your perspective offers a calm safety net for the frenzy of content. You’re personal, spontaneous and accessible.

Hearing about the this program from a trusted source like Lizzy is invaluable in helping decide whether the training is worth it. Having her hold your hand through the process is just icing on the cake.

Paul Einarsen

Bluewater Imaging LLC

"I find value in any course or training I have purchased through Lizzy. Her method of teaching leads to clarity and next step action."

Lea-Ann McGregor

Knitting Today

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Got questions? I got answers. 

I'm just starting my business... Impacting Millions isn't for me, right?

Here's something I didn't realise until I did Impacting Millions... 

💭 Think of one of your fave online business people...

They've appeared on podcasts, have fancy Forbes/Business Insider features and generally just seem to be 'everywhere'...

They haven't received the publicity because they're fancy big names...
they're fancy big names because of the publicity they've received!

And they likely pitched for a lot of that publicity! 🤫

Publicity is available to you right now, no matter where you are on your business journey.

If you haven't already, definitely check out my Grow Your Online Business Fan Club free training where I explain this a lot more. There's a sign up link at the bottom of this page too.

Impacting Millions is out of my budget.

Impacting Millions is a fantastic program. But you shouldn't put yourself under a ton of financial strain to join. Most people don't work well under that kinda pressure.

A couple of thoughts/ideas for you:

There is an extended payment plan (12 monthly payments of $297). And Selena has provided some funding ideas here

Make the most of the free training + resources Selena provides in her publicity video series whilst it's still available!

If I join through your link, will I still get Selena's Impacting Millions bonuses?

Yes! When you join through one of the links on this page you'll get both my Publicity Power Pack and all of Selena's bonuses as listed on the sales page.

I’ve taken Impacting Millions before. Can I get your bonuses too?

If you've rejoined for Impacting Millions 2021, you can get this bonus pack to support you for $1,297, or 6 monthly payments of $230.

Want in? Shoot me a message using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page, and I’ll get you signed up.

It's a different question...

Cool cool. Shoot me a message in my chat box (bottom right of this page) or email me ([email protected]) or send me a Voxer message (username: marchingstars).

So… ready to make 2021 your Impact year?

Then here’s how to join Impacting Millions and claim my bonus Publicity Power Pack:

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Join Impacting Millions through my link - all you gotta do is click on the link below.

2. Forward

After joining, forward your receipt to [email protected]

3. Get ‘em bonuses

You’re in! 🎉 You’ll hear from me via email with the release schedule for your bonuses.

😕 Need help deciding if this is right for you? 😕

Impacting Millions is an amazing program, but it’s true - it might not be the best fit for everyone. If you’re not sure this is exactly what you need, let’s talk it out. 

Reach out using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page, and let me know what’s on your mind. I'm 100% not going to 'pressure' you into joining or anything like that - I super respect that this is a big investment and decision. 

I just know that sometimes it can be helpful to talk through these things with someone who gets it, and I’m happy to answer any Qs about the program and share more about my experience with Impacting Millions and getting publicity. 

Let's chat in that chat box over there 

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