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By January 2018 I had quite a few different freebies and paid offers.

So I set up an ‘Everything Page™’.

What’s an Everything Page™?

An Everything Page™ is a page on your site that lists/links to all your free and paid offers.

(This is taken from Wholeheartedly Laura’s Everything Page.)

Why did I create an Everything Page™?

  • Being open and honest are core values for me
  • I was having a hard time sensibly organising everything on my site.
  • I’m over ‘funnels’ and ‘value ladders’ and the whole ‘solve one problem but agitate another’ so they buy the next thing. What would happen if we just transparently show everything we’ve got?
  • I really wanted to see other people doing this!

How does it work?

Create a page on your website that lists all your freebies and paid offers.

For each thing include:

  • name (clearly saying what it is e.g. training, guide, etc)
  • (optional) a photo
  • a sentence or two
  • (optional) price
  • a link to learn more

(This is taken from Michelle Rose’s Everything Page.)

You can organise by topic/category:

or by type i.e. freebies, courses, etc:

(This is taken from Kimi Kinsey’s Everything Page.)

How do you use it?

As I have a super plain/simple homepage, the ‘best’ place for people to go to learn about what I do is my Everything Page™.

  • I have my Everything Page™ prominently in my main menu. I also position it as a ‘Start Here’ page because it gives a good, organised overview of my offers.

  • I link to it in the banner graphic at the top of my ConvertKit emails. Someone clicks it nearly every email I send! ?‍♀️

  • Set up your Everything Page™ as an affiliate link for your affiliates so they can direct their audience to ‘everything’ you do.
  • I link to it from my silly 1-email welcome sequence.

  • Link to it from your Instagram bio or links page.
  • Just generally link to it whenever you’re wanting to direct people to more than one of your freebies or paid offers at once. Or when you want to show someone the full range of what you do/offer.
  • (I also regularly go to it to remind myself of what I have, the ‘one-line’ description of them and sometimes the links! ?)

Top Tips

  • Put your Everything Page™ on a simple url. I like /everything.
  • I recommend putting your freebies at the top of the page, especially if you have a lot of different things. If someone is new to your site/world, then your top priority is getting them on your list. This way you can contact them in future: to nurture and to sell.
  • If you’re regularly creating new free and paid offers, set a recurring monthly task to check your Everything Page™ is up to date and includes everything.
  • It’s totally fine to link to offers that aren’t currently on sale, so long as you have a wait list form. Often you’ll get a sense of demand for something when people can see that it exists but they can’t currently buy it and want to!

Other Ideas

As I’ve had my Everything Page™ for a few years, I’ve encouraged many of my clients to also create one. Here are some of the additional great ideas they’ve had:

How’s this different from other pages?

Resources Page

A resources page usually includes a mixture of your offers (perhaps not all of them), as well as other services, products, etc that you recommend. It usually serves slightly different purpose in someone’s business in terms of guiding people towards specific things.

Start Here Page

These are usually designed to reduce overwhelm when people come to your site for the first time. They’ll typically link to select freebies and paid offers, as well as blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.

Freebies/Free Resources Page

This is just for your freebies. I think Freebie Pages are effective, but I don’t think there’s a reason not to show your paid offers from the get go so people know if you have paid solutions to their problems before signing up for bite-sized freebies. Some people also just prefer ‘complete’ solutions and paid offers!

Work With Me Page

I’ve actually found that my Everything Page™ replaces my Work With Me Page, but you may continue to have both. Work With Me pages typically just show your paid offers.

Isn’t this just horrible overwhelming for people?

This was the slight worry I had when I first created my Everything Page™. We’re always told that to have one Call-to-Action per page/email and to not overwhelm people with choices and options.

But ya’know what? I want to treat people like they’re competent, smart human beings.

They can figure out a well-organised page with lots of different things on.

Time and time again I’ll have ‘obsessed newbies‘ sign up for a flurry of things from my Everything Page™.

But the only way you’re really going to know if an Everything Page™ works for your business is if you try it.

Loving this idea of a multi-offer, multi-fun, multi-passionate business??