GDPR & ConvertKit Tutorials

Feeling overwhelmed with all the GDPR information out there?

Not sure where on earth to begin implementing in ConvertKit,
or what your options even are?!

Once you've decided what you're going to do to get your business GDPR compliant, you do need to know the how.

That's what this training is all about - it's a collection of tutorials that will show you how to do different things inside ConvertKit that I've seen people requesting relating to becoming GDPR compliant.

What's Included

(Some of these solutions are rather genius if I do say so myself! I've not seen other people teaching them or talking about them, but they may make your life a whole lot easier).

  • I was utterly stuck on how to get the check box I needed for GDPR into my website's forms and the deadline was looming. Both ConvertKit and Thrive Themes told me it wouldn't be possible in time or I'd have to hire a techy programmer. Then Elizabeth's lateral thinking came up with a solution so elegant and easy to implement that I had it done in under five minutes. Grateful is an understatement.
    Clare Josa, Author of Dare to Dream Bigger Clare Josa, Author of Dare to Dream Bigger
  • This is AMAZING, Elizabeth!!! Knowing how to implement the various technical options is FANTASTIC in helping to make decisions on how I want to implement this in my business.
    Karie Price Karie Price

  • I am so appreciative of Lizzy's training resources to give peace of mind around the GDPR regs... but much more than that, I appreciated her continued 'live' help and advice in her ConvertKit Club Facebook group no matter how big or small the questions as I battled my way to implement the updates. Her fast and indepth responses were so invaluable.
    Jo Hodson Jo Hodson
  • Her training is absolutely fantastic and has solved all my problems. Elizabeth has really taken the headache out of GDPR compliance. I'm now confident in the choices I've made for my website and email list based on Elizabeth's very simple and clear videos.
    Mamta Roos Mamta Roos

Yes, this training is for ConvertKit users both inside and outside the EU (European Union).

I'm afraid GDPR will affect you if you have any EU based subscribers!

Get immediate access to the full training, as well as any future updates.

USD $29

Help me with this GDPR stuff!

Please be aware that I am completely unable to provide any legal recommendations relating to GDPR compliance.
My knowledge only goes as far as what's technically possible in ConvertKit and the implications of that!