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Earlier this month I re-launched my course, Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer.

I made an offer to all the participants of the live round that I'd promote anyone who successfully tested and launched their Day of Voxer-esque offer as a result of what I teach in the course.

The catch? They had to get it ready in 3 weeks.

It gives me great pride to present the mighty 23 people who rose to the challenge! ?

I invite you to take a look through what they're offering and sign up for anything that interests you. (There are epic deals in here, as well as some seriously creative offers!)

So, without further ado, my Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer Alumni….

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing any of these businesses. This was just a fun thing I wanted to offer clients who took action as a result of my course.)

Virtual 1:1 with Elizabeth Milovidov, Digital Parenting Coach and Consultant

A digital parenting coach does for your family, what a personal trainer does for your health.

Virtual 1:1 As an expert in internet safety, I help parents guide their families to thrive online and confidently handle issues related to social media, gaming and technology. My approach is designed to give you confidence, clarity and know-how to put in place measures for your family – quickly and efficiently. If you’ve decided that you want to up your digital parenting game with strategies to achieve screen balance, to raise children who know how to respond responsibly and safely and to get the benefits of the digital world while reducing the risks, then let’s book a date.

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Day of Voxer with Laura Briggs, The Freelancing Coach

During your day of Voxer, you'll get personalized review, feedback, and action steps about how to uplevel your freelance business today. You'll be able to get answers to questions on specific as well as your big picture strategy.

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Writers Room Day with Michal Aviram

I'll help you with your script. Can you imagine how much progress you can make if you had a pro screenwriter with you for a day? Now you can – You and me (An award-winning screenwriter and screenwriting college lecturer) will have the span of a whole day to work on your script. No theory. We focus on what you specifically need in order to make progress. It is a day of breakthroughs.

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Quick Moves Strategy Call with Kimi Kinsey, Kimi Kinsey Business Education

You’re feeling overwhelmed by possibilities, ideas, and choices in your business. It's really frustrating… that feeling like you're just spinning your wheels because you don't know what to work on next, or what the natural order of things looks like.

You need support so that you can overcome this fear mindset you find yourself in so that you can make a quick move… to finalize your decision and see progress.

The Quick Moves Strategy call will help you get unstuck! Let's get to the core of what’s causing your mental blocks or stopping you from achieving your goal.

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Day of Voxer with Aprille Reed

Get your webinar system started. Even though the reasons to pursue webinars in your business are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but. Join me for a Day of Voxer, let’s get unstuck and clear on your webinar marketing! During your Day of Voxer, we'll be focused on your webinar, content, offer or anything else you need to get you unstuck and moving towards your webinar goal. It’s one-on-one coaching with faster results. If you're feeling uncertainty about your webinar marketing sign up for a Day of Voxer with me.

Friends of Lizzy save. Use coupon code: FOL200$OFF

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Virtual VIP Day with Jo Hodson, Including Cake

Get my expertise on your wellness business. It’s like having your very own coach and designer in your back pocket… for an entire day!

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Side Hustle Office Hours with Jessica Williams, Tech Biz Gurl

Want to pick my side hustler brain?

I’ve been chatting with side hustlers over the past couple of months and it has been great. I learned that most people have the answers inside of them, but they are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by all of the noise and information out there.

Sometimes they just need someone to listen, to make sense of the things in their head, and help them create an actionable plan. Which is great, because one of my superpowers is creating order from chaos.

I can help you get unstuck so you can move forward.

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Day of Voxer with Megan and Travis Baird, Visualized Copy

Get a double shot of clarity by working with 2 conversion copywriters for a day of biz-boosting strategy.

On previous Days of Voxer, we’ve helped clients brainstorm lead magnet ideas, craft new messaging, develop daily organization systems, strategically position new offers, and plan email sequences and funnels.

The opportunity to get not only one, but TWO, sets of eyes on my business was exactly what I needed. I went from feeling unsure and stuck to having complete clarity and an action plan on what to do (and how to do it!)” – Nicole, Branding Strategist

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Self Immersion Day with Brandi Mackenzie

Self immersion is a way for you to connect more deeply with yourself, without rescheduling your whole day.

It’s a way to come back to your center and recognize what’s true for you, right now… not just what’s true on the news or in your social feed.

You know those days when you have a deep conversation with a friend and you feel so much clarity?

A Self Immersion Day is like that.

Talking things through instead of journaling or meditating alone, means you can finally drop the stories that have been reeling.

Instead of feeling scattered and stuck, you’ll feel like you’ve got your shit together again.

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Day of Voxer with Crosby Noricks, PR Couture

Ideal for those building niche digital content platforms, subject matter experts developing thought leadership/PR strategy or lifestyle brand owners needing a business partner for the day to clarify branding, messaging and marketing priorities. Crosby runs the #4 PR brand in the world, is a former ConvertKit keynote speaker and experienced digital, PR and social strategist whose style has been called “fun yet professional, creative and smart with a no small amount of wit.”

Mention “Lizzie” for a bonus gift.

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From Brand Mess to Brand Clarity (aka Day of Voxer), with Ewa Laursen

Join me for a Day of Voxer and let’s refine your personal brand, so you feel like yourself online and have the clarity and confidence to take your budding online empire to the next level.

As a personal brand strategist, I'll guide you step-by-step through a self-discovery process. You'll gain clarity around your brand vision, visuals, and voice and discover how to translate your personality and style into the online world.

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Your Pinterest Coach for a Day with Karrie Chariton, Karrie Marie Consulting

Are you disappointed because you’ve tried Pinterest and are not getting the results you had hoped for in your business? Or do you need clarity with your Pinterest strategy (or maybe you don’t even have one)?

Get access to a Pinterest expert who uses Pinterest herself to market her own business and has worked with dozens of business owners to get their Pinterest marketing set up. Together, you'll dive into your Pinterest marketing to create your personalized Pinterest marketing plan to get you the results you are looking for.

Book a call and let's get started!

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Day of Voxer with Allegra Stein, Allegra Stein Coaching (creator of the Niching Compass)

Get Allegra Stein – a coach with almost a decade of experience – on your team for a half or full day to help you crystallize a big idea, figure out next action steps, or get feedback and guidance in YOUR coaching practice.

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Your Day of Voxer with Jonathan Stewart, Business In Notion

If you can't stop spinning your wheels, and wish you could get your brain balanced for action and although you've been a member of 100's of Courses, Masterminds, Facebook Groups but they're doing nothing but causing more confusion. It's time to take a day away from the noise and focus on your business with a biz buddy to help figure things out all with a sense of humor and focus on what's needed for you. Not just another here's another system for you to implement it's intuitive support exactly when you need it!

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Chat Day with Elizabeth Harrin, Totally Organised Blogging

Elizabeth’s area of genius is project management, so if you are struggling with turning your big goals into actionable chunks of work, or your To Do list is getting unmanageable, she can help you prioritise and create processes that fit the way you want to work. If you need a bit of structured help working out how to get from ‘idea’ to ‘done’, then a Chat Day will get you unstuck so you can carry on making a difference with your online business.

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Chat Day with Elizabeth Harrin, Girl's Guide to Project Management

Elizabeth also supports professional project managers, so if part of your job is managing projects for work she will deep dive into the issues you are having with planning, budgeting, stakeholder management, navigating office politics or leading your team. This kind of Chat Day is aimed at people doing projects for their employer, but you don’t need to have the job title Project Manager to reach out for some help! (In fact, many of the people she mentors do other roles and are expected to manage projects too, often with no prior training.)

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Bite-sized Coaching for Freelancers with Emma Cossey, The Freelance Lifestyle

Freelance? Looking for coaching, in a bitesized format? Voxer coaching is ideal for anyone that wants a freelance fairy godmother in their phone.

Being a business owner can be a lonely old thing, and sometimes you just need some impartial and expert advice to call on. Not only is Emma incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also a calm, kind and thoughtful coach – genuinely acting as a cheerleader for my business. She has become an integral part of my business decision-making and helped coax me into making some big ideas start becoming reality.

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“Pour It Out!” Emergency Session with Lisa C. Yee, Soul Prompts

Ideal for overwhelmed sisterpreneurs – snag this emergency session when you’re beating yourself up with the bullsh*t  in your head and need a fairy godmother-like nudge to sort out, then DO the things that scare (and excite) you. Lisa walks the worlds between Coach, Healer and Personal Growth Expert, so when you pour it out to her? You get clear on what you need and quickly get back to doing work you enjoy, making money, serving great clients.

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Uncomplicate Your Marketing: 1-to-1 Intensive with Laila Edy

Tired of constantly posting about your business on social media but not knowing how to turn those likes into sales? In Uncomplicate Your Marketing: 1-to-1 Intensive I will introduce you to my Customer Love Story Framework to uncover where your marketing is falling down currently. You’ll come away with a 3-step action plan to help you focus your time, money and effort where it will have the most impact on growing your sales. Choose from two format options to get the support that suits you best.

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A Day of Mentoring for your Biz Visibility Breakthrough with Linda Ugelow

A Day of Mentoring for your Biz Visibility Breakthrough is for entrepreneurs who want to be more seen and heard online but feel they are stymied by not knowing how to make videos look good, not knowing what to say, feeling awkward or worried. During our day-long time together chatting on Marco Polo (video) or Voxer, I’ll help you with content, presentation style, strategy, messaging, and all your concerns. We can also cover who you are targeting and your offers to them. You’ll end the day affirmed, excited, and motivated to move forward in your biz visibility journey.

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The Queen's Retreat with Michelle Stevens, My Body My Queen

Who better to treat you like a queen than you? Enjoy taking time for yourself and designing a self-care plan that fits in your life. No workouts, structured meal plans, or losing weight unless that's actually best for you and your life right now. We'll discover how to add a touch of pleasure in your life- even when it feels like a hot mess, symptoms flare-up, or you're on the edge of burnout. Self-care, Queen, is the path to recovery. Together, we'll help strengthen the most important relationship you'll ever have – the relationship with your body.

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From Fear to Fabulous – VIP Voxer Day with Jennifer Hacker, Transformations Coaching + Consulting

I am a personal development coach passionate about helping women facing major life transitions (separation, divorce, parenting, grief, finding purpose). I targeted this offer to women who are stuck, who are feeling like they need a change but they lack confidence and are afraid of failing. Over the course of this voxer day we will work through the fears and blocks and get her to embrace her fabulous self!

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VIP Voxer Day with Dr. Cori Cooper, Prescriptive Nutrition & Yoga

VIP Voxer Day is an opportunity to connect 1:1 with Dr. Cori, a pharmacist with 16+ years of experience specializing in type 2 diabetes, yoga, and building business online. Work with Dr. Cori to stop the overwhelm, reduce stress, lose weight, balance blood sugar, so you too, can start thriving in your business, your career, and your health. The VIP Voxer Days are specifically catered to exactly what you need and the next best steps you can implement immediately to get you closer to your goal. This is the only way to work with Dr. Cori 1:1.

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Assisted GSD Day with Mary Chhea


Whether you’re finally ready to get web copy + social media off your to-do list or simply work harder smarter, I’ll be your on-call support as you tackle those tasks with a day of unlimited support on the walkie-talkie app, Voxer.

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