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This is controversial but important.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ‘funnels' are not (really) a thing.

Funnels are just the process of taking a person who has not come across you before, to becoming a subscriber, to becoming a client/customer, to becoming a repeat client/customer, to becoming a raving fan.

There are millions of ways to do that… and it'd be totally legit to call them all funnels.

There are certainly different types of funnels e.g. automated webinar funnels, video series funnels, funnels that have a PDF freebie or an evergreen challenge and then pitch a course, etc, but even then those all mean wildly different things to different people.

Your business does need a funnel, yes, but to say “my business needs a funnel” as though that means something… I'm afraid it doesn't…

Unless you don't have a website, any business social media, landing pages, sales pages, anything, you've probably already got some funnels in your business if previous strangers are at least occasionally buying things from you. ?

Funnels aren't defined things that exist and then you fill in the blanks (as much as some internet marketers would like us to believe!) – they depend entirely on your unique business: what you sell, who your audience is, where your audience is finding you from, etc.

The point of my telling you this today?

I don't want you to:

1) think that ‘funnels' are this magical solution that makes businesses magically start making loads of money


2) think that ‘funnels' are something other people know about but you don't, and you have to pay a ton to have some funnel expert teach you about funnels.

I feel like ‘funnels' has just become this massively over-used word, that no-one has ever agreed on the meaning of, and it's causing lots of people to feel like outsiders because they don't really understand or get it ?

I felt like this for ages. I felt I couldn't talk about funnels or help people because actual funnel experts know something I don't… and it's not true. Having worked with some ‘funnel experts' and watched some of their trainings… idk… there's really no secret and I'm not always very impressed with what they're saying… ?

If you have been swept up in the funnel craze, here's my challenge to you:

The next time you go to say something like “I know I need a proper funnel to grow my business!”, I encourage you to get more specific about the hurdles you're facing in your business and the possible solutions to overcome them e.g.

I've got dozens of new subscribers every day… but none of them turn into paying customers… what am I missing?


Loads of people watch my Facebook Lives and tell me they love them, but how do I get them on my list?

You see the difference in how much more practical those questions are?