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The Easy Guide to Courses and Group Things

Learn all my super simple tips and strategies to easily create your course or group thing so that you can serve more people, deliver incredible results, better leverage your time and make more money!

Are you ready to serve more people, make more money and leverage your time (create once, sell again and again)? If so, you need to be creating courses and group things.

Don’t spend the next 6 months ‘working on’ your course/group thing – let’s get it out into the world quickly and easily so you can help the people who need you!

I remember when I first created my ‘proper’ group thing – I was terrified. Sure, I’d dabbled in small digital trainings/products, and I did have a membership site, but there was something so scary about creating something that was offering specific results, with a defined curriculum, that I was going to deliver to a smaller group over a specific period of time!

But there’s so many questions involved in creating a course/group program:

  • What will I include?
  • How will I deliver it?
  • How will I take payments? Does that all need to be integrated to… something?!
  • How do I price it?
  • Should I do a beta round?
  • Should I do market research? That sounds like something I should definitely spend the next 6 months doing…
  • How do I get the balance between super niched and actually being able to find people who’ll join?
  • Should I do it live or evergreen?
  • What do I put on the sales page?
  • Do I need to create it all before I sell it?
  • What if people hate it?
  • What if people really love it and want more and I haven’t got more?!
  • Do I have to do a Facebook group/videos/Q&A calls/worksheets? I don’t love Facebook groups/videos/Q&A calls/worksheets.
  • Will anyone even buy this?!
  • What are my options for only having the loveliest people in it?
  • How do I balance over-promising and under/over delivering?
  • What do I do with it once I’ve run it once? What are my options?

Since surviving running my first group program (#phew), I’ve gone on to create a huge variety of successful courses/group things – most of which I can easily re-sell or re-run.

I’ve created The Easy Guide to Courses and Group Things to share with you the exact process I go through when creating anything (it’s the same one I use with my clients too), as well as how to avoid and navigate various pitfalls and hurdles along the way.

Yep – the answers to all those tricky questions up there!

Who will this work for? Anyone who is relatively clear about what they do, and for who, in their business. I’d usually expect you to have worked with some people 1:1 on the topic of your course/group thing, although there are quite a few exceptions to that.

Please note this training does not cover membership programs – much of it will still apply, but they are an entirely different beast and require a different approach.

This training also doesn’t really cover launching your course/group thing. It’s focused around the planning, creation, delivery and next step options. If you want to learn more about launching, I highly recommend you get my other training: The Fast Guide to Launching.

All the Deets

This training is 1 hours, 30 mins.

You'll receive the video recording, audio, slides and helpful links & resources.

Don’t be fooled by the price. There is no upsell or anything at the end! (Although I do teach you about how to offer one of these in your live training if you want to!)

My vision for this training is that you’ll be able to plan out a course/group thing within two weeks. You can start leveraging your time and serving more people next month, not next year.

  • Lizzy is a no-nonsense business strategist that gets the job done with clarity and lightning speed. She is an inspiration and demonstrates how taking an idea out of your head and into the world can not only be accomplished but successful.
    Name Kc Rossi
  • My cart closed last night and look at this!! I honestly can’t believe it. It's beyond my wildest hopes. I have never earned so much money in such a small amount of time before. I have 70 awesome people in the course AND it was a 10K USD launch. OMG! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Name Private Client
  • This training has tons of information to absorb and implement, but it isn’t so heavy that it feels overwhelming or like it’s stifling your creativity. I really liked the reminder about how the tech part isn't as important the first time you do something. It's the thing that slows me down and/or keeps me from launching completely.

    I feel like I've got a much clearer process in my head to work through everything - and I'm even more excited to go through The Fast Guide to Launching. They pair so well together!
    Name Kyle Schmitt

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