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A little over 24 hours ago my wife and I had an idea.

The topic of implementation has been coming up a lot recently.

My ConvertKit Rockstars absolutely loved the content and made huge shifts in their businesses, but they struggled to find time to implement. So I ran a 2-hour co-working/implementation session on Zoom where they could come along, focus on doing the doing, get answers to their questions from me, and then leave having done some actual work.

A few days later, I posted a poll in ConvertKit Club and asked them if they'd be into doing co-working/implementation sessions. The response was overwhelmingly, ‘hell yes!'.

Iiiiinteresting… there's something here…

The idea for an implementation/co-working group started forming… but what would it include?

  • Weekly? That's too much for us to commit to..
  • Bi-monthly? Yes, that feels good.
  • What if that time is all wrong for people? What if people can't do weekdays? 1 x 5 hour implementation day every other month, on a weekend. Yes, that feels good too.
  • Facebook group? Yes.. we can answer tech questions. Wait, no… we need to keep this more simple and focus on the one goal – implementation. No group.
  • Oh, oh, we could do a monthly guest expert training on productivity! Nope, people don't need more content, that's the problem!
  • Slack? Ugh, no, I hate Slack (even though Emma loves it).
  • Any other bonuses we can throw into the mix? Hmmm, well I do have a huge library of training videos that I recorded for a client's membership site… I've wanted to do something with those for ages.
  • Discount for our in-person events? We've wanted to do these for years. Yes, throw that in, that'll help us actually do them!
  • Anything else? Let's do a free month so people can try it out!

Get Shit Done Club. Perfect. Check if the domain is available. Try a few variations. Nope, Never mind. We still love it. What's next?

  1. Create Team EBG website (this is our first legit joint project, so now's as good a time as any to put that domain and beautiful logo to use!).
  2. Write Get Shit Done Club sales page.
  3. Buy a cute graphic from Creative Market. Make a cute graphic in Canva. Put it on the sales page.
  4. Spend another 15 mins looking at graphics by the same person on Creative Market. Nope, we don't need another. This is fine.
  5. Install Facebook pixel on the site and sales page. Create a custom audience and conversion.
  6. Sign up for Teachable. Figure out how it works. Upload my tech tutorial videos. Make another Canva graphic for that.
  7. Set up a checkout page on SamCart. Yep, that involves another Canva graphic.
    (Also see: Selling your first product with SamCart in under 29 mins!)
  8. Set up tag in my ConvertKit.
  9. Create discount coupon for my ConvertKit Club members.
  10. Create a thank you page and set that in SamCart.
  11. Realise I've got the wrong colour and a typo on all the graphics. Redo in Canva. Sigh.
  12. Set up a Google Calendar. Pick dates for the rest of the year. Embed Google Calendar in Teachable.
  13. Go back and put the upcoming dates on the sales page.
  14. Integrate SamCart with Teachable through Zapier. Upgrade Teachable plan so it works. Test, test, test.
  15. Set up affiliate program in SamCart and add the details to Teachable.
  16. Add all the info about how it works into Teachable (so people don't get a ton of emails when they sign up).
  17. Sort out Facebook share settings.

Nervously look at each other. Are we done? Is it ready?

Post on personal and business pages.

First sale comes in within about 15 mins.

Email my list. This is controversial for 2 reasons:
1. Enrollment opens for ConvertKit Rockstars in 2 days time and I know confusing people like that is risky. Do it anyway and explain that I'm just super excited, I know I'm breaking the rules, but whatever.
2. It's a Saturday. Who launches a big new thing on a Saturday?!
Link/make reference to my upcoming launch and hit send anyway.

Sit and refresh for a while. Watch a few more sales come in. Get some lovely replies to my email about how genius/hilarious what we've created is.

Order takeaway to celebrate our efforts.

Eat takeaway.

Write this blog post.

Whilst Get Shit Done Club is sadly no more (we decided to close in August 2018, just over a year after we opened), I share the exact process for getting things launched quickly into the world in my training: The Fast Guide to Launching.

Get Shit Done Club was my second membership offer. I've since taken Stu McLaren's TRIBE course and joined The Membership Guys' Member Site Academy, and learnt a whole lot more about running successful memberships!